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Trailer Breakdown! Top 3 Points from the Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

Written by Matt Wende The long awaited trailer for the Star Wars Han Solo spin-off movie is here, and there's a lot to talk about! WatchMojo presents the Top 3 Things You Might Have Missed from the Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer! Watch to find out what we put at the top of our list! Watch on WatchMojo: Have an idea for our next video? Submit it on the suggest page here: https://www.WatchMojo.commy/suggest.php

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The long awaited trailer for the next Star Wars anthology film is here, but is it a moment of relief or a snapshot of a train wreck? Welcome to, and today, we’re breaking down the 3 most important things from the Solo Trailer!

For this list, we’re examining the official teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and breaking down the three most important details.

#3: Solo’s Backstory

While expanded upon in the now defunct extended universe, Han Solo’s past is going to get fleshed out a little, complete with his meeting Lando Calrissian, and perhaps an early love flame – but more on that later. The trailer indicates that Han Solo always aimed to be a the greatest pilot in the galaxy, but originally started his path as a recruit for the empire. To no one’s surprise, he was kicked out of the academy, and quickly became the scoundrel he was always meant to be. We’re also given a glimpse of the gleaming brand spanking new millennium falcon! Did you know those walls used to be white?

#2: New and Familiar Faces

Many were thrilled when news broke that Donald Glover would be playing long time pal Lando, and seeing him fine suave form in the trailer put a smile on the faces of many a fan. And of course, where would Han be without trusty Chewbacca at his side? It’s the new characters though that really raise eyebrows. Emilia Clarke makes her debut as the insightful potential love interest, Qi’Ra, and Woody Harrelson steps into the role of Tobias Beckett, team leader and probable mentor to the iconic nerfherder. More mysterious roles belong to Thandie Newton, as well as the droid that seems to be following the crew around. On top of that, the trailer also contained no hint of Paul Bettany.

#1: Will it be Good?

Rumors about this movie have had Star Wars fans worried for a while now. First there was the news that directing team Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were replaced by Ron Howard. This was followed by extensive reshoots resulting in Michael K. Williams being replaced completely by Paul Bettany. News worsened in December 2017 when ScreenGeek published a rumor that Disney fully expected Solo to be a box office disaster. Although the rumor has yet to be corroborated, many fans were left apprehensive about what the final product will be. That said, the trailer offers plenty of action, and hints at a space caper storyline for the ages! But was it enough to turn fans around? With the trailer coming out just a few months before its Memorial Day release date, everyone’s waiting with baited breath to see if Solo can deliver.

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