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Top 10 Best Fifth Harmony Songs

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Tiffany Ezuma
Script written by Tiffany Ezuma We’re sad Fifth Harmony is taking a hiatus but we’re happy that they’re going to focus on their own artistic growth! For this list, we’re looking at original songs by Fifth Harmony, so covers they performed on “The X Factor” will not be included. We’ve included songs like Down” feat. Gucci Mane, “I’m in Love with a Monster”, All in My Head (Flex)” feat. Fetty Wap, “Worth It” feat. Kid Ink and more!

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Top 10 Fifth Harmony Songs

They may be done for now, but we’ll always be Harmonizers in our hearts. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Fifth Harmony Songs.

For this list, we’re looking at original songs by Fifth Harmony, so covers they performed on “The X Factor” will not be included.

#10: “Down” feat. Gucci Mane

Fifth Harmony (2017)

The ladies of Fifth Harmony know a thing or two about loyalty, and this song shows off just how ride-or-die the remaining foursome is. The first single after Camila Cabello’s departure, they teamed up with Gucci Mane to create this dancehall inspired tune. The track has a low-key, chilled out feel as they sing about having their partner’s back no matter what. It’s easy to dance to, which makes it a fun party song. And while they all sound great collectively, we have to give a special shout-out to Normani, who really shines on her verses.

#9: “I’m in Love with a Monster”

Hotel Transylvania 2 Soundtrack (2015)

Written as a promotional single for “Hotel Transylvania 2,” this track sounds like throwback to girl groups of the 60s. Part jazz, part soul, part hip-hop, and R&B, it takes the best part of each style to create something wholly unique. The girls sing about being in love with a monster; not a literal one but a guy who doesn’t know a good relationship when he has it. It’s a relatable metaphor that keeps it light enough for a PG movie while also driving home some valid points. It’s a shame that the single didn’t chart in the US, because it’s seriously fun, but at least we have the music video.

#8: “Miss Movin’ On”

Better Together EP (2013)

If only every break-up kiss-off was this good. As the girls’ first single from their debut EP, it was released just a few months after their time on the American version of the “The X Factor.” The power pop single showed off their ability to harmonize while highlighting the strong vocals of Camila and Lauren in particular. Singing about moving on from a bad relationship, it’s the kind of song that inspires listeners to bounce back from whatever toxic situation is bringing them down. It was the perfect feel-good song to introduce them to the world.

#7: “Angel”

Fifth Harmony (2017)

One of their darker sounding songs, “Angel” showed off a different side of the women of Fifth Harmony. A trap-infused R&B song, the women sing about being complex people who aren’t always perfect. It shows off a different swagger for the ladies as they own their past mistakes. They aren’t exactly asking for forgiveness, which makes the track brash and in your face in a way they hadn’t previously been before. It shows their growth and range as a group that isn’t afraid to be a little messy.

#6: “All in My Head (Flex)” feat. Fetty Wap

7/27 (2016)

As the follow-up single after “Work From Home,” the women of Fifth Harmony used this track to show that they were committed to a sexier sound that more than works for them. Teaming up with rapper Fetty Wap, the single has that sexy, sweaty summer vibe to it. The slight reggae feel is a sound they hadn’t done before, and it pairs perfectly with the suggestive lyrics. The flirty song had an all-star team to help write it, including the group members, Fetty Wap, Julia Michaels, and Tory Lanez. All their hard work paid off, and it won the Song of Summer Award at the 2016 MTV VMAs.

#5: “BO$$”

Reflection (2015)

With the lead single from their debut album, the quintet knew they wanted to show the world what they were: bosses. And what better way to do that than with this track, which celebrates inspiring women like Michelle Obama and Oprah. The song is a call to action for young girls to work hard and be smart, while owning who they are and going after what they want. The rhythm has a slight militaristic feel, which makes it that much more urgent and shows that they should be taken seriously. The wordplay of the song is also on point, with funny lyrics like “I want a Kanye, not a Ray-J” showing that they have a sense of humor.

#4: “That’s My Girl”

7/27 (2016)

You can’t have a girl group without an official girl power anthem, and while Fifth Harmony has a few songs to fit the bill, this one does it best. The ladies show off their powerhouse vocals with this track as they cheer on their girlfriends to be strong and independent. They even make a shout-out to Destiny’s Child for good measure. As the last single released before Camilla Cabello left, it was nice for her stint in the group to end with an uplifting anthem as a send-off. The track was also later featured in 2016 Rio Olympics commercials for the USA women’s gymnastics team.

#3: “Sledgehammer”

Reflection (2015)

One of the group’s greatest strengths is making relatable songs for their audience and this track is one of the best examples of that. In “Sledgehammer” they compare their pulse pounding every time they’re around their crush to the power of sledgehammer, a feeling that just about every teenage girl has had before. The pulsing, synth-pop beat has an 80’s inspired feel that makes the track sound both futuristic and nostalgic. It’s a fun bop that became the group’s second single to go platinum in the U.S.

#2: “Worth It” feat. Kid Ink

Reflection (2015)

A low-key feminist anthem, “Worth It” celebrates the ladies knowing just how much they’re worth when in a relationship. A funky dance-pop and R&B crossover hit, the lyrics celebrate women having sexual agency and being in control of their bodies. The delivery of each line is confident and in control, which works to drive home the single’s message. The song was originally created for Kid Ink but after producer Stargate asked Fifth Harmony to get involved and the lyrics were changed to match their style, it became one of the group’s signature tunes. The girls also recorded a Spanish version of this track called, “Dame Esta Noche.”

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Write on Me”

7/27 (2016)

“He Like That”

Fifth Harmony (2017)

“Who Are You”

Better Together EP (2013)

#1: “Work from Home” feat. Ty Dolla $ign

7/27 (2016)

This song was by far the most infectious earworm of 2016. A monster hit, “Work From Home” is one of the group’s sultriest songs as they sing about, *ahem, “working” from home. The double entendre works in their favor since it allows the song to be radio friendly while allowing older listeners to understand its true meaning. Throughout the track, they repeat the word “work” over 90 times, but instead of becoming repetitive it makes the song easy to sing along to, not to mention addictive. The accompanying video earned over 1 billion views, and became 2016’s most watched music video.


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