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Top 10 Dark Type Pokemon

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
Written by Mark Sammut Who doesn’t love a little bit of darkness with their Pokémon? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dark Type Pokémon. For this list, we’re looking at the best and coolest Dark-type Pokémon who have been added over the years.

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Top 10 Dark Type Pokémon

Who doesn’t love a little bit of darkness with their Pokémon? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dark Type Pokémon.
For this list, we’re looking at the best and coolest Dark-type Pokémon who have been added over the years.

#10: Bisharp

The "survival of the fittest" mantra in Pokémon form. After training a Pawniard for what seems like forever, it finally evolves into Bisharp, a dark humanoid creature with retractable blades and a helmet. Everything about Bisharp's appearance screams heartless war general, and this Pokémon inherits an army of Pawniard to do its bidding. In situations where there is more than one Bisharp, the Pokémon fight it out to see who has the stones to lead the pack. As there can only be one Bisharp, the loser is banished and never seen again.

#9: Krookodile

During the Best Wishes! season, Ash's Krokorok evolves into Krookodile, a red crocodile with black stripes and spikes. Introduced in the fifth generation, Krookodile might not win any awards for originality, but the Pokémon oozes cool from every pore of its being. As a walking predator, Krookodile has a short fuse and sharp teeth, which spells trouble for anyone caught in its vicinity. During its very first battle, Ash's Pokémon quickly established its awesomeness by defeating Dragonite.

#8: Hydreigon

Take a hydra, add some wings, and you end up with a walking nightmare. As the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon who is part Dragon, Hydreigon requires a ton of work to obtain, as a level 64 Zweilous is needed. Inspired by Eastern and Western mythology, primarily the 8-branched giant snake and the Hydra, this three-headed monstrosity is considered a Brutal Pokémon who attacks anyone that flinches while in its presence. Hydreigon's multiple heads are not just for show, as the Pokémon is willing and able to eat nearly any object.

#7: Absol

This Pokémon is simply misunderstood. With gorgeous white fur and an elegant design, Absol is a stunning creature that absolutely detests fighting. Due to its horn, the Generation III Pokémon can predict upcoming natural disasters; unfortunately, the people Absol tries to warn tend to blame the Pokémon for these incidents. This negative stigma led to Absol being labeled as a Disaster Pokémon. Despite their lack of gratitude, Absol continues to protect towns and generally avoids getting into confrontations. While passive by nature, Absol's Mega evolution emits an aura terrifying enough to kill weaker people.

#6: Houndoom

As one of the earliest Dark types introduced to the franchise, this Generation II canine has been around for nearly two decades. Houndoom's design is reminiscent of a Doberman, just with a couple of horns and a skull thrown in for good measure. Living in packs, Houndooms carry out literal dogfights to pick a leader. Once the competition is over and done with, the alpha dog is identified by its sharper horns. Capable of breathing fire, Houndoom also comes with a badass Mega evolution that greatly ups the intimidation factor.

#5: Weavile

Size does not always matter. Added to the roster during the fourth generation, Weavile is a relatively small Pokémon covered with feathers. As implied by its name, Weavile is the franchise's answer to the weasel, although its design seems to be inspired by Egyptian folklore. On its own, Weavile is not the greatest fighter, but the Pokémon is extremely cunning. In the wild, Weavile avoids hunting alone, preferring to use teamwork in order to defeat prey. Like most packs, these weasel Pokémon tend to fight each other to see who should lead.

#4: Tyranitar

Oh, a dinosaur is not awesome enough? How about an armored-dinosaur whose Japanese name derives from Godzilla? Yeah, we thought so. Tyranitar has been around since the second generation and continues to be one of the strongest Pokémon. When referring to Dark-types, Mega Tyranitar has the highest base attack and defense stats, beating Hoopa Unbound and Mega Sableye by quite a margin. Unsurprisingly, Tyranitar's overwhelming power led to an arrogant and destructive personality. If someone is stupid enough to anger this Pokémon, Tyranitar can summon earthquakes powerful enough to alter the terrain.

#3: Zoroark

Alongside Zorua, this Dark-type Pokémon launched the fifth generation. Physically, Zoroark is a slim bipedal Pokémon and shares some similarities with a fox. The creature's design is frankly majestic, with Zoroark's red and black hair serving as the main attraction. This Pokémon is a master of disguise, as Zoroark main strength lies in its ability to create hauntingly realistic illusions. While not capable of inflicting physical harm, Zoroark's spells are intricate enough to convince someone that they are being attacked. The franchise dedicated an entire movie to Zoroark's epicness.

#2: Umbreon

Everyone remembers their first. With seven other possible evolutions for Eevee, Umbreon has to work hard to stand out from the rest of the pack. Reminiscent of a black cat, the Dark-type Pokémon is elegant and adorable, but trainers who dismiss Umbreon are likely to be punished. As one of only eleven Pure-Dark Pokémon, Umbreon's strength lies in its Special Defense, which is only matched by Mega Gyarados and Hoopa Unbound. Due to its pitch-black body, Umbreon waits in the dark for the perfect opportunity to spray its prey with poison.

#1: Darkrai

Is there anything darker than a shadow that creates nightmares? Darkrai debuted in the franchise's tenth movie and managed to stand its ground against the legendary Dialga and Palkia. Appearance wise, Darkrai is a walking shadow with a small head, no legs, and white fog serving as hair. While usually employed as a self-defense mechanism, the Pokémon's main power forces its target to experience neverending nightmares, a spell that can only be broken by Cresselia's Lunar Wing. Darkrai is Pokémon's equivalent to Freddy Krueger or the Boogeyman.

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