Another Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen At Walmart
Trivia Another Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen At Walmart



Another Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen At Walmart

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Grab your shopping carts and sales ads 'cause it's time to go to Walmart again. From marriages, to duck murder, to … just watch the video. WatchMojo counts down Another Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen At Walmart.

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Script written by Briana Lawrence

Another Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen At Walmart

Grab your shopping carts and sales ads ‘cause it’s time to go to Walmart again. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Craziest Things to Happen at Walmart.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the things that reportedly happened in the store that made us go “Huh?!” while people were trying to get that all-important bargain. If you think we missed out on something completely bonkers, be sure to check out our previous list.

#10: You May Now Kiss the Bride In Aisle 5

Sometimes, a love connection happens while shopping for those low, low prices. Such was the case for Wayne Brandenburg, who fell for a cashier at a Walmart in North Carolina. You know how the saying goes: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a spot on our top ten list. We understand the romantic undertones of having a wedding where you first met, but you may get a few odd looks if your dream venue puts you in the middle of a superstore. But hey, who are we to stop Cupid’s arrow, especially when other couples have followed suit? Remember, Walmart helps you save money and live better.

#9: Duck, Duck, Goose

Ah, the majestic goose, always walking across the road without a care in the world. Much like any other animal, you stop and let it trot away. You don’t hit it with your car, and you most certainly do NOT whip out a bow and arrow to kill it... unless you’re Canadian? At least... this Canadian, who took a stand against the fearsome bird in a Canadian Walmart parking lot. Word of advice: unless you’re hunting for survival like some kind of revamped Tomb Raider, maybe leave the bow and arrow in the trunk? Or save it for any upcoming invasions.

#8: A Man & His (Stuffed) Horse

You may remember from our previous list the couple who decided to test out a bottle of lube, you know, to make sure it worked the way they wanted before they committed to purchasing it? And no, we don’t mean for your car. That’s not exactly what 19-year-old Sean Johnson did while shopping at a Florida Walmart. For one, he didn’t use any kind of lubrication for his sexual act, and two... it was with a horse. No, no, not the horse from the legendary “Mr. Hands” story -- don’t google that. We mean a... stuffed horse. At least it’s safer than an actual horse? And at least he went to the bedding department?

#7: Hot Like Fire

To be honest, this could be its own category. Just type the words “Walmart Fire” into your YouTube search bar and scroll on down. There’s the fire caught on film in Durango, Colorado, where you can hear someone calling for help while people... keep shopping. There’s the fire in San Leandro, California, where someone poured lighter fluid over the Halloween costumes and set them on fire. And, of course, the firework display fire for those who can’t wait to go outside and celebrate the 4th of July. Don’t think that the fires only happen inside the store, as the parking lot has been known to have a fire or two. Not even ambulances are safe.

#6: Parking Spot Rage

Is there anything worse than someone taking the parking spot you were trying to get into? They see you waiting, blinker on to indicate your intentions, but nope, they gotta be a jerk and swipe the space before you can pull in. Well 77-year-old Florida resident, Evelyn Danesi, decided to do something about it. No one was gonna get away with taking her spot so she... tried to run the man over, after which he held onto the hood of her car for dear life. We suppose that’s better than shooting at the spot thief, which is exactly what happened at ANOTHER Florida Walmart, when a dispute over a space led to two people being shot in 2012.

#5: Relax, I’m a Podiatry Student

We have to ask... when did Walmart become the place to explore your sexual kinks? We promise, no stuffed animals this time. Imagine being in a North Carolina Walmart, minding your own business, when a man asks you to try on shoes for him. “Don’t worry,” he says, “I’m a podiatry student.” We’re not quite sure why that encourages him to watch strangers try on shoes, but it’s not creepy, arrest worthy news... yet. That moment comes when he sucks on your toes. Needless to say, 31-year-old Michael Brown was arrested and learned that maybe, just maybe, he should suck toes in the privacy of his own home. Oh, and he’s not actually a podiatry student.

#4: Child Thief?

Don’t you just hate it when people mistake you for being a kidnapper instead of a father? Such was the case for a man named Joseph while he was out with his three daughters at a Virginia Walmart. After returning home, the police arrived to make sure that the girls were actually his children. According to Walmart, a customer felt that he didn’t “fit” with his children because he’s white and his daughters are mixed-race. Him and his wife were quick to verify that the children were theirs, with the police even asking one of the girls if the two were actually their parents. The phrase, “that escalated quickly,” has never been so accurate.

#3: Three Months Later: A Dead Body

This... isn’t the first time a death has occurred at Walmart -- stay tuned for the rest of our list. However, this may be the first time the victim wasn’t discovered for a long period of time. Lauren Moss was last seen leaving a rehab center before horrified employees of a Walmart out in Salinas, California, discovered her dead body inside of a Volkswagen Jetta. The kicker? Surveillance footage revealed that the car had remained in the same spot for almost three months, leading authorities to believe that she’d been dead, in the car, the whole time. Moss’ death was ruled as a possible suicide.

#2: Employee Killed During Stampede

Everyone knows the horror stories associated with Black Friday. The lines and, of course, the unruly customers. The chances of the morning rush being calm and orderly are slim to none, but being so overzealous that they trample a man to death? That was the case at a Walmart in Long Island one Black Friday morning. Not patient enough to wait for the doors to open, shoppers literally smashed through them despite workers’ attempts to keep them at bay. The crowd trampled over 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour and anyone else who got in their way, leading to a number of injuries. Damour was pronounced dead a mere hour after the chaos.

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#1: Man with Machete Tries to Snatch Children

This time, customers had every right to assume that an attempted child kidnapping was in progress. After a man failed to snatch a child away from a mother in the deli aisle of a Louisiana Walmart in 2018, a store security worker gave chase... only to discover that the man was armed. It’s not every day that a machete is swung around with reckless abandon. It’s also not every day that the attacker tries to take ANOTHER child from a different woman. Fortunately, the child was strapped into the shopping cart, and the man couldn’t get the kid loose. With the combined efforts of the protective mother, store employee, and an off-duty cop, the man was taken into custody.