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Top 5 Ways to Steal Rihanna's Look

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Spencer Sher
Want to steal Rihanna’s look? We’ve broken down five of her most signature styles so you can emulate your fav singer! If you want to make sure your cheekbones are poppin then make sure to check out her Fenty Beauty line and cop her highlighter which will make sure to leave you radiant and glowing. Rihanna is also known for her unique style, so the best way to get started is try wearing oversized clothing!

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Top 5 Ways to Steal Rihanna's Look

She’s constantly turning heads thanks to her unique fashion - here’s how you can do the same. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 Ways to Steal Rihanna's Look.

For this list, we’ll be looking at fun and easy ways to tailor your look to music’s perpetual trendsetter: Rihanna.

#5: Change the Way You Wear Bras

By now, you’ve probably noticed, that RiRi is quite liberal when it comes to her bra usage. The Barbados native has been quoted as saying, “If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra. If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.” Talk about to the point! Now let’s be honest, the average person doesn’t have the luxury of international pop superstar status, which means wearing just a bra out and about isn’t going to go over quite as smoothly. However, if your goal is to emulate Rihanna’s unique look, being bold is a prerequisite - you might need to start experimenting with your own approach to wearing bras.

#4: Rock Ripped-Knee Skinny Jeans

Now here’s a look you shouldn’t have a problem stealing. Rihanna has been rocking the ripped-knee skinny jean look for years and it’s something you can do to with very little effort. Simply walk down to the nearest clothing store, grab a pair of ripped jeans, take them to the cash and pay for them. Alternatively you can purchase a pair of non-ripped jeans and rip them yourself! To really complete the look, pair it with an oversized denim shirt or jacket. The head to toe denim look is one the Caribbean Queen has never been afraid to sport; and neither should you.

#3: Get Your Highlighter on Point

Have you been trying but (sadly) failing to make your cheekbones pop like Rihanna’s? Well, RiRi has decided to make it a little easier for us. In 2017 the Grammy winner released her own cosmetics company called Fenty Beauty and its goal is to provide customers with a range of products suitable to all skin tones. While she’s been known to keep her skin glowing year round with the best highlighters in the business, she’s now gone a step further and developed her own. This is good news for anyone trying to look like her, as her signature glow is now only a click away.

#2: Wear Men’s Clothes

If you’ve got a boyfriend, husband or even a brother in your life, then this look won’t be hard to pull off. RiRi loves rocking men’s clothes; from oversized dress shirts to baseball caps, the singer isn’t averse to combing through the men’s section at her local department store…that is, if she still shops in those kinds of places. Embracing the tomboy look might just be the thing to convince people that you’re a chart-topping artist signed to Roc Nation. At worst, they’ll think it’s laundry day. Either way, it’s a simple and effective way to mix up your look without having to spend any money!

#1: Supersize Your Clothes

If you truly want to steal Rihanna’s look then you’re going to have to start supersizing… your clothes that is. RiRi loves mixing it up with the occasional oversized jacket, hoodie or jumper. The key to this look is making sure you rock bare legs or a pair of tight fitting pants underneath; loose fitting pants underneath an oversized hoodie will only make it appear as if you’ve given up on looking good. We all love to show off a little skin now and again, but sometimes more is more; and nowhere is that more apparent than in Rihanna’s fashion choices.


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