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Top 10 Extremely Short Anime Series

VO: Dan Paradis
Written by Brandon Stuhr Great things come in small packages. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Extremely Short Anime Series.. We’re only looking at series that have short running times - That means less than ten minutes each episode. So don’t get comfy ‘cause they’ll be over before you know it.

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Top 10 Extremely Short Anime Series

Great things come in small packages. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Extremely Short Anime Series..

We’re only looking at series that have short running times - That means less than ten minutes each episode. So don’t get comfy ‘cause they’ll be over before you know it.

#10: “Chi’s Sweet Home” Series (2008-09)

Telling the story of Chi, a lone kitten that is taken in by the young Yohei and his family, this comedic series provides plenty of laughs for anyone who wanted to know what life was like through the eyes of a cat. Sure, sure, it’s made for kids, but we’d be lying if we said we never teared up watching one of the episodes. With a runtime of only three minutes per episode, you can breeze through its 104 episodes in no time at all…aand then watch the 104 episode sequel.

#9: “Ojisan and Marshmellow” (2016)

Aw...aren’t office romances just the sweetest? Okay, well maybe this one’s a little different. In this slice of life anime, we watch as Iori Wakabayashi tries to win over her co-worker and crush Hige Habahiro. How does she you ask? Through the temptation of his unhealthy addiction - marshmallows. As one of the cuter series on our list, “Ojisan” will have you cheering on Iori throughout each three-minute episode, regardless of how odd it may be. It’s a bite-sized treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

#8: “I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying” (2014-15)

Ever wondered what it is like being married to an otaku? Let’s ask Kaoru, a normal office lady who is married to the love of her life Hajime, a shameless, shameless, fan of anime. The show takes an interesting look at relationships in our modern day society, packing plenty of humor and more references than you can handle. A clash of both worlds, this slice of life series shows that no matter how unconventional the couple is, they can be happy.

#7: “Gyagu Manga Biyori” (2005-10)

Sometimes we are just in the mood for anime with no plot and that’s where our next entry fits the bill. Composed of a different short story each episode, the series is rather nonsensical and bordering on the insane. Despite this, “Gyagu Manga Biyori” fills up its five minute run time with non-stop laughs, with its fast-paced, slapstick style. If you are looking for plot though, you will find little to none as there. But if you’re looking for a pocket-sized dose of hilarity, look no further.

#6: “Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time” (2014)

While a classroom may be a place of education for some, that certainly isn’t the case for all. In this comedy series we follow high school student Rumi Yokoi as she just tries to listen in class...but is constantly being interrupted by her fellow classmate Seki and his elaborate distractions. While there is no elaborate plot, due to a short eight-minute run time and episodic format, Seki-kun’s slice of life is a great way to kill time – and learn of other ways to kill time.

#5: “Please Tell Me, Galko-Chan!” (2016)

In yet another short comedy series, we follow the beautiful high school student Galko as she is questioned about the wonders of the female body. The show gives a soft touch on many different Japanese subcultures, such as Gyaru and Otaku culture – and its pretty heart-warming to see the two character’s friendship blossom. But that said, you’re gonna hear a lot more about the female anatomy and sometimes the harsh effects of curry. Over all, “Galko-Chan” is a treat, and proof that the short anime formula is really flourishing.

#4: “Hetalia Axis Powers” (2009-15)

In this historical parody series, audiences watch as stereotypical re-imaginings of the Axis Powers and Allied forces go about their lives. While the series primarily focuses on Germany, Italy, and Japan, it crams as much interaction with the other countries as it can to fill each episode’s five minute run time. If you don’t mind very crude jokes and references all while gaining some almost-sorta-accurate-but-not-really, history lesson, you can’t let this series pass you by.

#3: “Senyu” Series (2013)

When the Demon King is resurrected, the king of the land sends out the great hero’s ancestor…well all 72 potential ancestors. This fantasy adventure puts us along side the hero, Alba as he teams up with the apathetic soldier, Ross. While Senyu is comedy at its core, the series plays much more like a classic turn-based fantasy game than anything else – albeit without the deep lucrative plot. Regardless, Senyu manages to be engaging from start to finish.

#2: “Inferno Cop” (2012-13)

Inferno Cop…where do we start with inferno cop? Created by Studio Trigger, of Kill-la-Kill and Kiznaver fame, Inferno cop is a non-stop adrenaline rush. Following the tragic story of a policeman who loses his family to the evil organization “Southern Cross”, this series has some of the best comedy anime has to offer. The absurd cast of static, paper-cut-out characters somehow manage to wiggle their ways into your hearts – Bless you, Hellfire Boy, you were too pure for this cruel world. If all this wasn’t enough, this series has some hot-blooded battles and is complete with the most glorious of ending themes – and with the Three-minute runtime, you have no excuse to not watch it.

#1: “Space Patrol Luluco” (2016)

A double tap by studio trigger? Come on, you know we couldn’t have completed the list without this sci-fi-high-school-cop-drama-comedy.”Luluco” tells the story of middle school Luluco’s average life turned upside down when she joins the space patrol to capture all manners of nasty aliens. A blend of short-form science fiction and romance, the series hits every aspect of the spectrum and is simultaneously hilarious and pure genius. Most impressive of all, is that the production budget is actually pretty-damn good – with some scenes that’ll take your breath away.

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