Top 10 Unforgettable Boy Meets World Moments

Credits: Rebecca Brayton Lisa Yang
Script written by Nick Spake These are the best Boy Meets World Moments! We’ve included the first day at John Adams High, Mr. Turner’s accident, when Topanga proposes to cory, Cory and Topanga’s wedding, Cory and Topanga’s first kiss and when Shawn and Cory dressed as ladies!
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Top 10 Boy Meets World Moments

Fred Savage might’ve had the wonder years, but his brother had the whole world. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Boy Meets World Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most memorable moments from this coming-of-age sitcom. If you’ve never seen this gem of a show, keep in mind we’ll be delving into a few spoilers.

#10: First Day at John Adams High
“Back 2 School”

“Boy Meets World” centered on a cast of young actors who we got to watch grow up over the course of seven seasons. It was clear that Cory, Shawn, and Topanga were getting older when they entered the world of high school in Season 2. Of course Shawn still couldn’t grow sideburns. Their first day at John Adams High is full of laughs and surprises, as they meet the cool Mr. Turner, make enemies with a few bullies, and learn that Mr. Feeny is the new principal. Although this episode marked a significant turning point for everyone, it also showed that some things never change.

#9: Would You Be My Girlfriend?

“My Best Friend’s Girl”

After two years of will-they-won’t-they tension, Cory finally asks Topanga to be his girlfriend, but he has to go through a few shenanigans first. At a movie screening, Shawn winds up on a date with Topanga while Cory asks out her friend Trini, played by the late Brittany Murphy. The night is about as disastrous as you might expect, leading to a confrontation between Cory and Topanga. Laying all his cards on the table, Cory sums up his feelings for Topanga with a few simple, honest, and romantic words. Topanga responds with a kiss, marking the beginning of their relationship. As for Shawn, it turns out he was trying to bring them together all along.

#8: And Then There Was Shawn
“And Then There Was Shawn”

This is definitely one of the most out-there “Boy Meets World” episodes, when the gang gets locked in the school with a masked killer, a creepy janitor, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Things actually get pretty graphic for a TGIF comedy with several characters actually biting the dust. That’s exactly why this episode stands out from all the rest, however. “And Then There Was Shawn” has no shortage of priceless moments, satirizing everything from “Scream,” to “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” to “South Park.” As strange and dark as the episode might be, it also works in some welcome character development. And in the end of course, it was all just a dream.

#7: Mr. Turner’s Accident
“Cult Fiction”

When Shawn nearly joins a cult, he turns his back on the people who love him most. This includes Jonathan Turner, who gets into a horrible motorcycle accident following an argument with his misguided student. It’s nothing short of heartbreaking when Shawn visits Turner’s unconscious body. In this brief scene, we see Shawn experience all the stages of grief, building to an especially powerful moment where he pleads with god to spare his teacher. Outside of a throwaway reference in Season 5, Turner is absent for the remainder of the series, which led some fans to speculate that he died. Fortunately, we were given closure when the character returned years later in “Girl Meets World.”

#6: Cory Kisses Another Girl
“Heartbreak Cory”

By Season 5, it seemed like Cory and Topanga could overcome any obstacle, but that all changed when Lauren entered the equation. After Cory injures his leg on a ski trip, Lauren offers to keep him company and the two share a shocking kiss. Although Cory regrets what happened between them, he makes the mistake of hiding the truth from Topanga, who soon realizes that her boyfriend has been keeping a secret from her. Of all the relationship hurdles Cory and Topanga have faced, this was by far the most gut wrenching. Their breakup came as a massive blow to the audience, but at least it only took a few episodes for them to reconcile.

#5: Chet Hunter Passes Away
“We’ll Have a Good Time Then...”

Character actor Blake Clark has appeared in various movies and shows, but 90s kids perhaps know him best as Chet Hunter. While Chet was far from a perfect dad, he does attempt to reconnect with Shawn and Jack in Season 6. Chet ultimately leaves again, but not in the way that Shawn anticipates. Upon suffering a heart attack, Chet is given a few touching moments to make amends with his children. Just when it looks like things might work out for the Hunter clan, Chet has a second heart attack. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience when the doctor broke the tragic news, telling Chet’s family and friends that his heart wasn’t strong enough.

#4: Topanga Proposes to Cory

Season 5 was full of ups and downs for Cory and Topanga, but the two rekindled their love in time for graduation. They’re almost driven apart once again, though, as Topanga contemplates going to Yale. Cory loves his girlfriend so much that he’s willing to watch her leave. However, Topanga decides that she wants to be with Cory more than anything else. She lets him know during the graduation ceremony, asking Cory to spend the rest of his life with her. This cliffhanger really felt like the end of an era, but it was also the beginning of a new chapter. Whether Cory said yes or no, we all knew that big changes lay ahead.

#3: Class Dismissed
“Brave New World”

Mr. Feeny was so much more than a teacher to our young protagonists. He was a grandfatherly figure that was always around to give advice. It’s only fitting that the series would end in a classroom where Feeny says goodbye to his four favorite students. Feeny has taught Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric everything they need to know, but he leaves them with one more lesson before they venture off into a brave new world. Feeny waits until his students are gone to say his final words, which still get us choked up even to this day. Bittersweet and meaningful, “Boy Meets World” couldn’t have left us on a better note.

#2: Cory and Topanga’s Wedding
“It’s About Time”

“Boy Meets World” had two great love stories: the romance between Cory and Topanga and the bromance between Cory and Shawn. When Cory and Topanga prepare to tie the knot, Shawn begins to fear that it’ll be the end of their friendship. This results in a massive fight between the groom and best man during the wedding ceremony. Once they finally sit down and talk, though, Shawn gives Cory his blessing to marry the extremely tolerant Topanga. Watching Cory and Topanga exchange their vows is both moving and surreal. It feels like it was only yesterday that these two kids were sharing their first kiss in the hall.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Topanga’s Hair
“Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow”

- Shawn and Cory Dressed as Ladies
“Chick Like Me”

- Topanga’s Crazy Poem
“Cory’s Alternative Friends”

#1: Cory and Topanga’s First Kiss

“Cory’s Alternative Friends”
Although Cory’s relationship with Topanga was the focal point of the series, she didn’t even show up until the fourth episode. Although they would eventually become inseparable, Topanga is a little too weird for Cory’s tastes during their middle school days. When the two get handcuffed to their lockers, though, a shift begins to occur. Pushing him up against a locker, Topanga smooches Cory, who’s left with a stunned face that is perfectly complemented by his crazy hair. Watching Cory and Topanga’s romance blossom over the years was a truly a rewarding experience full of laughs, sincerity, and heart and it all began with this unforgettable first kiss.

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