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Our Top 10 Red Dead Redemption 2 Moments

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Dave Thibault
Over on MojoPlays, our reviewer Dave has been playing through Red Dead Redemption 2 nonstop! So for this list, he’s compiled his Top 10 Personal Moments of Red Dead Redemption 2. Do note that this isn’t a list of the Top 10 missions, since we know that not everyone has finished the game yet, that’ll come later. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Our Top 10 Red Dead Redemption 2 Moments

Let’s take a break from causing havoc in the old west and all talk about… how we’ve been causing having in the old west. Welcome to and today we’d like to share with your our Top 10 Personal Moments of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Over on MojoPlays, our reviewer Dave has been playing through RDR 2 nonstop. And you can see his two part review over on that channel. For this list, he’s compiled ten of his more personal experiences with the game, Do note that this isn’t a list of the Top 10 missions, since we know not everyone has finished the game yet, that’ll come later.

#10: Fear The White Cougar

One of the biggest side activities in the game is being a debt collector for Leopold Strauss, the gang’s bookkeeper. While some missions are pretty plot important, the one that almost made Dave drop his controller was the one trying to find a white cougar. Since the person we were collecting from was broke, he asked us to venture into a Cougar’s cave to collect her rare pelt. Of course this guy being an idiot tells us to split up, and he paid the price for that plan. As for Dave … well he got pounced on, grabbed his sawn off shotgun and shot the thing without analyzing it. Not doing that again.

#9: Non lethal method of dealing with an O'Driscoll thug

Every so often, we’ve all come across that one wannabe tough guy looking for a fight. Early in the game Dave found this guy with O’Driscoll’s gang challenging Arthur to a fistfight, while Arthur was on horseback. Dave said: “I didn’t want to stoop to his level, and since we were in a town, I didn’t want to shoot him in broad daylight. So what did I do? I lassoed him and dragged him around for a bit. Hey, it was the ground that hurt him not me. Do you think I should carry around a lasso in my car?”

#8: Ok, clearly not a toy boat

Now here’s something we were certainly not expecting, in Saint Denis there’s an inventor on a nearby lake that’s created a remote control boat that can shoot missiles. … in 1899 … ok anachronisms aside, (seriously this technology would have changed both World Wars) the boat was surprisingly fun to drive around, especially considering Rockstar’s previous attempt. But something Dave wasn’t expecting … those missiles are really lethal … and he ended up blowing up two poor assistants rowing on lake … umm whoops.

#7: Playing Poker is fun … wait what was I doing again?

If you want a good example of how easy it is to get side-tracked in the game, look here. In the main mission where you have to retrieve a drunken Reverend Swanson from is poker playing friends ... he passes out on the floor. Of course a more reasonable human would have taken him back to his bed, but what did Dave do … decide to play Texas Hold ‘em poker with his friends while he’s passed out. He got pretty deep into it too, taking the first hand with ease but later dropping when he realised how low stakes the game was. Oh well at least the Reverend didn’t get hit by a train while … wait where is?

#6: The Prison Rescue

Ok we’re going to pause here because this is a mission that happens pretty late in the game so if you’re not up to this point yet, go to the timecode here to skip to the next entry. Everyone else good? Good!

We’re going to shift gears for this one, because while prior moments we’re standout amazing moments, Dave wanted to highlight this one because he couldn’t get over how stupid this plan was. In order to rescue John Marston from an island prison, Arthur and Sadie: Row onto the island and begin their rescue in broad daylight, sneak up to a guard tower to steal the sniper rifle… Use said Sniper Rifle to shoot two guards at a distance clearly alerting everyone else... THEN take another guard hostage and use him as a hostage to walk up to the front gate and trade him for John, not taking into account a possible ambush from the rear. And when all of this somehow works, what’s their getaway plan? Have the three of them hold of the 30 or so guards. Dave says he died here more times than anywhere else in the game. So I think it’s safe to say: “Worst Rescue Ever”

#5: But you said I could have it!

Sometimes it pays to be specific, as you’ll see in this next entry. Dave came across these amateur brewers making moonshine, and they needed some wild tobacco to make a new batch. Luckily for them, Dave already had some on him, so there was no need for a fetch quest. And the reward was: “What’s in that chest: Take it it’s yours to enjoy." Thing is: there were two drinks in the chest, so when Dave took both; the men suddenly accused him of stealing the drinks THEY had offered him. How much moonshine have these guys had?

#4: Wanted for… Walking past an Officer?

One thing that became way too common in the game was accidentally discharging a gun … more on that later. For Dave one such moment happened while he was in a rented room at the Valentine Hotel, an officer came inside to investigate the noise but at the time he wasn’t hostile. But as he was leaving, Dave did an unspeakable crime: he … walked right past him, wait what? Yeah apparently doing that; slaps you with a $15 bounty and getting shot at by the law. Maybe this is some form of meta commentary about present day excessive police force? We wouldn’t put it past Rockstar, that’s for sure.

#3: Superhero Charles

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a technical masterpiece of a game, but it’s not without it’s fair share of bugs. There was one annoying one Dave had during the oil tanker theft mission where the damn thing froze right outside the assigned drop point, forcing a restart. And more … intimate ones like this here between Arthur and Karen. But easily the best one is during this fight with Arthur, Charles and these two men, during which Charles did this. Ohhh this is too amazing not to include this: “FALCON PUNCH”

#2: *GUN SHOT* I’m so sorry, I was trying to say “Hello”

Ok please tell us Dave wasn’t the only person who got the triggers mixed up, because we’d be worried otherwise. For those who haven’t played Red Dead Redemption 2 yet: L2 is used to open up a dialogue tree with NPC’s, but R2 is used to shoot your gun. And since the triggers are at parallel points on the controller, he got them mixed up a few times. Just ask this poor blind man he was trying to help, or this station master he was just trying to buy a ticket form. Deary deary me. It’s a good thing Dave didn’t live in the wild west in real life.

#1: The Trek through an Alligator Swamp

Ok so uhh… Dave just wrote the follow for this section. And i quote:
F*ck this Swamp I wanna get outta here,
F*ck this swamp I wanna get outta here,
F*ck this swamp I wanna get outta here,
F*ck this swamp I wanna get outta here,
F*ck this swamp I wanna get outta here,
F*ck this swamp I wanna get outta here,
And so on and so forth, I haven’t played the game yet how bad can it be?

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