Top 10 Times New Girl's Jess & Cece Were Friendship Goals

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Script written by Samantha Hines We love the friendship between Jess and Cece from New Girl! For this list, we’re showing the moments that these two perfectly exemplified just what it means to be a friend.We’ve included the time Jess is laid off, and Cece rushes in to bring her home, when Jess stepped in for Cece for a modelling gig, When Jess was Cece’s maid of honour not once but twice! When they fight and make up after realizing how well they compliment each other and more! What’s your favourite Jess and Cece moment from New Girl?
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Top 10 Times New Girl’s Jess and Cece Were Friendship Goals

Though New Girl comes to a close in mid-2018, we’ll never forget the friendship that started it all. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times New Girl’s Jess and Cece Were Friendship Goals.

For this list, we’re looking at the times when these two perfectly exemplified just what it means to be a friend on the American sitcom.

#10: Jess Is Laid Off


This instance shows just why we love this dynamic duo. In good times and bad, they always have each other’s backs. When Jess is suddenly laid off, she’s understandably devastated. She sits silently in the hallway, now burdened with broken dreams and a box of her old teaching supplies. Cece rushes in to bring her home. In a sweet moment, she gently tells Jess that greater things are going to happen for her. It’s a classic ‘when one door closes, another one opens’ speech, but it’s so genuine, we can’t help but get a little choked up.

#9: First Student

“Clavado En Un Bar”

When Jess is given twenty minutes to respond to a job offer at a children’s museum, she’s unsure what to do. Cece, however, believes Jess is supposed to stay a teacher and lovingly reminds Jess that she was actually her first student. A flashback shows young Cece sitting in the library, squinting at the book in front of her. Jess immediately offers to help. Jess shows Cece that the text is easily readable when pressing her nose to the book. Cece is worried about looking silly, but Jess essentially says they can suck it. Cece smiles and decides to join Jess, thus beginning a friendship for the ages.

#8: The Ribbon Hat

“Jess & Julia”

Hell hath no fury like Cece. Nick’s new girlfriend Julia has nothing in common with Jess. At times, she is even downright condescending to our quirky protagonist. Jess vents to her friends about it, and Cece is livid that someone could dislike her. Sadie politely suggests that Jess may just be a little overwhelming to new people. After all, she recalls that when she met Jess, she was wearing a bright pink hat made with ribbons. This causes Cece to defend Jess even further. She demands Jess bring her the aforementioned headwear. This is one of those moments that shows how fiercely Cece will defend her bestie, even if the cause is a silly one.

#7: The Modeling Job


It’s Cece’s birthday, and Jess is excited for their traditional girls night in. But instead, they end up hanging out with Cece’s modeling friends. For the birthday girl, it’s a fun night, but the same can’t be said for Jess. The models treat her like a sideshow Cece brought along, which causes Jess to snap. Cece overhears her saying modeling has made Cece dumber, which leaves her angry and hurt. Jess ends up covering a job for Cece and learns that modeling is a lot harder than she could have expected. Jess apologizes and the two make up. They each learn a bit more about each other, and end up stronger than before.

#6: The Grass Is Always Greener

“A Chill Day In”

Jess and Cece decide to stay in for a low-key bachelorette party. Even better? They end up getting absolutely baked, chilling and watching TV. A package arrives at the door and oddly enough, it’s a bread baker. An attached note from Schmidt’s mother says it’s such a simplistic device, even Cece could use it. Jess is furious, saying that gender roles are so not Cece. As the night goes on, the bride-to-be starts to worry about her impending marriage. She breaks down, telling Jess she’s worried she won’t be a good wife to Schmidt. Jess reminds her of all the times she’s taken care of her and assures her that she’ll be perfect.

#5: Maid of Honor (Twice!)

“Bachelorette Party” & “Landing Gear”

Many girls have their maid of honor picked out years before meeting their spouse-to-be. The tradition is a great way to say you love your best friend, and you can’t imagine such a big event without them. Cece’s marriage with Shivrang didn’t make it past the wedding, sure, but it still counts! Asking Jess to be her maid of honor was a sweet gesture, especially since the role isn’t customary in a traditional Indian wedding. The second time, when Cece marries Schmidt, Jess is maid of honor in a beautiful wedding that masterfully blends a modern ceremony with Jewish and Indian traditions. Relationships may come and go, but we know this friendship will last forever.

#4: Bearded Bride

“Winston’s Birthday”

Cece gets traditional bridal mehndi for her big day and the ornate designs beautifully decorate her hands. Unfortunately, this becomes anything but beautiful when she accidentally sleeps on the freshly applied artwork. Bad news is, Mehndi is created from paste that temporarily dyes the skin. It can last for days... or weeks. The normally calm Cece frantically contacts Jess, and she quickly swoops in. Usually, Cece is the one to help Jess, but this switch-up led to hilariously chaotic results. Jess innocently suggests that olive oil and cotton balls could potentially fix things, with the unwanted tattoo smudges creating something resembling a beard. We’re just shocked neither of them saw this as a bad omen.

#3: Bachelorette Party

“Bachelorette Party”

While some girls have been planning their weddings since childhood, Cece spent her early years planning a downright obscene bachelorette party. Years later, Cece is getting married and Jess makes all of these dreams come true with a surprise party. However, this implodes when Cece brings Shivrang’s aunt into the house. It is initially tense, but it resolves itself in the end. Jess helps Cece realize that she may be jumping into the marriage, which inspires her to talk to her fiance and lay it all on the table. It’s a nice moment that shows that Cece does consider what Jess thinks and holds it in high regard.

#2: Cece Threatens the Boys


Cece is normally calm, cool, and collected, but if you hurt her best friend, she’ll be your worst nightmare. In the pilot episode, she is reasonably worried at the idea that Jess will be living with three men. After all, Jess is the best person Cece’s ever known, and these are total strangers. Seeking to suss the place out, Cece visits the loft. She sits the prospective roommates down, essentially interviewing them. After a strange conversation, she seems to decide they’re pretty harmless. Just in case, she leans forward and tells the men that they better not hurt Jess or she'll "crazy murder" them.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Walk of Shame

“Walk of Shame”

Parent Trap


Hiding from Problems Together

“The 23rd”

#1: 20 Years Down

“Girl Fight”

Here’s a tip: if you and your best friend let an argument brew, it will blow up. It’ll end up hurting both of you more than if you had just resolved it in the first place. This is what happens with Jess and Cece. A Pandora’s box of unacknowledged disagreements are unleashed over a purse. This leads to a fight that leaves physical and emotional wounds on both girls. However, it gets resolved, because these two can get through anything. They realize that after 20 years, there is no one else they’d want to call their best friend. They also realize that they mesh together perfectly because of their differences, not in spite of them.


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