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Top 10 Awesome Alternate Superhero Costumes

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Thomas O'Connor
Written by Thomas O'Connor If you’re gonna be a superhero, you need a super wardrobe. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten best alternate superhero costumes. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of our favorite alternate superhero costumes that our favorite crime fighters have worn for special missions, or as a break from their traditional outfit. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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If you’re gonna be a superhero, you need a super wardrobe. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten best alternate superhero costumes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of our favorite alternate superhero costumes that our favorite crime fighters have worn for special missions, or as a break from their traditional outfit.

#10: Deadpool’s X-Men Uniform

The Merc with a Mouth generally isn’t much of a team player, but when working with the X-Men he’s ditched his classic red and black costume for one more in line with the team’s look. One time, when Cyclops rejected his application for membership, Deadpool hand-made his own X-Men suit based on the classic uniform, with the word “X-Men” printed across the front and “Deadpool” on the back. Naturally, the suit didn’t impress his would-be teammates, but for us, it perfectly represents Deadpool’s twisted sense of humor and pokes fun at his connection to the X-Men.

#9: The Punisher as Captain America

After Steve Rogers’ death following the “Civil War” storyline, a number of characters seemed poised to take up his mantle as Captain America. But nobody expected Frank Castle, the gun-toting vigilante known as The Punisher, to suit up in the Stars and Stripes. Castle mixed Captain America’s uniform with his own, and the result looks like what would happen if Cap ditched the shield and geared up for all-out war. The costume was only in use for a few issues before Frank passed the mantle off to Bucky Barnes, but this rad-looking fusion of two very different superheroes is just too cool looking to forget.

#8: Wonder Woman’s White Jumpsuit

After spending a year-long sabbatical from the superhero scene, Diana returned sporting a new look and acting as an agent of the Department of Metahuman affairs. A far cry from her usual Amazonian warrior outfit, this white tactical jumpsuit, more suited for espionage than super-heroics, is actually a callback to an earlier costume. In the 70s, Wonder Woman relinquished her powers for a time and became a secret agent under the alias Diana Prince, often sporting an all-white outfit.

#7: Captain America’s “Super Soldier” Uniform

It’s hard to keep a good hero down. After returning from the dead (because remember, nobody stays dead in comics) to find his former sidekick Bucky wearing the mantle of Captain America, Steve Rogers spent a time as the director of SHIELD and wearing this simple but awesome costume. Essentially a stripped-down version of his classic costume, losing the mask and flag motif, this slick outfit inspired Cap’s SHIELD uniform in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. It may not be as iconic and eye-catching as his red-white-and-blue uniform, but this sleek, tactical outfit is perfect for when Cap is ready to get his hands dirty.

#6: Iron Man’s Hulkbuster Armor

Perhaps more than any other superhero, Tony Stark has a suit for every occasion. And that includes when the Incredible Hulk is on a rampage. This towering piece of Stark technology is specially designed to subdue a rampaging Hulk, with the strength to match the Jade Giant at his angriest. One of the fun parts of this suit is that rather than wearing it like a traditional Iron Man armor, Tony can don this suit while in another Iron Man suit, sort of like a Russian Nesting doll, but one that can punch through titanium. You probably remember this suit from Hulk and Iron Man’s earth-shattering fight in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

#5: Batman’s Hellbat Armor

Created using input from every member of the Justice League and forged in the sun by Superman himself, this frightening-looking armor enhances Batman’s strength and reflexes, as well as granting him invisibility and a variety of powerful weapons. Unfortunately, the suit also drains Batman’s energy by speeding up his metabolism, meaning he can only use it for limited periods of time. The suit is so powerful that Batman even used it to go one-on-one with Darkseid himself!

#4: Punk Storm

The X-Man known as Storm may be serene, elegant and refined, but like all of us, she went through a bit of a rowdy faze. In the 80s, Storm abandoned her traditional white costume and flowing locks for a punk-inspired black leather outfit, complete with jacket and an impressive mohawk hair-do. Storm wore this outfit for much of the 80s, including during a story in which Cyclops and Storm fought it out to determine who would lead the X-Men, a battle that Storm won. This outfit is a favorite look for Storm, that shows a rougher, tougher side of the X-Men’s resident weather manipulator.

#3: Resurrected Superman

After returning from the dead after his epic battle with Doomsday (remember what we said about comics), the Man of Steel spent some time wearing this black and silver costume sans cape. While it may look like a fashion choice, this suit is actually all function: it’s actually designed to help Superman heal from the injuries sustained during his fight with Doomsday by absorbing yellow sun radiation at an accelerated rate. The only downside to this stylish, minimalist ensemble is Superman’s choice in hairstyle at the time. Not even the Last Son of Krypton can make a mullet look good.

#2: Wolverine’s Brown Costume

It’s hard to get more iconic than Wolverine’s classic yellow-and-blue costume, as it’s the look he’s sported for most of his tenure as the X-Men’s angriest, stabbiest member. But a likely runner-up for best Wolverine costume would be when he ditched the blues for this brown and yellow costume. As much as we love the blue and yellow, there’s something about this look that suits Wolverine better. Logan wore this costume for his first solo series, written and drawn by artist Frank Miller, after first adopting it in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. When grilled about why he’s got a new costume by Nightcrawler, the Canadian mutant replied simply “Why not?”

#1: Spider-Man’s Black Suit

While Spidey’s blue and red uniform might be the most recognizable superhero costume out there, it still can’t hold a candle in many fans’ hearts to his jet-black symbiote outfit. First obtained during the “Secret Wars” event, this costume was initially thought to be just a harmless living fashion statement that gave Spidey an edgy new look, but it was later revealed to be a symbiotic alien entity. Even after ditching the symbiote, Spidey still kept his black costume around in fabric form for a while, and who can blame him? As iconic as his regular costume is, it just can’t beat the black suit when it comes to looking badass.

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