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Top 10 My Little Pony YouTube Channels

Script written by Nick Spake These are the best My Little Pony Channels on YouTube! We’ve included channels like Rina-Chan, Wubcake, Viv “IMMATOONLINK” Reverie, ILoveKimPossibleALot, Fluffle Puff, DRWolf001, MLP-Silver-Quill, ToonKriticY2K and Antony C.

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Top 10 YouTube My Little Pony Channels

Stay Brony, my friends. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 YouTube My Little Pony Channels.

For this list, we’re paying tribute to the content creators inspired by the newest generation of Ponies. Artists, musicians, community voice actors, writers, animators, and even reviewers -there’s no limit to what these YouTubers can contribute to the fandom where friendship is magic. Heck, we may have even inspired some ourselves.

#10: Rina-Chan

If you ever have a Pony fan project and need voices, YouTube offers dozens of community voice actors – among them being Kira Buckland, aka Rina-Chan. From humble beginnings, Kira provided voice work for many Newgrounds animations and miscellaneous indie games. Once she caught the Brony bug, she became well known for participating in DOZENS of pony-related projects – two of her most prominent roles being Colgate the dentist pony and Twilight Sparkle –almost on par with Tara Strong herself. While not as active in the Pony game as she used to be, this community proved to be the perfect stepping stone on her road to becoming a full-blown professional voiceover artist.

#9: Wubcake

In addition to her artwork on DeviantART, Wubcake’s main profession in the Brony fandom is voice acting and singing on YouTube. Two of her most notable roles include her near-perfect impressions of Adagio Dazzle and Sunset Shimmer. Her content usually consists of comic dubs, fanfiction readings, parodies, and song covers – sometimes duets; but her best series of videos is her improv Skype calls, where she and a few collaborators band together to perform improvised comedy sketches – and she has no filter. She owes a lot to the fandom that saved her from going homeless, and she repays them by having as much fun with her voice work as possible.

#8: Viva "IMMATOONLINK" Reverie

Another large part of the Brony community is the flash animators… with one of the strangest being Viva "IMMATOONLINK" Reverie. One thing you can always expect about Viva is how he always does the most unexpected things. Among his bizarre creations are his shorts and music videos – animated either show-style, pointy pony style, or hand-drawn by himself – where absolutely anything goes. As he grew in recognition, Viva started to collaborate with more of his fellow Bronies – even a few featured on this list – by including them in hilarious parody videos. It just goes to show how much acclaim you can achieve if your content is funny/absurd enough.

#7: FiMFlamFilosophy aka Dawn Somewhere

Greg, or FiMFlamFilosphy, is the head writer and voice actor of the “Mentally Advanced” series – an abridged series where Greg himself voices parody interpretations of the Ponies as they dub over “MLP” episodes in a humorous fashion. The “MA” series spawned a spin-off series titled “Rainbow Dash Presents,” where the “MA” version of Dash reads renowned Pony fan fictions… with her own hilarious twists. After one too many copyright claims, Greg rebooted the “MA” series to be hand-drawn and animated by co-workers of his. In May 2017, Greg sadly announced the end of the “MA” series; however, in its place came the “Nepotism Adventure Series” – which parodies the show’s current standing.

#6: Joshscorcher

Yes, “Friendship is Magic” has even touched the heart of those in the military. Fresh from the marines, Joshscorcher – aka Commander FireBrand/The Fiery Joker - has risen in the ranks of Brony analysts. When he isn’t invested in video game-centered content, he helps run the Military Brony channel, Forward Operating Base: Equestria, reviewing “MLP” episodes down to the funniest, tiniest detail. Like his name suggests, FireBrand has a fiery personality – both in humor, and in temper. Thankfully, he has alternate outlets for both – hosting Brony D&D sessions, and as co-creator and Red medic of the “Team Fortress 2 Analysis Anarchy” web series –where he and his fellow Bronies suit up and battle it out valve-style.

#5: ILoveKimPossibleALot

If it wasn’t obvious, ILoveKimPossibleAlot - or KP - models her name after a certain Disney crime-fighter, though she refers to herself as the ‘Discord Princess’ after her admiration for John de Lancie. KP’s style usually consists of funny and fast pop culture references. She uses this – along with help from outside editors and animators – to breathe life into her quirky animated shorts, and two analysis series – “My Little Reviews” where she reviews anything pony-related, and “Analyzing is Magic” where she scratches the surface of the tougher “MLP” questions. When she isn’t busy reviewing, she can usually be seen on the “TF2 Analysis” battlefield as the Blu scout, where she does her chaotic idol proud.

#4: EileMonty

Hailing from the United Kingdom, EileMonty graces the fandom’s voice acting community by being able to impersonate any Pony character she can think of – both canon and fanmade. Along with comic dubs and assisting her fellow Bronies with her vocal work, Monty’s claim to fame would have to be her singing - ranging from funny and entertaining pop covers, to emotional melodies that are guaranteed to draw a tear or two. Not only that, but she has branched out to other fandoms as well – impersonating non-pony characters and giving her own harmonic twist on songs of all sorts. It takes a great talent to add this much variety to a résumé.

#3: DRWolf001

Dr. Wolf, a sharply-dressed canine, steps into the Brony analyst community with a sense of charity and chivalry. Along with his regular reviews, his channel plays host to two video series that have left a major imprint on the community. One is the “Team Fortress 2 Analysis Anarchy” series, where he acts as co-creator and Red engineer – and a moral compass for when things get TOO crazy. The second, is where the good Doc invites anyone – either in the fandom or from the original show - into his office to talk to him about whatever ails them; and he’s always willing to listen and offer sage advice. Like he usually says, “It’s good to be helping.”

#2: Fluffle Puff

In his early Brony days, flash animator Mixermike622 created short web videos featuring Dan from “Dan Vs.” to coincide with his Tumblr blog. However, as time marched on, he shifted the focus onto the fluffy, pink, quirky pony, Fluffle Puff. In Fluffle’s videos, we’re treated to smooth animation that is near on par with the show, fast and perfectly timed jokes that disregard the laws of physics, and entertaining stories with little to no dialogue. No scenario is too bizarre for Fluffle Puff – she could be making hysterical TV references, giving us a better look at her peculiar daily routine, or just trying to win the affection of the pony she loves, Queen Chrysalis.

Before we unveil our number one Pony YouTuber, here are a few honorable mentions.

Lightning Bliss

Antony C


#1: MLP-Silver-Quill

Taking the top spot is the hippogriff that always brings the funny, even when taking his lumps. Silver Quill is one of the most well known Brony analysts – his style allows for plenty of laughs, while also keeping the facts straight. He is also more than prepared to suffer for his hammy humor – either in his own videos, or as the Red heavy in “TF2 Analysis Anarchy” – where he puts the Anarchy in the title. Additionally, he also makes top-notch comics on DeviantART, and is a frequent writer/editor for the Equestria Daily blog. It’s hard to compete with the pony-bird creature that contributes so much to his community, and takes a hit for our entertainment.

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