Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs
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Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs

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Since exploding onto the music scene, Meghan Trainor has been consistently pumping out hit singles! For this list we're taking a look at the Top 10 Meghan Trainor songs! We've included songs like “Better” feat. Yo gotti, “Dear Future Husband”, “No Excuses”, “Like I'm Gonna Lose You” ft. John Legend, “All About that Bass”, “Lips Are Movin” and more!

Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs

Bet these songs will get your lips movin’. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Meghan Trainor Songs.

For this list, we’re looking at the best songs where Meghan is credited as the main artist, so her features on other artists’ songs do not count.

#10: “Better” feat. Yo Gotti

Thank You (2016)

A low-key break-up song, “Better” has a sultry feel to it. In it, Meghan describes a toxic relationship where she’s not being treated right. Instead of sticking around any longer, the chorus is an empowering statement of deserving better than that and being over it. Yo Gotti’s verse echoes her sentiment as he raps about how she should be treated like a queen. The music video was a departure from Meghan’s usual upbeat, colorful fare. Instead, it’s a dramatic short film about her dealing with her alcoholic grandfather, played by Beau Bridges, whose choices lead him to jail.

#9: “Title”

Title (2015)

One of Meghan’s strengths as a singer and songwriter is writing the most relatable lyrics. This track is the perfect example of that skill. With “Title” she sings about wanting her man to put a title on their relationship. Who hasn’t been in that position before? The song is classified as soca-pop, a genre that’s a mix of pop with elements of ska and folk, which makes it sound different from everything else on the radio. Meghan even adds her own rap for the bridge that shows off how she’s able to seamlessly blend many musical genres into one song.

#8: “Dear Future Husband”

Tittle (2015)

Meghan brings old-school flavor to a lot of songs, but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. In this track, Meghan’s is addressing her future husband by telling him that if he treats her right then he’ll get the best from her in return. The “chivalry isn’t dead” aspect of the song is a positive message and her lyrics illustrate how it goes both ways. It’s a pretty cute, poppy song that went on to become double platinum despite not cracking the top ten on US charts.

#7: “No Excuses”

Album TBA (2018)

As her first single from her upcoming third album, Meghan came back with another banger. Like her earlier singles, “No Excuses” is an up-tempo, infectious pop song about wanting respect from the guy she’s dealing with. She’s got a sassy comeback for the disrespect she’s received when she says that he must have confused her with someone else. She goes on to sing that his mother must have raised him better than that; the ultimate burn. It’s definitely the right message to be sending in 2018, and we can get behind it.

#6: “Better When I’m Dancin’”

The Peanuts Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2015)

Meghan was the natural choice for a movie soundtrack song and “The Peanuts Movie” couldn’t have been a better match. The dancehall-esque song is sonically different from most of her doo-woop inspired hits but it still has the same addictive qualities as those tunes. With this one, she’s able to show off a more relaxed, chill side of herself. The song is fresh, easy, and breezy which fits the feel-good nature of the Peanuts crew. It’s almost inspiring enough to make you believe Charlie Brown will actually finally kick that football. Almost.

#5: “Me Too”

Thank You (2016)

Meghan produces some of the best self-love anthems around. In this one, Meghan declares that she loves herself and doesn’t blame other people for wanting to be her. The song’s music video did spark some backlash since it seemed that her waist had been airbrushed to make her appear smaller, but Meghan herself hadn’t approved of the edited version. She had the video taken down, and an un-edited version appeared later, with her rocking her natural curves. Luckily, the controversy didn’t stop the song’s success, and it became her seventh consecutive single to make the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

#4: “No”

Thank You (2016)

Her sassiest song to date, “No” is a fiery declaration of independence. Written after L.A. Reid, the lead executive at Epic Records, told her that her new album didn’t have a standout single, Meghan poured her fury at being brushed off into this hit. Sounding like a 90’s throwback, the R&B infused song shows Meghan standing up for herself as she tells a no-good guy to leave her alone. She sounds powerful and in command with the repetition of every “no,” and it’s clear she’s not one to be messed with. We don’t want Meghan to be upset, but when the product is this good, maybe people should piss her off more often!

#3: “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” feat. John Legend

Title (2015)

With a voice as powerful as a Meghan’s, it’s a surprise that she doesn’t release more ballads as singles. But maybe that’s what makes this one so special. Sung as a duet with John Legend, their voices blend seamlessly as they promise to love and cherish each other everyday, since tomorrow isn’t promised. It’s soulful and a bit mournful, which makes the meaning resonate even more. The song almost didn’t see the light of day, since even though Meghan had recorded it years ago, she was originally hesitant to show it to her label. We’re thankful she changed her mind!

#2: “Lips Are Movin’”

Title (2015)

Time and time again, Megan’s proved that she’s not the girl for relationship drama. Addressing a lying ex, Megan tells him that she’s got his number and knows he’s lying simply because his lips are moving. Ouch! Her tell-off is packaged as a pretty kiss-off with its boogey down beat and bubblegum pop sound. It was the perfect song to release as her second single, making sure that she didn’t become a one-hit wonder. The single did so well that it earned her a spot in the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“I’m A Lady”

Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

“Close Your Eyes”

Title (2015)

“3 Am”

Title (2015)

#1: “All About That Bass”

Title (2015)

It’s not every day that an artist’s first single is not only monstrously huge, but also a true example of who they are as person. An anthem to brush off the haters, it’s truly a song about loving your body even if you aren’t a size two. Hailed as a body positive anthem, it shows that women shouldn’t be judged by their waistline. The music video currently has over two billion views on YouTube, which helped it receive diamond status in the US and go platinum in numerous countries. It also earned Grammy nods for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year. There’s no denying it: Everyone is all about “All About That Bass”