Another Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges



Another Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
Script written by Nathan Sharp

It seems as if there’s no limit to the internet’s stupidity. From vodka eyeballing, to the eraser challenge, to the hot water challenge, these internet challenges are as stupid and as dangerous as they sound. WatchMojo counts down ANOTHER ten most dangerous internet challenges.
Script written by Nathan Sharp

Another Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges

It seems as if there’s no limit to the internet’s stupidity. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top ten most dangerous internet challenges.

For this list, we’ll be looking at even more of the dumbest and most dangerous challenges found online. If you don’t see a challenge you think should have been on this list, be sure to check out the original Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges video.

#10: Vodka Eyeballing

Vodka eyeballing began as a media frenzy kickstarted by British tabloid The Daily Mail. The Mail told the story of a supposed craze sweeping Britain involving students pouring alcohol directly into their eyeballs for a supposed faster buzz - a practice that could result in permanent vision problems. Some media outlets began to doubt the severity of the “craze,” arguing that the Mail’s story was an isolated incident. However, exposure seems to breed awareness. Despite the challenge’s dubious beginnings, YouTube is now rife with videos of people pouring vodka or other forms of alcohol directly into their eyeball for a quick stunt.

#9: Eraser Challenge

Kids: the momentary thrill this MIGHT give you isn’t worth the risks. The so-called “eraser challenge” is a challenge spread through social media that sees people, typically young students, viciously rubbing an eraser on their skin while they recite the alphabet or complete a predetermined phrase. Rubbing an eraser on your skin can cause a wide variety of injuries, including burns, scarring, and bacterial infections. One doctor even noted that, in serious cases, “life-threatening sepsis, gangrene, and loss of limb may occur.” Let’s just rub erasers on paper where they belong, ok?

#8: Cold Water Challenge

The cold water challenge sounds innocent enough – a person jumps into a freezing body of water before challenging someone else to complete the dare. While it may not sound like a big deal, there have been numerous injuries, and even a death, linked to the stunt. One Minnesotan teenager drowned while attempting the challenge, while others have broken their necks and become partially paralyzed. Jumping into freezing water may also lead to hypothermia if care isn’t immediately taken. It sounds like an innocent camp activity, but it can come with some pretty severe consequences.

#7: Hot Water Challenge

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the hot water challenge, a so-called “challenge” that involves drinking or pouring hot water over yourself or a friend. But the thing is, the “hot water challenge” started off as satire… with fake videos poking fun the Ice Bucket Challenge and other such trends. Unfortunately, not all children can spot satire, as various injuries have resulted from the challenge becoming real. A 10-year-old suffered severe burns after attempting the stunt, and an 8-year-old Florida girl died after being dared to drink boiling water through a straw.

#6: Tide Pod Challenge

That warning label is there for a reason, guys. Tide Pods may look like bright candy to some, but it’s NOT, we repeat, NOT safe for human consumption. Accepting a dare to eat these little laundry detergent pods can put you at risk of burning multiple internal organs, vomiting, and/or the inability to breathe. Since their 2012 introduction, half a dozen deaths have resulted from people eating these things! They contain highly concentrated chemicals that make them extremely dangerous. As New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski says, “Use Tide Pods for washing. Not eating. Do not eat.”

#5: Taser vs. Tongue Challenge

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like: people sticking their tongues in the middle of a stun gun. Some people have even taken it a step further by shocking a piece of metal while it’s placed in their mouths! This ridiculous premise for a stunt has spread throughout YouTube and social media, and it’s every bit as dangerous as it sounds. You’re subjecting your body to an extremely strong electrical current, and your chances of serious injury are raised exponentially if you decide to do it using a piece of metal, as metal is extremely conductive. You’re essentially frying your own mouth… it WON’T feel good.

#4: Duct Tape Challenge

Duct tape can be used to do pretty much anything, but that doesn’t mean it should be. This challenge sees people wrapping their friends in duct tape and watching them try to escape, and has been quite popular on YouTube and other forms of social media. Most people are restrained to a chair, while others do it standing up, like 14-year-old Skylar Fish. While Fish was partaking in the challenge, he lost his balance and hit his head off a window frame and into concrete. Fish suffered a brain aneurysm from the injury, a shattered eye socket, and a massive gash that required 48 staples to close.

#3: Swatting

For those who don’t know, swatting is when someone tricks law enforcement into appearing at a random person’s address, typically by reporting a hostage situation or a bomb threat. In January 2015, a police officer was shot and injured after being sent to an innocent man’s house. Another incident occurred in December 2017, when an innocent Kansas man was shot and killed by police after a gamer had given them the man’s address. While most of these ridiculous challenges involve harming yourself or a friend, swatting is a ludicrous dare and/or challenge that can results in the potential harm of complete strangers and innocent people.

#2: Choking Game

Imagine that – something called the Choking Game is actually dangerous! The choking game involves friends intentionally knocking each other out to experience loss of consciousness. There are two methods to approaching what’s also called the fainting game. One sees a friend literally choking another with their hands or a belt. Another involves one person intentionally hyperventilating before another puts pressure on their chest, causing a blackout. Oxygen deprivation has devastating effects and could lead to varying degrees of debilitation, including permanent brain damage and death. One study done by the CDC indicated that as many as 82 youths died performing the stunt between 1995 and 2007.

Before we get to our top pick, here’s one dishonorable mention.

The Knife Game [aka Five Finger Fillet]

#1: Blue Whale Game

The Blue Whale challenge is a supposed game played over social media, which sees an “administrator” giving people various daily tasks, including self-harm, over fifty days. The final challenge is to kill yourself. While many people believe that the challenge began as a hoax (with many continuing to doubt its veracity), the stories have purportedly led to real copycats and imitators. Philipp Budeikin, who claims to have invented the game, was reportedly convicted on two counts of inciting suicide and jailed for three years. The line between reality and media hysteria/hoax is fairly blurry with this one, but it’s worrying enough that the Russian government, Instagram and other groups have taken action against it.

Weed out the morons, right?