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Top 10 Things We Want To See In IT Chapter 2

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Thomas O'Connor

Here's hoping this sequel sticks the landing! From a Tim Curry cameo, to more forms for It, to a reliance on practical effects, here are some ways the sequel to 2017s monster horror hit can surpass the original. WatchMojo ranks the top things we want to see in IT chapter 2.

Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: https://www.WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+Things+We+Want+To+See+In+IT+Chapter+2 Special thanks to our user bobbylashley18 for suggesting this idea!


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Script written by Thomas O'Connor

Top 10 Things We Want To See In IT Chapter 2

The story of The Loser’s Club isn’t over yet. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things We Want To See In IT Chapter 2.

For this list, we’re looking at second chapter of the new adaptation of Stephen King’s legendary novel and pinpointing some key elements we’d like to see brought to life on the big screen.

#10: More Forms for It

Don’t get us wrong, Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise is plenty scary. But the alternate forms taken on by this sinister force of evil add a nice bit of diversity to the fear we get to experience - like that terrifying painting. In the sequel, we’d love to see the filmmakers explore even more unsettling disguises. In the novel and miniseries, It eventually takes the form of a giant, monstrous spider. While this creature, as it appeared in 1990, looks a little silly nowadays, one can’t help but wonder how it would translate using modern visual effects. We want to see It pull out all the stops when the Loser’s Club return as adults.

#9: More Accurate Representation of Its True Form

Speaking of the forms that It takes while tormenting the residents of Derry, we’d like to see the new film take a stab at showing It’s true form: the otherworldly Deadlights. Like any good cosmic horror, this true form is hard to describe and even harder to witness without going either insane or comatose. The first installment in the new adaptation gave us a glimpse of this eldritch horror’s true shape, but, crazy as it might sound, we want to get a good look at it in all its horror - madness be damned. Aren’t you just a little bit curious too?

#8: More Insight into Henry Bowers

Henry Bowers, Derry’s resident bully-cum-sociopath, certainly made an impression in the first film, but his role is far from over. In the novel and miniseries, Bowers later returns as an agent of Pennywise, a kind of Renfield to his Dracula if you will. Obviously we’d love to see this play out in “Part 2”, but in addition to that, we’d also like to see further exploration of Henry’s backstory and motives. Is he really just a run of the mill small town bully, or is there more to this violent young man than meets the eye? A little more insight into this character’s psyche would make for a welcome addition to the narrative.

#7: Practical Effects

The first movie in the series walked an almost perfect line when it came to mixing computer-generated-effects with tried and true practical costumes and creatures - and we want to see this continue. The argument against CGI has been made time and time again, but we’ll say it once more for everyone in the back: a well-conceived and executed practical effect is infinitely more memorable than one achieved with CGI. We want to see the next chapter of this horror saga push the envelope even further in its effects work, using CGI to augment but never supplant the horrors brought to the screen using practical special effects work.

#6: A Big Climactic Final Battle with It

When a film reaches it’s inevitable climax, it’s go big or go home - and in this sequel, we want to see the Loser’s Club and their arch-nemesis go toe-to-toe in epic fashion. After two films worth of buildup, the final confrontation needs to be a real show-stopper, and hopefully the filmmakers working behind the camera can make it happen. The finale has to be grandiose, suspenseful, and most importantly... scary. This is a tall order, we know, but based on the first film, we’re confident that they can pull it off. A big screen adaptation of a novel this iconic deserves nothing less.

#5: A Cast of Unknowns

Ever since the first chapter hit theatres, fans and cast members alike have been weighing in on who should play the Loser’s Club as adults. A lot of big names have been thrown around, including Chris Pratt for an adult Ben and Jessica Chastain taking over as Beverly from Sophia Lillis. As much as we can appreciate these suggestions, there’s an argument to be made for having an adult Loser’s Club played by relative unknowns. It would just be too distracting to watch Pennywise trying to scare Star Lord. For cinemagoers to truly suspend their disbelief and lose themselves to the fear, the central characters should come without the baggage of recognizable faces.

#4: The Child Actors from Part 1

Actor W.C Fields famously said: “never work with animals or children”, but it’s a pretty safe bet that he never saw the first chapter of “It”. The performances delivered by these young leads, including Finn Wolfhard from “Stranger Things” and breakout star Sophia Lillis, who played Beverly Marsh, proved to be one of the major talking points when the film was released. Though the success of 2017’s “It” was the combination of many factors, things could have gone very differently had the cast not been up the task. Thankfully they were, and we’d love to see them return in some capacity in the sequel, most likely in flashbacks.

#3: Maturin the Turtle

Stephen King’s literary universe runs deep, and is full of strange and otherworldly entities. One of these, and one that Pennywise considers an enemy, is this massive, sentient turtle. The creature is said to be older than the universe itself, and has been credited with birthing the universe by vomiting it up. Hey, you can’t accuse King of not being creative. In the novel, this entity briefly contacts Bill to lend advice on defeating Pennywise. Though the inclusion of Maturin may be a hard sell for some cinemagoers, should the sequel choose to go all in on novel’s elements of Lovecraftian cosmic horror, this turtle would make for a bold addition.

#2: An Even Scarier Pennywise

As we mentioned earlier, it’s hard to get much scarier than the film’s titular clown, but nevertheless, the sequel will need to up the ante. Grownups are harder to frighten than children, so in facing off against an adult Loser’s Club, Pennywise is going to need to bring his A game. For our money, we’d love to see this translate into less reliance on jumpscares. The first film delivered plenty of frights, but many were leaned on shock value. In the sequel, we want more creeping, inescapable dread and psychological horror thrown into the mix. Pull this off while maintaining quality, and you’ve got an even scarier dancing clown.

Before we reveal our number one clip, here are some honorable mentions:

A Tim Curry Cameo

The Fortune Cookie Scene

#1: Its Cosmic Origins

We’ve talked a lot about cosmic horror, and the more out-there elements of King’s original novel, and this is a continuation of that. The novel features a lot more information about It’s true nature, with some chapters even narrated by the entity itself. Some would say that the creature is scarier the less you know about it, but we want to see the sequel embrace these elements by shedding more light -deadlights, perhaps- on the true nature of the beast that haunts the children of Derry. Few movies have really pulled off cosmic horror, and we want to see the sequel break through this cinematic barrier.

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