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Top 10 Jack Whitehall Moments

Written by Sean Harris From stand-up to sitcoms, this guy’s comic royalty. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Jack Whitehall Moments! For this list, we’ve gathered the best bits from Jack Whitehall’s rich, varied and very funny career. Special thanks to our user Erika Carlin for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Jack Whitehall Moments

From stand-up to sitcoms, this guy’s comic royalty. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Jack Whitehall Moments!
For this list, we’ve gathered the best bits from Jack Whitehall’s rich, varied and very funny career.

#10: Charity Work

Jack’s a regular on the panel show circuit. Here, he takes on Mock the Week’s Wheel of News. Tasked with tackling charity, he treats us to a trademark rant taking aim at privileged back-packers. Jack plays the pretentious card to a tee, before setting up a final flourish with a gap year tale of his own. Only Whitehall’s story isn’t as quite as inspirational as he sets it up to be.

#9: Frozen Out

Next to a moment that never really was. “Frozen” is one of Disney’s best-loved films, but did you know that Jack Whitehall’s in it? Well, sort of. The comedian was cast as Loki the Troll, and was given two lines toward the end of the movie. However, his part was cut from the final edit, leaving Jack with a ‘non-speaking role’. Disappointed but not defeated, at least it made for a funny story on Graham Norton.

#8: Fighting Kingsley

A role which launched Whitehall as a sitcom star, “Fresh Meat” sees Jack play JP, one of six students in a uni house in Manchester. And after almost three series of going about his business with an unerring sense of entitlement, here’s where Jack’s character finally cracks. In the kitchen. At a house party. Dressed in a Hooters skin-tight top and homemade boobs. As he and Kingsley lay waste to the kitchen, no one is safe and nothing is sacred.

#7: The Perfect Date

We’re live at The Hammersmith Apollo next, where Jack’s playing host. And he closes his opening set by heading to Nandos. For Jack, there’s no finer venue for romance, and he’s eager to outline why. The entire gag is textbook Whitehall; energetic, dramatic, enthusiastic and filled with well-spoken figures of speech. In terms of dating techniques, it’s probably a bit full-on. But it makes for a stellar stand-up routine.

#6: Going Welsh

Stepping out for Sport Relief 2016, Jack cuts a disappointed football fan on the back of another England loss. So, after harassing Gareth Bale through most of Madrid, he switches loyalties and converts to Cymru. A sketch stacked with Welsh cameos, Jack tours Britain to swat-up on national stereotypes. From bare-naked workers to beer on “The One Show” and chest-hair chat with Tom Jones, his only problem is how to get rid of Robbie Savage.

#5: Sex with Heartburn

Best of pals thanks to “A League of Their Own”, James Corden invited Jack to “The Late, Late Show” in 2015, and the air quickly turned very blue. Egged on by James, and with Brie Larson and Billy Bob Thornton hanging on his every word, Jack talks us through his attempts to manage heartburn mid-coitus. Before a climax to remember. If ever there’s an example of Americans bewildered by a British comedian, this is it.

#4: X-Rated on This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are prone to the odd innuendo, or an occasionally explicit turn of events, but even they were at a loss for words when Jack joined them in July 2017. Phone in hand, Holly informs Jack of a colourful message he’d sent her way, which Whitehall seems to genuinely know nothing about it. One big reveal later, and Jack’s rather red-faced. He hid carbonara in the tissue box during another appearance, but this is another level of awkward.

#3: Come Dine with Me

For today’s final foray into stand-up comedy, a tasty joke on Channel 4’s seminal dinner party show. Jack’s in full flow here, with flailing arms, wild eyes and his forever fluctuating vocal tones. He brings all aspects of his performance training into a two minute, hyperbolic deconstruction of everything wrong with “Come Dine with Me”. It’s funny ‘cos it’s true, but the greatness of this gag is all in the delivery.

#2: Awkward Buzzcocks

What with “Backchat”, The Royal Variety and “Live at the Apollo”, Jack’s a dab hand at this presenting lark. But while manning “Never Mind the Buzzcocks” in 2013, he was thrown a little off course with Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell and so-called ‘sister-gate’. An apparently off-the-cuff exchange between a brother and the bloke who wooed his sister with a fake line about a song he wrote, the confusion on Borrell’s face is almost as hilarious as Jack’s relentless line of questioning.

#1: Who’s Chicken?

A show Jack created and co-wrote, “Bad Education” sees him play Alfie Wickers, a highly unorthodox high school history teacher. In this stand-out episode, Alfie’s nemesis and Abbey Grove headmistress Miss Pickwell is seemingly no more, so he and the hapless headmaster interview for her replacement. But what sent Pickwell over the edge? An OTT Scottish accent and a perfectly played chicken prank. There’s no amount of eulogising to right this wrong, but Alfie and his class give it a good crack anyway.

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