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Top 10 Coolest Suits of Armor in Video Games!

Script written by Garrett Alden Does the suit make the man, or the badass armor make the video game protagonist? Questions, questions...Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Coolest Suits of Armor in Video Games! To get your ideas made into WatchMojo or MojoPlays videos, head on over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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They aren’t always worn by knights, but they still shine. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10
video game armors.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the various armors found in video games
that are the coolest, most functional, and/or iconic. We’ll also be
restricting our entries to armors that originate from video games, so the
Batsuits from the “Arkham” games, though cool, won’t be on here.

#10: CryNet Nanosuit

“Crysis” franchise (2007-13)

Nanotechnology may not be what springs to mind for most people when it comes
to armor, but this highly adaptable second skin is one of the most diverse and durable on our list. These Nanosuits are able to absorb damage directed at them, give their wearers superhuman strength and speed, and even turn them invisible. The trade-off however is that these functions cannot be activated all at once. They also have a host of other features, like tactical displays and an oxygen supply so the wearer can breathe underwater. With its many advantages, it’s unlikely anyone would want to take one off – “luckily,” it’s basically impossible to do so.

#9: Alva armor

“Souls” series (2009-16)

This armor set is based on and named after that worn by Alva the Wayfarer, a
knight who, according to the series’ lore, went on a quest to find a cure to

heal a saint. While this armor can be acquired from a shop in “Dark Souls
II,” in the third installment the player must first defeat the dark spirit
of its namesake before it can be acquired. The Alva armor’s primary benefit
is that, despite being relatively light, it still offers great defense;
allowing the player to retain mobility, without sacrificing durability.

#8: Pharah’s armor

“Overwatch” (2016)

“Justice rains from above!” The armor worn by “Overwatch”’s resident rocket
girl, Pharah’s armor is primarily designed for the air, possessing a number
of aerial features that allow her to hover, jump high, and otherwise fight
her battles from on high. Her combat suit also has a number of offensive
features, such as wrist rockets and other explosives that keep to her theme
and make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Pharah’s armor
ensures that she can continue to “protect the innocent” at whatever height
she and the player choose to fight at.

#7: N7 armor

“Mass Effect” franchise (2007-)

The default armor available to Commander Shepard, and therefore the player,
at the beginning of “Mass Effect”’s second and third entries, the N7 armor
provides more than just the protagonist’s iconic look. The armor is highly
customizable and can be changed both cosmetically and in the bonuses it

gives. Speaking of the latter, the N7 armor ups the player’s health in both
games it appears in, though in its first outing it adds to damage output as
well. Given its strengths and status as the signature appearance for such a
successful franchise’s lead character, we had to put it on our list.

#6: Rathalos armor

“Monster Hunter” franchise (2004-)

The “Monster Hunter” series is built around killing monsters and scavenging
materials from their bodies to fashion weapons and armor, so it was only
natural we’d put one of the many armors found in the game on our list. While
there are tons of cool and tough mails to choose from, we had to go with the

Rathalos armor, which is made from the eponymous red wyvern. The armor is
covered in red scales and spikes, making your character look like the very
creature it’s made from. The Rathalos armor has become incredibly popular
and emblematic of the series, to the point where it has appeared in other games too.

#5: HEV Suit

“Half-Life” series (1998-2007)

The Hazardous Environmental Suit, or HEV Suit, is designed to protect
scientists handling harmful and dangerous materials in similarly treacherous
locations. Worn by series protagonist Gordon Freeman, this high-tech armor
protects him, while also giving him and the player access to a host of other
features, including a heads-up display (or HUD), flashlight, and a built-in
computer that monitors vitals and ammo. The HEV Suit is the right armor for
the right man, in the wrong place. And that, can make all the diff-er-ence in
the world... “The right man in the wrong place can make all the diff-er-ence
in the world.”

#4: T-51b Power Armor

“Fallout” franchise (1997-)

Power armor, particularly the T-51b line, is literally the face of the
“Fallout” franchise. Used by infantry prior to the nuclear devastation that
created the wasteland setting of the series, power armor is a large exosuit
with a distinct face mask that offers its wearer greater resilience and
resistance to outside dangers, including weapons and radiation. Power armor
also comes with a HUD, and in some games in the series can be modified, both
cosmetically and with more practical features, like a jetpack! Because
nothing says “practical,” like a jetpack. Regardless of how you gussy it up
though, power armor represents “Fallout”’s aesthetic and the series as a

#3: Daedric Armor

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” (2011)

With its black, spiky appearance and glowing red accents, the Daedric armor
is sure to bring out your inner badass. In addition, it has some of the best
defensive stats in the game, although, like most of the best armors, it’s
rather heavy. The Daedric Armor is so named due to the demonic Daedra
whose hearts are a key component to its forging. Speaking of its
construction, this armor requires some advanced smith work to make yourself,
and while it does drop randomly, it can still take some time to find. It may
be hard to acquire, but no one said looking this cool should come easy.

#2: Chozo Power Suit

“Metroid” franchise (1986-)

Designed by the race of bird people who gave it its name, the Chozo Power
Suit, and its variants is the armor of Samus Aran, the heroine of the
“Metroid” franchise. The Suit’s most notable feature is its arm cannon,
which fires missiles, as well as a number of different types of blasts, such
as ice and plasma. Samus’ armor has had a huge number of upgrades and
alternate forms over the years, but most allow her to transform into a ball,
grapple far away objects, and jump multiple times in the air. Overall, the
Power Suit is an iconic and memorable armor that has persisted for over 30

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

#1: Mjolnir armor

“Halo” franchise (2001-)

Named after Thor’s hammer, the Mjolnir powered assault armor is a powerful
exoskeletal suit worn by the SPARTAN super soldiers, most notably the “Halo”
protagonist, Master Chief; whose faceless appearance beneath the helmet has
made the armor iconic to the character and “Halo.” Designed to augment the
SPARTANs’ already impressive physical abilities with a host of internal
features, the Mjolnir armor also possesses an energy shield, which turns
them into essentially one man armies. Add in the Mjolnirs’ environmental
controls, AI compatibility, and their many other abilities, and it’s no
wonder the Covenant call Master Chief a demon.

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