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Top 10 Awesome Things Superhero Actors Did In Real Life

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Francesca LaMantia

Script written by Francesca LaMantia

They’re not just superheroes on the big screen; they play them in real life too. From founding charities, to helping children in need, to stepping in to fight bullying, these stars have hearts of gold! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Awesome Things Superhero Actors Did In Real Life.

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Script written by Francesca LaMantia

Top 10 Awesome Things Superhero Actors Did In Real Life

They’re not just superheroes on the big screen; they play them in real life too. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our list for the top 10 awesome things superhero actors did in real life.

For this list we’ll be looking at the best times in which superhero actors used their platform to do good in the real world.

#10: Hugh Jackman Founded Laughing Man Worldwide

Wolverine may be a hardened antihero, but the man behind the claws isn’t. While traveling through Ethiopia, Jackman met a coffee farmer named Dukale. After spending time working on the farm with Dukale and seeing the result of his hard work, Jackman was inspired to found Laughing Man Worldwide which promotes economic change through entrepreneurship. Laughing Man operates on the philosophy that when people are provided the education and opportunities needed to better themselves and their community, that change can be infectious. As part of the Foundation, Jackman opened Laughing Man Cafe in New York which works directly with the coffee farmers, rather than through distributors, and donates all profits to the Foundation.

#9: Ryan Reynolds Joined the Michael J. Fox Foundation to Fight Parkinson’s

In 2009 before donning tights in a leading role, the then-future Green Lantern and Deadpool actor joined the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Dedicated to bettering the lives of those afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease, the foundation works to discover new therapies, develop drugs, and ultimately cure the disease. Reynold’s journey with the foundation started when he ran the New York City Marathon for his father, who suffered from Parkinson’s, raising over $100,000 for the Foundation. As a board member, Reynolds has used his fame to benefit the Foundation by supporting fundraising events and auctioning off premiere tickets to his movies.

#8: Mark Ruffalo Raised Money for Water Defense

Don’t make him angry... you won’t like him when he’s angry. But we’re not talking about the Hulk, we’re talking about the guy who plays him. What makes Mark Ruffalo really angry? Irresponsible oil drilling. Mark Ruffalo has made a name for himself, not just as an Avenger, but as an activist too. Ruffalo founded the nonprofit Water Defense, an organization that protects drinking water from contamination, and aims to hold drilling companies accountable for water pollution. Ruffalo raised over $182,000 for the organization in a single fundraising effort, and in 2011 gathered a massive protest against the drilling of the Delaware River, which, if contaminated, would affect the drinking water of millions.

#7: Scarlett Johansson Was an Oxfam Ambassador for 8 Years

Black Widow may have red in her ledger, but Scarlett Johansson is well into the black in terms of good karma. She has worked with numerous charities and spoke at the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, but her crowning achievement is the 8 years she spent as an ambassador for Oxfam - a company dedicated to fighting global poverty. Sadly, she broke ties with the organization in 2014 due to a conflict over her endorsement of SodaStream. Regardless of the split, there’s no denying the impact she made during her time with the human rights organization, which saw her travelling across East Africa to bring attention to countries suffering from droughts and verging on famine.

#6: George Clooney Co-Founded Not on Our Watch

Far too often we arrive too late to the disaster. But what if we saw humanitarian problems arising and worked to avert them? Originally co-founded by the one-time caped crusader and eternal heartthrob in 2008 with the purpose of preventing war and genocide in Darfur, this human rights organization is committed to drawing awareness to neglected international crises, and applying pressure to government officials to take action. Instead of focusing on the aftermath of an atrocity, this foundation aims to root out the source of conflicts and prevent them. Alongside co-founders such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and fellow superhero actor Don Cheadle, Clooney’s in good company.

#5: Chris Hemsworth is a Spokesman for the Australian Childhood Foundation

He might play the god of thunder, but his true super power... is the power of love. Hemsworth uses his platform as an Avenger to do some real good in protecting the world's most vulnerable victims, children. As spokesman for the Australian Childhood Foundation, Hemsworth helps to raise awareness and funds for the organization. Using love as their main tool, they work to return lost childhoods to children and help those who have experienced emotional and physical trauma recover, develop safe and trusting relationships, and become well-adjusted adults. A man devoted to the wellbeing of children? What more could you ask for in your celebrity crush?

#4: Christian Bale Visited Aurora Shooting Victims in Hospital

Who could forget the tragic mass shooting that occurred at a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, claiming the lives of a dozen theatre goers and injuring dozens more? Following the tragedy, Bale, our second Batman to make this list, visited the memorial outside of the theatre set up by the friends and family of the shooting victims. Bale has said that he felt a personal connection to the tragedy and to the people, and made the trip completely of his own accord, without a cloud of press and paparazzi. Bale also went to the hospital and personally met the survivors, the doctors, and first responders.

#3: Chris Evans & Chris Pratt’s Super Bowl Bet

In 2015 the Chrises, Evans and Pratt that is, took a friendly rivalry to another level with a bet based on the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX: loser visits a charity of the other's choosing in costume. With Evans rooting for the Patriots and Pratt rooting for the Seahawks, the latter lost the bet and scheduled a visit to a Boston children’s hospital dressed up as his Marvel superhero counterpart, Star Lord. Evans was a gracious winner however, and he not only joined Pratt for the Boston visit, but arranged for him and his fellow hero to visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital - where it was his turn to don his costume.

#2: Robert Downey Jr. Presented an Iron Man Prosthetic Arm to a Young Child

Seven year old Alex Pring didn’t just get a 3D printed, bionic arm inspired by his favorite superhero, he got it from Iron Man himself. To deliver this one of a kind gift, Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with Albert Manero, the founder of Limbitless, a company that makes bionic limbs for children for free. RDJ then got to present the Iron Man themed appendage to Alex, who was born without his full right arm. He stayed in character as Tony Stark while meeting the young man and even brought his own Iron Man arm with him so the two could try them out together.

#1: Christopher Reeve Launched the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope... soaring to the top of our list, it’s Superman actor Christopher Reeve! After being thrown from a horse in a fateful riding accident, Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down. He took his own personal tragedy and turned it into something that would help others by founding one of the most successful spinal injury research foundations ever. Following the motto “Today’s care. Tomorrow’s cure,” they provide information, conduct research, and award grants to help better the lives of those living with spinal cord injuries, and ultimately aim to someday cure paralysis.


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