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Top 10 Best Battlefield Weapons

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Scott Stratton
There's a great number of Battlefield games and each installment brings a whole plethora of weapons. So which reigns supreme before the release of Battlefield V? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Battlefield Weapons. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Battlefield Weapons

With so many awesome tools of destruction in this franchise, it was tough to pick just ten! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Battlefield Weapons.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the weapons, both unlockable in the base game and available as DLC, that dominate the battlefield. We will only be focusing on weapons that can be held by the player, so neither vehicles nor mounted weapons will be counted for this list.

#10: No. 3 Revolver

“Battlefield 1” (2016)

DICE’s return to the past in “Battlefield 1” brought about many classic guns that are just downright monstrous in their capacity for destruction. Among these is the iconic revolver of the Wild West that remains a steadfast ally in close combat. It boasts enough power to kill with two body shots at close range, and has pinpoint accuracy to boot. It damage unfortunately falls off at the mid-range point but that is just the drawback of any sidearm. When you find yourself in a pinch in the trenches, this old favourite will be your best friend.

#9: ACE 23

“Battlefield 4” (2013)

Assault rifles are without a doubt the go-to weapons in the “Battlefield” franchise, and it’s no surprise that many of them are considered to be very powerful. The ACE 23 is a prime example of this as its overall stats make it incredibly versatile in at almost any range. While it does take some time to unlock, requiring you to complete one of the Assault Expert challenges, one you have it, it’ll rarely leave your inventory, and if it does then it’s probably for the similarly powerful M416. It’s only real downside is that you can’t stick any barrel attachments onto it, which may actually be a blessing for your enemies.

#8: DAO-12

“Battlefield 3” (2011)

Shotguns are always a favourite in first-person shooters, often dominating any close-quarter maps with one-shot kills. It’s unfortunate that the scope of the maps in the “Battlefield” franchise are much larger than other games, meaning shotguns take more of a situational role. That being said, if you catch any unfortunate sucker in a hallway with this and they’re as good as dead. Though it’s overall damage is very low comparatively, it has an impressive capacity of 12 shells which is more than enough to turn anyone into minced meat. Though that capacity is also part of its drawback as it takes forever to reload.

#7: G36E

“Battlefield 2” (2005)

Honestly who expected the medic kit to have one of the best rifles in the game. The G36E is one of the 3 possible models for this weapon, the other two being relegated to the Special Forces kits, however it’s the ever so lucky medics that get the best one. While the stats between the 3 models are fairly similar, the E model has slightly higher damage and lower recoil which, honestly, makes all the difference in the hands of a skilled player. Plus it’s standard burst fire mode allows you to conserve ammo during long fire fights. Who knew those who saved lives could also be masters at taking them?

#6: M14 EBR

“Battlefield: Bad Company 2” (2010)

This semi-automatic rifle might have a small magazine — a measly 10 rounds — but it balances out with some crazy accuracy and brutal damage output. However, even with its high accuracy, it only starts out with some pretty standard iron sights, making it more ideal for mid-range engagements. But if you can slap a 4x scope on this bad boy and upgrade its ammunition to magnum rounds then you’re just as deadly at long range combat, with your only competition being some of the higher end sniper rifles. Just try to not get stuck in any close quarter fights, 10 rounds won’t last you very long.

#5: Sawed Off Shotgun

“Battlefield 1” (2016)

As previously mentioned, shotguns in the “Battlefield” franchise tend to be more situational. However, thanks to “Battlefield 1’s” focus on trench warfare, shotguns became the dominant choice once again. The Sawed Off Shotgun is one of the more popular options due to it’s tendency to obliterate anything in one shot at close range. Usually the downside of this modified weapon is that it trades out range and accuracy for blunt power, but not for this beastly weapon as it’s range is comparable to most of the other shotguns, making it a must for any class that has to option of using it.

#4: Phantom

“Battlefield 4” (2013)

Remember when bows were all the rage in video games? Well, DICE also jumped on the bandwagon with the release of the “Final Stand” DLC which included the Phantom Compound Bow. Not only does it have a high accuracy stat but it basically makes no sound, so you won’t pop up on that mini map after every shot making it ideal for stealth. It also comes with a few arrow types, the most notable ones being poison and explosive tipped arrowheads for those special occasions. Unfortunately, it ‘s not the greatest choice for long range and tends to lose out over some of the more powerful sniper rifles.

#3: SRR-61

“Battlefield 4” (2013)

Speaking of sniper rifles, here’s one that’s considered by many to be the best. It’s no secret that these guns can be some of the most powerful weapons in the hands of a skilled player as their range is beyond huge and their power is devastating with the trade off being the high skill ceiling. The SRR-61 stands out from its competition due to the fact that it has the longest range of all the rifles in the base game, which can be further enhanced with the ballistic scope attachment that gives a mighty 40x zoom function. Mastering this weapon makes you one very deadly assassin.

#2: F2000

“Battlefield Bad Company 2” (2010)

A very familiar weapon for anyone who’s an avid fan of the “Battlefield” franchise. The F2000 may not be the most accurate assault rifle and its raw damage certainly leaves something to be desired, but it more than makes up for it with its incredible rate of fire. Any enemy unlucky enough to encounter you will be met with a hail of bullets. It’s more like a very powerful SMG with an added underslung grenade launcher that really makes sure you get the job done. It’s honestly no wonder why it makes a return in every modern iteration.

#1: BAR 1918

“Battlefield 1942” (2002)

When it comes to the best weapons in the “Battlefield" franchise, you have to go all the way back to the classics, “Battlefield 1942” was dominated by the Assault kit back in the day, and it’s all thanks to the BAR 1918. It’s not the best weapon fire from the hip, suffering from low accuracy and high recoil, but if you can get a nice vantage in a prone position, the BAR will erase anyone that dares to cross your path. It’s such a iconic weapon for this franchise that it was even brought back for “Battlefield 1”! Sometimes the oldies truly are the goodies.

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