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Top 10 Hilarious Rants on Room 101

VO: Richard Bush
Written by Robert Barnott Palin Let’s let off some steam, shall we? Hello and Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Top 10 Hilarious Rants on “Room 101”. For this list, we’re looking at the show’s most recent rants, from the Frank Skinner era starting in 2012. Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Hilarious Rants on Room 101

Let’s let off some steam, shall we? Hello and Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Top 10 Hilarious Rants on “Room 101”.

For this list, we’re looking at the show’s most recent rants, from the Frank Skinner era starting in 2012.

#10: Dave Myers on “Deal or No Deal”

When he’s not busy cooking or out on the open road, there’s nothing this Hairy Biker loves more than grumbling about the cosmic-ordering Noel Edmonds and his banal, box-opening game show. Myers mounts his attack on Edmonds’ supposed psychic abilities, before switching attention to the show itself, and questioning its entire concept. However, the chef does admit to becoming hooked himself, so maybe that’s why he hates it… It’s just not “Countdown”!

#9: Frankie Boyle on Celebrity Atheists

Despite being an atheist himself, Frankie pulls no punches when it comes to slating the rich and famous who pile their beliefs upon us - and the judgemental way in which they usually do it. Frankie’s case in point; Ricky Gervais. Calling atheism “all a bit religious”, and maintaining an ominously calm disposition throughout his argument - he’s preaching about preaching, and it’s fantastic. And when you can back your opinions up with KFC, even better.

#8: Jason Manford on People in Lifts

Given the Brits’ bristly reputation for keeping ourselves to ourselves, it’s no surprise this next topic was particularly popular with the audience. And Jason’s tirade really riles Frank Skinner, too. Manford outlines his irritation with two key points, both of which are probably fair… Why do strangers in lifts suddenly speak to each other? And why does someone always hog the buttons? The whole thing gets Frank thinking of pelican crossings, for more impassioned, observational thoughts.

#7: Robert Webb on Jeremy Kyle

This daytime TV king is as divisive as they come. Providing a shouty soundtrack to many a sick day, Jezza’s a ‘love or hate him’ figure, and Robert Webb definitely hates him. Webb draws cheers from the crowd with his savage deconstruction of Kyle and his show, before wheeling out some Wordsworth to hammer home his point. It’s poetic justice and then some, dealt by a comedian whose contempt for his topic is perfectly palpable.

#6: Greg Davies on People Who Give Their Dogs Specific Instructions

To a rather bizarre and very specific choice of subject, but one that gets Greg Davies seething in seconds. Tapping into the no nonsense traits of his “Inbetweeners” character Mr Gilbert, Davies targets enthusiastic dog owners and their common tendency to overestimate their pet’s intelligence. And by the end of his pitch, Greg’s glorious irritation shifts to general parenting and over-explaining things to kids. When this guy’s on a rant, there’s just no stopping him.

#5: Chris Packham on Chris Moyles

It’s Chris on Chris, as naturalist Packham aims to banish this one-time Radio One DJ into the fiery pits of Room 101. And Packham’s loathing is very obviously genuine. Comparing Moyles to a skin complaint and targeting his perceived lack of talent, Packham produces a well-thought-out and truly inspired rant, much to the delight of rock god Alice Cooper. Rounding his ruthless rhetoric off by referencing ‘damaged marmosets’, it’s safe to say Packham and Moyles will never be mates.

#4: Diane Morgan on Magicians

Known for her ‘Moments of Wonder’ on “Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe”, Morgan employs a typically deadpan style to mercilessly lay into the magic circle - for another subject met with popular approval by the studio audience. For Morgan, magicians are flat-out boring. And she has a few choice words to say about how it all starts, and why it’s such a problem. It’d take way more than a rabbit from a hat to convince her otherwise, clearly.

#3: Lee Mack on “Top Gear”

“Top Gear” may be one of the BBC’s flagship programmes, but Lee Mack’s mighty miffed with all aspects of the motoring show - and once again, the audience seems more than supportive of his stance. Mack’s quest to exile Clarkson, Hammond and May, and their love of all things 4 wheels, into the dreaded vault generally focuses on how pointless and impractical he thinks all the car talk is. Whatever your opinion on these three car enthusiasts, it’s hard not to be taken in by Mack’s argument.

#2: Victoria Coren Mitchell on James Bond

A worthy, rant-y runner-up if ever we’ve heard one, Victoria Coren Mitchell goes all guns blazing into quite a controversial pick, backing her points with some brilliant British insults. She highlights some of Bond’s more serious flaws as a supposed super-spy, especially his hilarious lack of subtlety, as well as questioning his methods of escape. There had been an audible bristle in the audience when she rounded on 007, but by the end of her pitch we’re shaken, stirred, and pretty convinced.

#1: James Acaster on the Song “Livin’ on a Prayer”

We’ve all been someplace, somewhere when this cheesy ‘80s headbanger is belting out the speakers as a supposedly sure-fire crowd-pleaser. Well, it’s not for everyone, and James Acaster hates it with a passion. From calling the audience a bunch of idiots to comparing the song to a motorway accident, his frustration knows no bounds, so much so that it reminds Frank Skinner of just how much he hates it too, leading him to pull the lever and expel it for good. Job done.


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