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Top 10 Hilarious Bridesmaids Moments

These are the best moments from the ultra hilarious film Bridesmaids! We’ve included moments like when Annie & Rhodes hang out, the tennis Game and more!

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Top 10 Moments in Bridesmaids

Every bride has her day, but what about the ladies of her wedding party? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments in Bridesmaids.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable moments from this hit 2011 comedy that proved to be so much more than a quote unquote “chick flick.” In case you haven’t seen the movie yet, consider this your spoiler alert.

#10: Annie & Rhodes Hang Out

Although friendship is the central theme in “Bridesmaids,” the film also takes time for a little romance. After getting pulled over, Annie begins a flirtatious relationship with Officer Nathan Rhodes. Crossing paths again at a minimart later on, they strike up a conversation about carnival weddings and the beauty found in every ugly carrot. When Annie claims she has what it takes to be a cop, Rhodes lets her use his radar gun as the sun comes up. The scenes between Annie and Rhodes might be fairly simple, but that’s largely what makes their courtship so sweet and relatable. Sometimes just watching two people hang out can be infinitely more romantic than a grand gesture.

#9: Annie Gets Rhodes’ Attention

When the bride-to-be goes missing, Annie seeks out Officer Rhodes for help. Since the two aren’t on speaking terms, though, Annie needs to take drastic measures to get his attention. She breaks just about every law imaginable, from reckless driving, to littering, to indecent exposure. All the while, Rhodes tries to keep his eyes on his paper while Helen reluctantly goes along for the ride. Rhodes is finally pushed over the edge when Annie rams into his vehicle, forcing him to address the elephant in the street. In addition to being uproarious, Annie’s wild antics demonstrate her dedication to Lillian and just how far she’ll go to fulfill her duties as maid of honor.

#8: Tennis Game

Annie may be Lillian’s maid of honor, but Helen is determined to prove that she’s the bride’s best friend. Thus an ongoing rivalry is born, with Annie and Helen butting heads at every turn. At first, the two merely exchange snide comments. Upon hitting the tennis court, though, they let out all of their pent-up animosity. The ladies take numerous cheap shots at one another, which is made all the more hilarious when played in slow motion. As Helen’s stepchildren so eloquently put it, their tennis playing skills are about as graceful as what you’d see in a tampon commercial. As far slapstick goes, however, this scene serves an ace.

#7: A Wilson Phillips Wedding

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a movie called “Bridesmaids” works up to a big wedding. Even with that foresight, however, the ceremony still manages to catch the audience off guard with an appearance from Wilson Phillips. Annie is especially taken aback, as she assumed Helen was done stealing her thunder. Nonetheless, Annie puts her friend first and goes with it, singing along with the band’s rendition of “Hold On.” The song proves so infectious that everybody gets into it, including Megan’s air marshal friend. The performance leaves us on a touching closing note, as Annie and Lillian exchange a loving look before going their separate ways.

#6: “Don’t Need Dental Work”

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are good buds in real life, which is largely why their onscreen chemistry feels so natural. This scene perfectly exemplifies the genuine friendship between these two enormously funny women. Getting together for lunch, Lillian pushes Annie to talk about her adult sleepover with Ted. As Annie gives her best penis impression, Lillian advises her to find a man who’s not so – for lack of a better word – douchey. After all, Ted told Annie to get dental work, which she obviously doesn’t need. Again, this is a pretty simple interaction, but sometimes it’s the little moments that speak volumes about a relationship.

#5: Annie & Helen’s Speeches

From the moment they meet, Annie and Helen turn everything into a competition. Even at Lillian’s engagement party, they try to outdo each other with their speeches. Annie keeps her initial speech short and sweet while Helen’s leaves everybody crying and laughing. Feeling upstaged, Annie reclaims the microphone to show Helen who Lillian’s best friend truly is. Not one to go down without a fight, Helen returns with a saying from Thailand. Annie has a foreign saying of her own to share, although... her Spanish could use some work. Lillian’s besties keep fighting over the spotlight until they finally come together in not-so harmonious harmony. It’s like the wedding toast equivalent of a rap battle.

#4: Annie Meets Megan

There’s no denying that Melissa McCarthy’s Megan is responsible for some of the film’s funniest moments, leaving the audience in stitches from the minute she’s introduced. Annie isn’t sure what to make of Megan at first, as she talks about falling off a cruise ship, meeting a dolphin, and climbing an old man like a tree. Although she seems like a buffoon on the surface, Megan is ultimately revealed to be a supportive friend with a caring heart. After Annie hits rock bottom, Megan gives her a motivational pep talk and a much-needed bite in the ass. Demonstrating a wide range of emotion, McCarthy more than earned that Oscar nomination for the performance.

#3: The Giant Cookie

While weddings can bring out the best in people, they can also bring out the absolute worst. Annie’s bridal shower gift practically moves Lillian to tears, but nothing can top Helen’s trip to Paris. Reaching her breaking point, Annie blows up at Helen and Lillian. She takes out her frustration on a giant cookie and attempts to knock over a chocolate fountain. Just as Annie pulls no punches, Lillian isn’t afraid to take off the gloves either. Aside from being darkly humorous, this scene finds Annie at her most vulnerable as she loses everything in a couple minutes. She doesn’t even get to take home a puppy; thankfully, Megan’s swiped enough for both of them.

#2: “Ready to Paaartaaay!”

“Bridesmaids” scored a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture and this scene is a clear example as to why. A flight to Las Vegas finds the whole ensemble at their funniest. Rita and Becca get wasted while Megan hits on a passenger she believes to be an air marshal. It’s Annie who steals the show, though, as the relaxation pills Helen gives her take effect. Annie is so out of it that she compares First Class to Nazi Germany and even channels William Shatner’s character from a classic “Twilight Zone” episode, causing a panic. Fortunately, it turns out Jon really is an air marshal and Megan has his back.

Before we get to our top pick, let’s hold on for a few honorable mentions:

Megan’s Puppies

“I Really Want You to Leave”

“Cracked a Blanket in Half”

#1: Food Poisoning

In yet another scene where the entire cast fires on all cylinders, Lillian and her bridesmaids come to regret dining at the Brazilian restaurant Annie recommended. With the exception of Helen, who didn’t eat any meat, everybody comes down with a case of food poisoning during a fitting. Rita vomits all over the toilet, Becca vomits all over Rita, and Megan lets out a stream of hot lava into the sink. All the while, Annie refuses to admit she’s sick, going as far as to eat the Jordan almond Helen offers. As for Lillian, let’s just say that nobody envied the dry cleaner and street sweeper that had to clean up the mess she left behind.

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