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Top 10 Things We All Do But Won’t Admit To


Script written by Shane O'Gorman

None of us are innocent when it comes to the following, so why even try to deny it? From drinking milk straight from the carton, to talking behind people’s backs, to not washing our hands after using the washroom, lets all just admit that we do these things! WatchMojo counts down ten things we all do but won’t admit to.

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Script written by Shane O'Gorman

Top 10 Things We All Do But Won’t Admit To

None of us are innocent when it comes to the following, so why even try to deny it? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things We All Do But Won’t Admit To.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at activities, habits (both good and bad) and generally strange behaviors that we have all engaged in at some point. And yet despite the accepted knowledge that most people partake in these acts, we choose to completely deny that we would ever do these ourselves.

#10: Drinking from the Milk Carton

Guys, c’mon. We’ve evolved from our barbaric caveman ancestry, so whatever happened to basic hygiene? Well, apparently some people just don’t care about others or the craving for a gulp of milky goodness can be too intense to spare a few extra seconds to pour it into a glass. So, unless you are living all by your lonesome, odds are that a family member or a roommate is going to need to use that same carton at some point after you. Furthermore, drinking from the carton is a mess waiting to happen, as the milk tends to drip over the side and run down your face right onto the floor. Get your calcium, keep those bones healthy...but don’t be a pig while doing so.

#9: Talking Behind Someone’s Back

With approximately seven billion human beings living on planet Earth all at once, it’s safe to say that chances are high that we’ll inevitably meet someone who just rubs us the wrong way - and we may not even be able to pinpoint why. Guess what though - not liking someone isn’t that weird! Everyone has that person who gets under their skin. While we understand why we may feel like we have the right to walk up to someone and say “hey, by the way, I can’t stand you”, it baffles us to think that we instead opt for the even nastier route of spreading cruel, harsh and even untrue statements about said person. Yeah, yeah that person is “so bad”, but are we really acting much better by doing this?

#8: Not Washing Our Hands After Going to the Bathroom

Returning back to this notion of basic hygienic principles; what is so difficult about taking a few steps from the toilet over to a sink, splashing some water and soap onto your hands and washing all the nasty germs away? Not to sound like your mother here, but it’s for your own good just as much as it is for those around you. Do you really need to be reminded you that bathrooms are purposely designed for people to rid our bowels of our bodily waste? Aren’t you grossed out by that? Well, you should be! So that is all the more reason to wash your hands after doing your business.

#7: Pretending We’re Texting

Is modern society becoming brainwashed by our little cellular devices? Are we too reliant on it? Well, if you take into consideration how people uses cellphones for a sense of security, then all signs point to yes. Are you waiting for your pals to show up for a gathering at a bar or restaurant? Whip out your phone and pretend you’re texting so you don’t come off as an anti-social weirdo. Did you walk in the completely wrong direction? Take out your phone, pretend you are sending a text as an excuse to stop and spin yourself in the opposite direction. Are we all really that insecure and so easily embarrassed nowadays that we think we have to look busy 24/7?

#6: Farting

If you are a human being and eat foods to stay alive (which we will go out on a limb and say is an accurate description for all seven billion of you out there), odds are you will fart numerous times during a day. Gas builds up in our gut and it’s better out than in, so we need to let it out. What is there to be ashamed of? If anything, the loud noise it can make can be used for humor and everyone can share a laugh for this absurd aspect of life. Right?

#5: Stalking Someone’s Social Media Profile

Keeping a close eye on your siblings? Have a crush on a classmate? Looking for potential blackmail material to save up for future reference? Whatever the reason may be, nearly all of us have dug into someone’s social media profile at some point. We’re curious creatures after all and want to learn all that we can about a subject that interests us. Nowadays, with people sharing their entire lives on the world-wide web, information about each and every one of us is very readily available. Whether our urge to figure out all there is to know about someone is triggered by loving adoration or bitter hatred, we don’t seem to hesitate for a second when it comes to channelling our inner detective skills.

#4: Saying You Have Plans When You Don’t

Even though human beings are typically described as very social creatures, we all have moments where we just want to be all by our lonesome. With jobs, school and the various other tasks that make up our busybody lifestyles, the stress of it can leave us exhausted and just wanting a moment or two to ourselves; so, what’s so hard about admitting that? People will ask us to go out to see a movie or hit a bar and although we are invited, we are not technically obliged to go. They’re your friends, it’s not like they will be furious with you for saying you aren’t up for it. So just be honest, because it’s just gonna be very awkward if you get caught in your lie.

#3: ‘Missing’ a Text

Y’know, the thing about ‘instant messaging’ is that it’s ‘instant’. With cellphones in everyone’s pockets nowadays, it is much harder to get away with lies. With texting, Facebook messenger and so many other forms of communication, it is practically impossible to not to keep tabs on someone; we’re always on the grid. So, with that in mind, why do so many of us even bother trying to pretend like we didn’t get the memo? It’s not like the message will disappear or something and you will need to check your phone at some point, so logically you’d also see the text at some point. Heck, some apps even have a feature that lets the sender know if the recipient has seen the message or not. Busted!

#2: Masturbating

Look, everyone has urges. Some people also have funky, freaky fetish fantasies floating around in their minds. And then there are times when you really want to boogie and find yourself without a dance partner... and that's when one resorts to ulterior methods to relieve pent-up sexual frustrations; a pastime that coincidentally keeps tissue companies in business. We all know if you’re caught in the act while watching the scrambley channels or flipping through Glamour Magazine for that extra kick, it's pretty much DefCon 1 on the embarrassment scale, but in solitude and with privacy, there’s no real need to feel ashamed of yourself. The person you are probably hiding the truth from may have just performed self-pleasure not long before you did - yet another reason to always wash your hands!

#1: Checking People Out

We’ll put it to you this way: the planet didn’t become this populated because people popped out of the ground. Attraction is just a regular part of human life and part of our mating process. It’s literally hard-wired into our biology to look around and notice those who are most appealing to us. Think about it: you are gazing at a hot boy or girl from across the room and because of that, you decide to strike up a conversation. We understand that it’s a part of social dynamics as we can’t help but stare at what and who we find attractive, so then why deny it when we’re called out on it? It is just something that cannot be helped, so why make a big deal over something so NORM-AL.

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