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Top 10 Best Video Game Vehicles of All Time!

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Mackenzie Houle
Script written by Mackenzie Houle Ladies & Gentlemen, start your….fusion drives? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Video Game Vehicles of All Time! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Video Game Vehicles (REDUX)

From going fast, to causing massive destruction, video games have a plethora of awesome rides to offer. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a revised look at the Top 10 Video Game Vehicles. Before we begin, we publish new content everyday, so be sure to subscribe.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at every make and model of the unique, memorable, and downright badass vehicles that grace the gaming industry. We will again be limiting our choices to one per franchise -while excluding animals, vehicles that did not originate in video games, and multi-manned vehicles -our pilots are flying solo today.

#10: SOPHIA & Sophia 3rd

“Blaster Master” series (1988-2017)

Tanks in video games have always been a “blast”, but Blaster Master’s tank reaches another level. Where most tanks are restricted in their movement, Sophia takes it a step further, using the term “all-terrain” quite literally. Able to roll across land, through water, fly in the skies, and even climb up walls and ceilings, there doesn’t seem to be an area this vehicle can’t traverse. Of course, mobility is only half of this battle-tank - equipped with your basic missiles, it also features lasers of all kinds, clearing terrain and enemies alike.

#9: Slicecycle

“Dead Rising 2” (2010), “Dead Rising 2: Off the Record” (2011) & “Dead Rising 4” (2016)

When the zombie outbreak comes to Fortune City, what is a top-tier motorcyclist to do? How about take a motorcycle and strap on two of the most infamous zombie killing machines to it? What Chuck Greene lacks in photography skills, he makes up for with his surprising engineering skills -creating all kinds of crazy and deadly weapons; and the Slicecycle is no different. While it may appear overly simplistic in design, this is one badass vehicle - capable of easily mowing through hundreds of undead, racking that kill count up to genocidal numbers.

#8:The Deuce aka The Druid Plow

“Brutal Legend” (2009)

You can’t be a badass rocker without a killer vehicle, and Eddie Riggs can certainly build one hot ride. As a roadie, Riggs can fix and build just about anything, and The Deuce is a prime example of his engineering prowess. Built from the flesh of an immortal being and the power of rock, this hot rod can burn rubber -plowing through lesser demons, while outfitted with guns of both conventional and supernatural origins. It doesn’t get any more metal than riding this baby through a hellish landscape, firing missiles, and blaring the best of the best in heavy metal tracks.

#7: Loochador

“Just Cause 3” (2015)

As a destructive secret agent, Rico is no stranger to taking down anything that stands in his way; and while his signature grappling hook can easily do the job, sometimes you just need a little extra oomph. Thankfully, The Black Hand has no short supply of experimental and destructive technology. Taking the fight and destruction to sea is the Loochador - a heavily armoured and high speed boat. This watery tank boasts not one, but four separate guns -two missile launchers and two mini-guns. Aptly called the Rocket Boat, Rico -being the coy man that he is- decided to name it after Looch instead.

#6: Vic Viper

“Gradius” series (1985-2011)

An infamous side-scrolling shooter series needs an equally infamous ship, and that’s where the Vic Viper comes in. Travelling at high speeds, it is able to maneuver through enemy fire relatively easily, while adapting to nearly any situation. It’s able to absorb power-ups and increase its speed, gain more powerful weapons,and even adds a floating turret companion. Even more destructive is its Gradius III counterpart, which had an even larger array of weapons to choose from - with the ability to mix and match your own loadout, and power-ups available in-game.

#5: Karin Kuruma (Armored)

“Grand Theft Auto V” (2013)

Being a criminal pulling off large-scale heists, assassinations and other jobs is tough, but made all the easier with the armored Kuruma. Available for purchase after completing the first heist, this car is one machine that is a must-have for every player. While many will argue that the Insurgent and Rhino may pack more of a punch and can withstand said punch, the Kuruma is one of the fastest armored vehicles -and cheapest. Topping it off with four seats means you and your buddies will have little worry when met with a 5-star wanted level.

#4: Sweet Tooth

“Twisted Metal” series (1995-2012)

Clowns are already pretty scary, but I guess the developers of the Twisted Metal series thought they weren’t frightening enough, and decided to give one a weaponized ice cream truck. Driven by the insane clown Needles Kane himself, the vehicle has seen many different iterations throughout the series, even offering an ability to transform into a giant mech -as if a missile launching, gatling gun-outfitted truck wasn’t enough. Acting as the series trademark mascot, Sweet Tooth has gained fame outside the series -becoming an icon in gaming.

#3: G-6155 Interceptor

“Spy Hunter” series (1983-2012)

A weaponized spy car isn’t exactly breaking boundaries, but having the G-6155 Interceptor on your side may just do that. Sleek, stylish, and fast, this beauty of a car is every spy’s dream. Aside from classic gadgets like a smoke screen and oil slick to shake off pursuers, this baby isn’t afraid to get some blood on its wheels -with retractable gatling gun and missile launchers to take care of those hunters that just won’t quit. Of course, if you run out of road, there isn’t much to worry about, as it can transform into a speedboat. Q could really take some notes from this car.

#2: Arwing

“Star Fox” series (1993-2017)

Do a barrel roll! As the signature fighter ship of the Star Fox series, Fox and his team have taken down a number of villains and mercenaries with this beauty. While other pilots in the universe are no stranger to the Arwing, it's the Star Fox modified version that takes the number two spot on this list. Possessing high-powered twin laser cannons, a smart bomb launcher, a shielding system, and without sacrificing speed or maneuvering, there’s a reason that Fox and his crew are called upon to help save Coneria more than once.

#1: Warthog

“Halo” Series (2001-17)

This jeep has gone by many names - M12 LIght Reconnaissance Vehicle by official standards, Warthog by the marines… and Puma to a select few. Regardless of the naming conventions, one things for sure - this is one vehicle you’ll want on your team against the Covenant. Whether you’re transporting troops, or outfitted with a turret, this all-terrain vehicle is a beast of a machine. It may not possess the power of a Scorpion, but you can bet your ass that when you and your Spartan buddies roll out, you’ll be in a Puma… I MEAN WARTHOG!

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