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Top 10 Craziest Bachelor in Paradise Moments

These are the Top 10 Craziest Bachelor in Paradise Moments! For this list, we’re looking at the most ridiculous, unforgettable, and over-the-top moments from the series. We’ve included moments like Clare Crawley’s Animal Friend, Kirk Breaks Carly’s Heart, Marcus and Lacy’s Fake Wedding and more!

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Top 10 Craziest Bachelor in Paradise Moments

Sun, sand, and lots of drama. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Craziest Bachelor in Paradise Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the most ridiculous, unforgettable, and over-the-top moments from this “Bachelor” spin-off.

#10: Clare Crawley’s Animal Friend

Poor Clare. Not only was she the unlucky in love girl yet again, but on her first stint in Paradise, she became a bit of a punching bag for the editors when they made it look like she was confiding in a raccoon. Upset by the drama of AshLee accusing her of trying to steal Graham, Clare told a producer her side of the story, but since behind-the-scenes conversations aren’t normally shown, the raccoon presented the perfect opportunity to make it look like she’d lost it. We have to hand it to the show, though; it was a well-played bit they’ve kept up over the course of Clare’s seasons.

#9: When Sam Betrayed Joe

Sam and Joe didn’t make much of a mark on their seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”, but boy did they make up for it with their Paradise drama. Long story short, the duo met on social media before the show, and decided they would use other contestants to stay on long enough for them to be reunited. Joe played single mom Juelia until Sam arrived, but was in for the shock of a lifetime when she dumped him for Nick P. Joe was completely blindsided, saying that Sam was the one who orchestrated the whole plan. She denied it until Chris Harrison confronted her with the text messages after the season. Busted.

#8: Everything Ashley I.

It’s not one particular moment that made Ashley I. stand out in Paradise; it was everything she did. Obsessed with Jared from the beginning, Ashley shed many, many tears over their up-and-down relationship. She would work herself into hysterics over the slightest things, and time and time again, she would vow she was over Jared. It was never quite true, though, and she always found herself doing things like calling Caila a backstabbing whore for speaking to Jared, or calling up Kaitlyn to say she “damaged” him. Ashley could be a bit too much, but that’s what made her a fan fave and compelling to watch.

#7: Josh Murray & Nick Viall Face-Off

Ever since their time as contestants on Andi’s season, Nick and Josh have had it out for each other. That didn’t change when they both came to Paradise. Things came to a head when the men fought about sleeping arrangements, of all things. Before Amanda went to bed early, she told Nick that him and Jen were welcome to use the couple’s bedroom she and Josh had been sharing. This set Josh off, who took the opportunity to lay into Nick for being disrespectful. The room was only round one, though, and their feud kept tensions high for most of their season.

#6: Evan Fakes a Medical Emergency

Known as the erectile dysfunction guy on JoJo’s season, Evan has never been a contestant others took seriously. But that didn’t stop him from going after who he wanted in Paradise—Carly. Following a date that included some heavy drinking, Carly was surprised to be summoned into Evan’s room after producers said they couldn’t wake him up. But as soon as Carly and the medics came, Evan seemed to make a miraculous recovery, causing some to believe he faked his illness in the first place. Whether he did or not, Evan’s illness worked in his favor, and he ended up making out with Carly, his future wife. We guess all’s fair in love and war, especially in Paradise.

#5: Marcus and Lacy’s Fake Wedding

Marcus and Lacy were the true success story of the show’s first season, so it was only fitting they were asked to get married on the beach at the start of season two. The outdoor ceremony and their vows were beautiful, heartfelt, and left everyone believing that Paradise can really work if you’re open to the experience. But a year later, fans were shocked that the couple was breaking up. And there was one more kicker…they weren’t legally married in the first place! The whole televised ceremony was little more than a TV special to drum up ratings. Hey, at least they saved themselves a costly divorce.

#4: Kirk Breaks Carly’s Heart

Carly and Kirk were one of the prominent couples on their season. They seemed to really be in sync with each other, so much so that Carly even skipped her brother’s wedding to go on her overnight date with Kirk. That’s why both Carly and the other cast members were shocked when Kirk broke up with Carly in part one of the season finale. He told her that he just didn’t see a future with her, even though they’d talked about their plans for after the show. Carly took the news pretty hard and the whole thing was uncomfortable viewing. Luckily for her, she’s now happily married to Evan, who she met the following season.

#3: Chad Johnson & Chris Harrison Showdown

Chad burst into the franchise as a villain, and he somehow managed to become a supervillain during his stint on Paradise. After a day spent heavily drinking, Chad overstayed his welcome when he was aggressive with Lace during their makeout, yelled at Daniel for not being “murder-y,” and called Sarah H. a “one-armed bitch.” Host Chris Harrison asked Chad to leave, and instead of going peacefully, Chad yelled at Chris not knowing the “real Chad”, and for living a life of luxury far removed from the contestants. It was bizarre, but Chris handled it like a true professional and barely responded.

#2: The Crew Member Affair

Everyone knows that the cast spends a considerable amount of time not only with each other but also with the crew. When Michelle K. wasn’t feeling any of the contestants on her season, she started up a relationship with one of the show’s sound guys. After the crew became suspicious, another producer went to confront Michelle about the suspected relationship. Michelle, wearing only a towel when they came to the door, claimed she was alone, but that wasn’t true—the sound guy she was with jumped off her 25-foot balcony to avoid being caught. His plan didn’t work and he broke both his legs. While it wasn’t caught on tape, the show did a re-enactment.

#1: Paradise Gets Shut Down

The moment no one ever saw coming. When villains Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson got together on season 4, there were instant sparks. Unfortunately, after a hot and heavy encounter in the pool, production was halted when allegations of “misconduct” started to get thrown around. A producer alleged that Corrine was too intoxicated to consent to their sexual activity, and that her body went limp during her encounter with DeMario. After an investigation was conducted, however, no wrong-doing was found. Filming resumed, but both Corrine and DeMario were sent home.


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