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Top 10 Special Power Rangers

VO: JB WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
Written by Joey Turner A little extra help sounds morphenomenal. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Special Power Rangers. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best later additions to the Ranger teams. They could be the sixth or seventh rangers, or just anyone outside of the core three to five, as long as they’ve done their best to uphold their Ranger duties. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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A little extra help sounds morphenomenal. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Special Power Rangers.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best later additions to the Ranger teams. They could be the sixth or seventh rangers, or just anyone outside of the core three to five, as long as they’ve done their best to uphold their Ranger duties.

#10: Ryan Mitchell

“Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue” (2000)

To save his life, Captain Mitchell reluctantly allowed Diabolico to take his only son, Ryan –never to be seen until his 20th birthday. Raised by Diabolico’s lies, Ryan stole a prototype morpher and became the very first US-exclusive Ranger – the Titanium Ranger. Much like another famous sixth ranger, Ryan returned to the light as a loyal ally –even overcoming one of Diabolico’s deadly curses. Due to the lack of “Sentai” footage, Ryan couldn’t fight as much after his introduction, but he made himself useful while he was away – gathering information to help defeat the demons before joining in the final fight.

#9: Spirit Rangers

“Power Rangers Jungle Fury” (2008)

When Dai Shi captured three Pai Zhuq Masters, he used the Crystal Eyes to control them and turn their animal spirits into three new Ranger-exclusive warriors, the Spirit Rangers. In a unique twist, these Rangers’ bodies are controlled psychically –and are only as stable as the Masters’ concentration. With the Masters chained up and used as puppets by Dai Shi, their spirits had the Jungle Fury Rangers on the ropes. Fortunately, RJ was able to set them free, bringing their Ranger avatars to the side of good. Later on, the main Rangers learned how to summon their spirited teammates WITHOUT the Masters, making them an excellent backup force.

#8: Zhane

“Power Rangers in Space” (1998)

While Andros is the serious type, there was only one person who could make him laugh – Zhane, the Silver Ranger. Years ago, Zhane fought alongside Andros as his best friend. However, he was mortally injured and kept in a cryogenic tube –becoming a symbol of the risks of being a Ranger. Luckily, he was awoken two years later, ready to fight again… after fixing his morpher glitch. Though he’s a little cocky, Zhane’s dependability is unquestioned, and he is more than ready to aid anyone in need –sometimes through more unorthodox means. Unfortunately, Zhane teaches us another lesson of value – the risks of dating your team’s arch nemesis.

#7: Cameron “Cam” Watanabe

“Power Rangers Ninja Storm” (2003)

Cam is Sensei Kanoi’s son – a snarky technical genius that built the Rangers’ gadgets, including their Zords and vehicles. He gave them a hard time at first since his overprotective father wouldn’t let him be a Ranger, even though he has the skills. However, when the other Rangers lost their powers, he traveled to the past to retrieve the Samurai Amulet. This not only restored their powers, but also granted Cam the powers of the Green Samurai Ranger. Since then, his relationship with his fellow Rangers improved greatly, and he even made his own cyber clone to help run the Dojo, allowing Cam to take his rightful place fighting on the battlefield.

#6: Trent Fernandez-Mercer

“Power Rangers Dino Thunder” (2004)

Not unlike Tommy’s origin, Trent was the new kid in Reefside, and the adopted son of Anton Mercer – the human half of the evil Mesagog. An artist by trade, he dreamt of being a superhero… unfortunately, the wild White Dino Gem granted him his wish. Trapped as the evil White Ranger and slowly corrupted by the Gem, he became one of the Rangers’ most deadly foes… until Dr. Mercer helped set him free. He kept his father’s Jekyll-Hyde situation a secret from the others –adding onto the rangers’ trust issues, but he’s a true teammate who just wanted to save his father from his monstrous half.

#5: Anubis “Doggie” Cruger

“Power Rangers S.P.D.” (2005)

Commander Cruger is the head of the S.P.D. Delta Base. He may run a tight ship, but he has a vulnerable side –often haunted by the day his home planet was destroyed by Grumm’s forces. Though he vowed never to pick up his sword again, an enemy from his past forces his hand. Using the morpher Kat Manx made him, he joins the fight as the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger. Don’t ask us how he fits his muzzle in that helmet. Even though he’s a formidable fighter and an expert swordsman, he firmly believes that no one Ranger is more important – teamwork is the ultimate strategy to bring justice throughout the universe.

#4: Eric Myers

“Power Rangers Time Force” (2001)

Eric was a former prep school classmate of Wes’, but he was bitter about his “friend’s” success when he had nothing. Jealousy drove him to try and outshine Wes – eventually becoming captain of the Silver Guardians and then the Quantum Ranger. His stubbornness didn’t help him as a team player, but it did show his ambition to prove himself all on his own –making him the perfect antihero Ranger. Near the end, he finally managed to let go of his pride and reconcile with Wes –the two of them becoming joint leaders of the Silver Guardians. However, he still leaves a troubling first impression with others. Just ask the Wild Force Rangers.

#3: Jason Lee Scott

“Power Rangers Zeo” (1996)

There were plenty of red herrings for the Gold Ranger’s true identity, but he revealed himself as Trey of Triforia. Unfortunately, Trey was split into three, and couldn’t wield the Gold Ranger powers, so they transferred the powers to someone just as worthy – the original Red Ranger himself, Jason. The roles from the first season became reversed – now Tommy was the Red Ranger/Leader, while Jason became the Sixth Ranger. The one thing that’ll never change, Jason is still a dedicated Ranger –ready to take charge when needed, and never giving up. Sadly, like when Tommy first lost HIS powers, Jason had to return his to Trey in the finale -or lose his life.

#2: Michael “Mike” Corbett

“Power Rangers Lost Galaxy” (1999)

Leo’s brother Mike was the one who pulled the Red Quasar Saber, but he passed it on to Leo when he fell to his supposed death in a chasm. Fortunately, he was saved by the Magna Defender’s spirit, who used his body as a host. When the warrior sacrificed himself, Mike was set free, and later given the tools to become the NEW Magna Defender. Mike can be protective of his little brother, but he wouldn’t have given him the Saber for nothing. He may come off as a goody-goody boy scout, but he’s willing to do anything to protect his colony and friends, including giving up his powers.

Before we unveil our number one remarkable fighter, here are a few honorable mentions.

Sir Ivan of Zandar

“Power Rangers Dino Charge” (2015) & “Power Rangers Dino Super Charge” (2016)

Merrick Baliton

“Power Rangers Wild Force” (2002)


“Power Rangers Mystic Force” (2006)

#1: Tommy Oliver

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (1993-95) & “Power Rangers Dino Thunder” (2004)

Taking the number one spot is the legend himself. Tommy began his long Ranger career as the new kid in town, brainwashed by Rita to become her evil Green Ranger. When the spell was broken, he became a dependable teammate –even after losing his powers more than once. However, Tommy would later make a rebound as the White Ranger/Leader of the pack before taking the reigns as two Red Rangers. Several years later, he’d be back in black as the Dino Thunder team’s mentor. It’s hard to top the Ranger that’s done it all; but no matter the color, no matter how many times he retires, Tommy is living proof that once a Ranger, ALWAYS a Ranger.


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