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Top 10 Rob Brydon Moments

VO: Richard Bush
Written by Marc Turner From stand-up to singalongs, this Welsh comic can do the lot. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Rob Brydon moments. For this list, we’re celebrating Brydon’s funniest moments, including sitcom scenes, panel show gags and stage show routines. Special thanks to our user RichardFB for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Rob Brydon Moments

From stand-up to singalongs, this Welsh comic can do the lot. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Rob Brydon moments.

For this list, we’re celebrating Brydon’s funniest moments, including sitcom scenes, panel show gags and stage show routines.

#10: My Son Henry
“Live At The Apollo”

Brydon is less well-known for his stand-up shows, but when he does take to the stage, he’s a consummate performer. In this set at the Hammersmith Apollo, he recalls the homebirth of his fourth child – a comedy-filled caper that culminates in him holding his son for the first time. And for the big finish, the midwife invents a novel way of dealing with the baby’s umbilical cord.

#9: The Welsh Sat Nav

Brydon has been a regular “QI” contestant since the show started in 2003, and he often uses the quiz to jokingly complain about what he calls “institutionalised racism” toward Welsh people. But that doesn’t stop him from aiming this joke at his countrymen. In arguably his most memorable performance on the show, Brydon reimagines a regular sat nav with Welsh attitude. Who wouldn’t want this guy giving them directions? There’s a definite gap in the market there.

#8: Supermarket Fiasco
“Would I Lie To You?”

He may be the host, but Brydon gets plenty of opportunities to spin a tale or two of his own on “Would I Lie to You?”. Here, he recalls how he came a cropper at the supermarket while reaching for the last pack of Yorkshire puddings. And he backs up the claim with a candid demonstration. As the teams discuss the merits of his story, Brydon fends off a series of dodgy questions - but was he telling the truth?

#7: Jungle Book
“One Big Night for Children In Need”

Brydon’s Tom jones impression is a well-honed work of art, but here he shares a stage with the man himself, for Children in Need”. As a headline act of the evening, Brydon and Jones monkey through a medley of hits from “The Jungle Book”, for a one-off, feel-good finale. Of course, Brydon is an accomplished singer, having also shared the stage with the likes of Neil Diamond and Sharleen Spiteri, but this has to be his best duet, alongside another famous Welshman.

#6: The Parody of Parkinson
“The Trip to Italy”

To another spot-on impression, and this time Brydon’s with Steve Coogan, as the pair play fictionalised versions of themselves travelling through Europe. With Brydon channeling Michael Parkinson and berating Coogan whenever possible, it’s a mock interview that’s wonderfully one-sided, played out as the intro for an imagined Michael Buble performance. The undercurrent of one-upmanship between these two is a running gag, but on this occasion Coogan is definitely on the back foot - even he can’t help but laugh.

#5: The Services
“Marion and Geoff”

To one of Brydon’s earliest TV roles, and an often quite dark mockumentary where he plays Keith, a well-natured cab driver who’s going through a difficult divorce. Following on from the surprise package first season, this is the first episode in season two - and Keith kicks things off by discussing a hypothetical terror attack. He reels off a well-rehearsed list of the precautions he has taken, giving glorious insight into the character’s unique cognitive makeup.

#4: The Cuddle Jumper
“Would I Lie To You?”

To another example of Brydon taking centre stage on “Would I Lie to You?”, and another hilarious anecdote. Showing off the ‘cuddle jumper’ he supposedly cosies up to his wife with, Countdown’s Nick Hewer is the unfortunate soul who has to model the unusual sweater. And as Brydon makes a case for the jumper, it’s all too much for David Mitchell - who’s doubled up in hysterics. It’s a story that you really want to be true, but is it?

#3: All Over My Glasses
“Human Remains”

Rob Brydon and Julia Davis wrote and star in all six episodes of this blacker-than-black comedy, playing a series of dysfunctional couples. In this installment, Stephen and Michelle are preparing for their wedding day - but this is far from a fairy tale arrangement. From Stephen’s unwanted presence while Michelle goes dress shopping to the makeshift seating plan constructed out of household knick-knacks, there’s tension and uneasiness throughout. If you hadn’t already guessed it, Brydon likes his comedy dark.

#2: Working Out
“Gavin & Stacey”

If Brydon ever tired of comedy, he’d make a great motivational speaker. This classic scene from “Gavin and Stacey” sees Smithy and Bryn pump some iron in Bryn’s home gym, only James Corden’s character has hit the wall. But the normally mild-mannered Bryn refuses to let him quit. The pumped-up performance draws Gavin’s attention, and Mathew Horne’s bewildered expression perfectly captures the absurdity of the moment. There’s even time for a quick warm down, and a hearty health drink. Lovely.

#1: I’m Michael Caine
“The Trip”

We finish with an award-winning series, and Brydon again paired with Coogan, this time to tour restaurants in the north of England. Both comedians seem to spend as much time speaking in other people's accents as they do their own, but it’s Brydon’s impression of Sir Michael Caine that really catches the ear, delivered during the first ever episode. Coogan interrupts with an impressive impersonation of his own, but Brydon’s having none of it. And the unbridled back-and-forth continues, with each trying to out-cockney the other. Brilliant.

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