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Top 10 My Hero Academia Fights (Ft. The Voice of Bakugo, Clifford Chapin!)

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Who’s ready for a superhero smackdown? Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 My Hero Academia Fights. For this list, we’ll be looking at the greatest battles to come out of this modern gem of an anime thus far. Hold onto your Quirks, because there are going to be plenty of smashes and spoilers down the line.

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Top 10 My Hero Academia Fights

Who’s ready for a superhero smackdown? Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 My Hero Academia Fights.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the greatest battles to come out of this modern gem of an anime thus far. Hold onto your Quirks, because there are going to be plenty of smashes and spoilers down the line.

(Cliff Introduction)

#10: Midoriya & Bakugo vs. All Might

They say you should never meet your heroes, but then again those people didn’t have to actually fight them! As part of their final exam, our two-favourite costumed rivals find themselves facing off against their idol in order to pass. Things are made infinitely more complicated due to Deku and Kacchan’s inability to see eye to eye. However, desperation has a strange way of forcing cooperation, as the two somehow manage to work together in order to get the better of All Might, scoring another win for the books. This battle also serves as a stepping stone for Bakugo, who was given a harsh lesson in how not everything can be solved with explosions…most of time.

#9: Uraraka vs. Bakugo

Most would flinch at the idea of facing off against the guy who can re-enact Apocalypse Now with his bare hands, but not this cinnamon roll. Inspired by Midoriya’s courage and fuelled by the desire to aid her family in their time of crisis, Uraraka takes on the full force of Bakugo’s explosions one after another. It’s a true test of endurance, and while it looked like Uraraka might have clenched victory when she made it rain freakin’ meteors, she just couldn’t cross that final hurdle. So…no hard feelings, right?

#8: Mirio vs. Class 1-A

And this is why you always show respect to your seniors. You never know when one might strip naked and punch you in the gut. That came out wrong. As arguably the strongest student attending U.A High, the always cheerful Mirio decided to show the heroes of tomorrow the staggering difference in their POWAAAH! With but a single strike, Mirio takes out every member of the class, giving them a little taste of how strong a person can become after a little bit of experience. Oh please, you think that was impressive? You should have seen the way Bakugo cleaned up everyone’s trash!

#7: Bakugo vs. Todoroki

Pretty sure that the only people who weren’t thrilled by the Sports Festival finale were the actual finalists. For everyone else, this frozen-firework fest was pretty damn epic. Internally conflicted following his victory over Midoriya, Todoroki refuses to unleash the full force of his Quirk, which as you can imagine, slightly aggravates the already ill-tempered Bakugo. Despite managing to pull off a win thanks to the biggest explosion ever, Bakugo can’t help but feel cheated. Not hard to see why, after all Todoroki gave Midoriya everything - doesn’t Bakugo deserve the same kind of attention! So inconsiderate!

#6: All Might vs. Noumu

Our first real example of why All Might truly is the pillar of the superhero community, this clash against the likes of the monstrous amalgamation known as Noumu was the perfect way to see out the first season. And by that, we mean watch the two of them punch the ever-loving shit out of each other. Despite running on fumes, All Might manages to push himself back from the brink and snatch victory from Noumu’s hideous jaws. Who knew going Plus Ultra involved delivering a strike that could send someone flying into the stratosphere?

#5: Midoriya vs. Muscular

Being a hero means willing to make sacrifices…even if it means nearly getting both of your arms broken into bloody chunks while a villainous pile of flesh tries to crush you. Or maybe that’s just Deku. Determined to protect Koda from his parents’ murderer, Midoriya pushes himself further than ever before, willing to let his own Quirk cripple him in order to save his young charge from harm. Now that we think about it, Muscular really didn’t stand much of a chance. The sight of Midoriya screaming in both pain and triumph still makes us choke up…

#4: Midoriya vs. Bakugo: Round 2

It was the rematch we were all waiting for, and it turned out be more emotionally poignant than any of us were prepared for. After finally figuring out that Midoriya’s power came from All Might, Bakugo challenges his rival to a second showdown; no holds barred, winner take all. Not only is the fight an exquisite sight to behold from a visual standpoint, but a perfect showcase for the twos’ newfound maturity as both human beings and heroes. We dare you to not feel an inkling of pride for Bakugo after you see him finally accept how his new reality as Midoriya’s equal. They grow up so fast!

#3: Midoriya, Todoroki & Iida vs. Stain

The bloody crusade of the Hero Killer Stain served as a brutal reminder to our heroes that the society they lived in was not all clear cut. After his brother is grievously injured during one of Stain’s quests to wipe all so-called pretenders, Iida sets out to take his revenge, only find himself grossly outmatched thanks to Stain’s ability to immobilize his victims by ingesting their blood. It may have looked like curtains, but thankfully Midoriya and Todoroki managed to leap in at the last second to even the playing field. Stain’s Bloodscythe and fancy knife work may have been nothing to sneer at, but even he couldn’t withstand a Class 1-A combo!

#2: Midoriya vs. Todoroki

Now THIS is what makes tournament arcs all worthwhile. Determined to make him embrace all aspects of his Quirk, Deku went all out in order to push Todoroki to his absolute limit. Inspired by his opponent’s unwavering desire to become a hero, the scarred bad boy finally relents, paving the way for his twin elements to take on the force of One for All. The fight is utterly jaw-dropping, all held together by Midoriya’s innate ability to inspire those to be the best that they can be…while simultaneously beating the crap out of them.

#1: All Might vs. All for One

Take the classic concept of good vs. evil, inject it with some top tier animation, make the whole thing a swan song for a much beloved character, and what do you get? Quite possibly one of the most awesome battles in modern anime. Once again thrown into a confrontation with his nemesis All for One, All Might is given no choice but to use every last ember of his Quirk to win the day against the League of Villain’s head honcho. It’s a breath-taking spectacle, one perfectly fitting of the Symbol of Peace’s last stand. Remember, when you throw down with All Might, he won’t just punch you, he’ll drop an entire metaphorical country on you!


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