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Top 10 Most Emotional Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox

Now, this is a story all about how the Fresh Prince turned sitcoms upside down. For this list, we’re looking at episodes or scenes from throughout the show’s run that had us reaching for the tissues every time. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Most Emotional Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Moments.

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Script written by Tal Fox

Top 10 Most Emotional Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Moments

Now, this is a story all about how the Fresh Prince turned sitcoms upside down. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Emotional Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Moments.

For this list we’ll be looking at episodes or scenes from throughout the show’s run that had us reaching for the tissues every time.

#10: Ashley Talks to Hilary About Sex

“Not With My Cousin You Don’t”

There’s something in how empowering this moment between sisters is that makes it so moving to watch. After a discussion with her boyfriend, Ashley spends the episode contemplating if she’s ready to lose her virginity. She turns to Hillary for advice, who reminds her that she is strong, smart and mature enough to make the decision for herself. In this moment, Hillary is the big sister every young woman needs, especially when she reminds Ashley that no matter what she chooses, she will always be there for her.

#9: Will Thinks About Driving While Drunk

“You’ve Got to Be a Football Hero”

After getting stupidly drunk while trying to impress Jackie, Will considers driving home while intoxicated, but passes out only to wake up in a cemetery. He meets several ghosts who are clearly there to teach him a lesson, but it all goes straight over his head until he meets Billy. There’s nothing more heart-rending than Will learning that due to some idiot drunk driver, Billy will never grow up to live out his dreams. Despite this all being an alcohol-fuelled nightmare, we have no doubt that Billy’s story will stay with Will and the audience forever.

#8: Uncle Phil and Will Learn About Each Other

“The Fresh Prince Project”

Philip and Will hardly ever see eye to eye, and this is clear from the pilot when the pair come to blows after Will shows up the family at a formal dinner. During this first showdown, Will learns that his uncle isn’t as out of touch with his roots as he initially thought, and Philip learns that there’s more to Will than the bright clothes and wisecracks. Both realize they’ve judged each other unfairly and it’s the first time we see the love and respect that drives their relationship over the years.

#7: Will Says Goodbye to the Banks

“I, Done (Part 2)”

This final episode of “Fresh Prince” is a tearjerker from beginning to end. As the family pack up to move back East, leaving Will and Bel-Air behind, we are reminded of the best moments of the previous six years. Will and Carlton’s reminiscing will make you shed a few tears, but the pivotal moment is when Phillip promises Will that he’ll always be part of the family. If you aren’t bawling as each family member hugs Will goodbye, then Will turning out the lights in the empty house should do the trick.

#6: Carlton Panics When His Father Has a Heart Attack

“Home is Where the Heart Attack Is”

Carlton doesn’t handle it well when Philip is hospitalized after a heart attack and while the family all rush to Philip’s bedside, he stays home and obsessively cleans as a distraction. Will confronts Carlton and it soon becomes clear that fear is keeping him away. Will tells Carlton to stop being selfish and reminds him how fortunate he is to have a father to look up to, those words clearly hit home and Carlton goes to the hospital. What follows is a sincere heart-to-heart between father and son that will leave you feeling raw.

#5: Carlton Gets Rejected For His Privileged Upbringing

“Blood is Thicker Than Mud”

Will gets accepted into an all-black fraternity, but the celebration is cut short with the sting of the news that Carlton didn’t make it in. Carlton handles the news by delivering a hard-hitting truth to the frat leader by saying that being black isn’t something he tries to be, but it’s who he is and that he faces the same obstacles as other black people. It’s an impassioned speech that ends with Carlton calling Top Dog a sell-out for encouraging disparity when he should be inspiring unity.

#4: Carlton Buys a Gun

“Bullets over Bel-Air”

Will takes a bullet for Carlton when they get mugged at gunpoint. Angry and scared, Carlton feels like the system has failed them and decides to take matters into his own hands. Carlton is sure that a gun will protect him, but Will argues that it’s part of the problem, not the solution. Their showdown culminates in a heart-breaking climax with Will yelling that Carlton owes him for saving his life. Eventually, Carlton hands over the gun and just try and hold it together as Will breaks down while removing the bullets.

#3: Will Learns the Dangers of Drugs

“Just Say Yo”

It all seems like fun and games when Carlton throws some mad dance skills at prom after mistakenly taking speed from Will’s locker. Soon Carlton collapses and gets rushed to the hospital, leaving Will riddled with guilt for the rest of the episode. Will breaks down as he confesses to the family that Carlton got the drugs from his locker and you can really feel his pain when he says that he would never want to put his loved ones in danger. The episode ends with the family hugging Will as the message lingers over the viewers.

#2: Will and Carlton Get Racially Profiled by Cops

“Mistaken Identity”

The Fresh Prince put a spotlight on racial profiling over twenty years ago, but sadly nothing much has changed. Carlton and Will get arrested for driving a car belonging to one of Philip's colleagues and both handle the situation very differently, but it’s Philip and Vivian who save the day when they storm into the police station with a speech that will make any officer think twice before complying with this flawed system. Just when you think you can’t handle any more emotion, Philip and Carlton have a conversation that shakes Carlton’s faith in the system he’s supported until now.

#1: Will’s Dad Leaves Again

“Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse”

If this scene doesn’t give you all the feels, then you might just be a robot. When it’s clear that Will’s dad is about to flake on him yet again, Philip confronts Lou to no avail. (xref) According to the script, Will’s supposed to brush it off he learns his dad is bailing, but instead Smith improvises a heart-breaking monologue in one of his best performances of all time. He says he’s gotten by just fine without his dad, but ultimately breaks down and asks why his dad doesn’t want him. We defy you not to be a blubbering mess when Philip comes in for that hug.


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