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Top 10 Facts About Logan Paul and KSI’s Fight

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson

There’s never been a feud quite like this. From the hype, to the origins of the rivalry, to the revenue gained from the fight, these are the need to know facts about this … strange phenomenon. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Facts About Logan Paul and KSI’s Fight.


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Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Facts About Logan Paul and KSI’s Fight

There’s never been a feud quite like this. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Facts About Logan Paul and KSI’s Fight.
For this list, we’re reviewing need-to-know facts and figures about the mega-hyped battle between prominent YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI.

#10: KSI’s First Boxing Match Ignited the Fire

As Logan Paul was dealing with a mob of angry parents, news outlets, and YouTubers from his video taken of a dead body in Japan, KSI was preparing for his first boxing match. On February 3, 2018, KSI fought against fellow YouTuber Joe Weller, winning the fight by technical knockout. After commending Weller’s formidable performance in his victory speech, KSI proceeded to call out the Paul brothers. And interestingly, KSI worked with world-renowned trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. while Jake Paul, for his supporting boxing match vs. KSI’s brother Deji, trained with champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. That’s one way to hype a fight.

#9: Months of Vlogs Hyped the Fight

When you have a couple of YouTubers getting ready to duke it out, there’s bound to be a lot of trash-talking. As for this rivalry, it was way past overplayed. KSI and the Paul brothers spent most of their time uploading vlogs and talking smack about each other just as much as they spent training. They even took things a step further by creating their own “diss tracks” with music videos. Even their respective brothers joined on the childish behavior. Yes, every upload between them was extremely cringy, and the overaggressive nature of it all made it clear that the two may just be putting on a show.

#8: Smosh Made a Video Satirizing the Feud

Before the day of the fight, another major YouTube channel added their take on the feud with a video of their own. Comedy channel Smosh uploaded a parody video where “CSI” and “Log Pollen” are sent to “YouTube Detention” for their juvenile behavior. On the surface, the video seems like it’s just ridiculing its subject matter. And it is! However, it did provide some useful insight on just how outlandish this whole fight has been, from the months of badmouthing and preplanning, to the barely-disguised marketing tactics.

#7: They May Have Created MMA Careers for Themselves

Yes, you have heard that right. On the one hand, it makes sense that KSI would continue his potential martial arts career… or otherwise potentially merely be known as “the YouTuber who fights other YouTubers.” Logan Paul, on the other hand, well… really? Former UFC heavyweight fighter and comedian Brendan Schaub has endorsed Paul, which begs us to question, “Why, even?” We get that Paul has experience in high school wrestling, but that, and this fight, is pretty much as far as his combat experience goes. UFC has yet to officially offer any kind of contract, and odds are they won’t. We think.

#6: The Paul Brothers Taunted KSI and Offered up Their Dad to Fight

At the outset of months of absurd vlogs and burning money on insulting music videos, the Paul brothers were contemptuous of KSI’s challenge, and they even claimed not to know who he even was. They also mocked KSI by challenging him to fight their dad, fiftysomething Greg Paul. But KSI wasn’t having it, and called the brothers out for trying to weasel out of his challenge. Months later, Greg Paul was attacked outside a press conference in England to hype the fight, which set off a round of recriminations and legal issues.

#5: The Weigh-In Was a Total Circus

Typically, weigh-ins consist of a somewhat professional setting with trainers and fighters hyping the match. In a world where Logan Paul and KSI are fighting, the term “professional” isn’t even in the dictionary. The two turned the entire weigh-in into a circus of immaturity. KSI weighed in while wearing a mask of Logan’s girlfriend, actress Chloe Bennet. Logan, on the other hand, was having a ball showing off his bulge to the press. So why take either of these guys seriously? On the other hand, it’s about what you’d expect.

#4: Tickets Weren’t Cheap

Talk about breaking the bank… With so many people hating KSI, Logan Paul, or both, people wanted to see blood, even if that meant shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Yes, you heard right! Tickets were selling like hotcakes, and VIP ringside tix cost upwards of 600 bucks (and don’t even get us started on the scalpers’ prices). Ticket prices didn’t stop thousands of people across the globe from travelling to the arena. After all, attendance was around 20,000 people, and total revenues were in the MILLIONS.

#3: The Fight Was Widely Pirated on Twitch

Didn’t have the money for a ticket? Had nothing better to do on your Saturday night? Well, YouTube had you covered… for a price. Rather than streaming it for free, of course, YouTube charged users ten bucks to watch the fight on their own platform. While YouTube did indeed reap the financial rewards of streaming for a hundreds of thousand of viewers, many others were illegally streaming the fight on Twitch, with an estimated viewership of over 1 million viewers, at least for part of the fight. Now that’s a lot of lost YouTube revenue.

#2: The Fight Ended in a Draw

Spectators were out for blood, but by the end of the fight, they did exactly receive any (the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Deji notwithstanding). There was no bloodbath, alas. To many fans’ dismay, the fight ended in a draw, which didn’t stop both YouTubers from claiming to be the “real winner”. And there was another complaint, although it’s hard to feel much sympathy: not only was the fight kinda boring to watch, but, with no winner, many of those who placed bets lost money. It wasn’t long before some people began demanding refunds. However, the draw wasn’t even the worst part of it…

#1: There’s Already a Rematch Planned

During the post-match interviews, sweat fountain KSI stated there’s only one thing left to do to fix the tie: “I think we're gonna have to have a rematch.” Seriously? Well, this isn’t exactly a surprise reveal or anything! In March 2018, KSI and Logan Paul were contracted for a two-match deal. This has led many to believe that the fight was entirely staged. Who knows? Quite frankly, despite all the complaining, or perhaps because of it, the whole profitable rivalry seems destined to continue, for better or worse.


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