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Top 10 Greatest Ghost-Type Pokémon

Written by Garrett Alden These Poké-spirits can give quite a fright. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 greatest Ghost-type Pokémon. For this list, we’ll be looking at the Ghost-type Pokémon with the best designs, usefulness in battle, and all around popularity. We won’t be including more than one from any evolution line.

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Top 10 Greatest Ghost-Type Pokémon

These Poké-spirits can give quite a fright. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 greatest Ghost-type Pokémon.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the Ghost-type Pokémon with the best designs, usefulness in battle, and all around popularity. We won’t be including more than one from any evolution line.

#10: Banette

With its zipper mouth, red button eyes, and droopy, rag-like body, this pure Ghost-type Pokémon bears a strong resemblance to a doll, and for good reason. According to Pokédex entries, Banette is a discarded doll that became a Pokémon due to a grudge it held from being thrown away by its owner. Possessed of a strong physical attack stat, Banette can hit hard, particularly if it mega evolves into its even more powerful, and more creepily zipperific, mega form. Whether you’re looking for a Pokemon that’s kind of silly-spooky or one that has a beastly attack, Banette is a doll definitely worth playing with.

#9: Cofagrigus

Most Ghost-types like to hang around in graveyards, but Cofagrigus is a living coffin itself! Looking like a possessed Egyptian sarcophagus with ghostly hands, this Pokemon is a naturally common sight in dusty desert ruins, though whether there’s a mummy inside or not is unknown, since grave robbers are said to become trapped inside them while looking for treasure. Given its sturdy appearance, it should come as no surprise that Cofagrigus is defensively oriented and rather slow, as coffins aren’t really known for their mobility. With its ancient, curse-laden history and inventive design, Cofagrigus is a ghost unlike any other.

#8: Chandelure

Speaking of inanimate object Pokémon, Chandelure is, true to its name, a ghostly chandelier. Lit by blue will-o’-the-wisps, this Ghost/Fire-type has an elegant design that wouldn’t look out of place in any haunted mansion. It’s more than just a pretty light fixture though, as Chandelure has a great defensive typing and a hefty special attack, making it prone to dishing out Flamethrowers and Shadow Balls alike; though if its appearance in “Pokkén Tournament” is anything to go by, it’s not afraid to fight up close and personal either. Creative, useful, and weirdly adorable, Chandelure brings a little light to our lives and to our list.

#7: Decidueye

The final form of the latest Grass-type starter Pokémon, Rowlett, Decidueye is a Ghost owl with an archery theme. Besides its mantle being evocative of Robin Hood (or maybe Robin Hoot), Decidueye also has wings that resemble a cape. The first starter to get the Ghost typing, it’s best illustration of that is through a unique move called Spirit Shackle, that targets its opponents with arrows and prevents them from fleeing battle. Well-rounded in the stats department, Decidueye may not have a standout strength, but its memorable appearance and cool moves make it standout in our books.

#6: Mismagius

Something Ghost-type this way comes! The evolution of the first pure Ghost in the franchise, Misdreavus, Mismagius is a purple spirit with a “W” shaped mouth and a body that resembles a witch’s hat and dress. Its connections to magic practitioners don’t end there though, as its voice is said sound like incantations. Mismagius’ strength is its high speed, as well as its strong special attack and special defense, which along with its witchy motif, helps make it every bit the Pokémon equivalent of a spooky spell caster.

#5: Sableye

A purple, scruffy little gremlin of a Pokémon, Sableye has more going for it than just its gemstone eyes. Regularly found in dark caves, Sableye has a dual typing of Dark and Ghost, which, prior to the introduction of Fairy type, had no weaknesses. Its stats are generally unremarkable, but upon mega evolving, its mega evolution gains a giant red gem and a ton of defensive boosts, as well as a useful ability that reflects status moves back at opponents. Capable of great utility and sporting a mischievous attitude, a future with Sableye in it always “looks bright”…and shiny.

#4: Aegislash

Taking the shape of a large broadsword with an eye and two sashes holding a shield, Aegislash has a great look and even greater strengths from its in-game traits. In addition to its defensive Steel/Ghost typing, this spectral sword has a fantastic ability that allows it to switch between huge offensive stats and defensive stats depending on the move it uses, making it incredibly versatile and one of the top tier Pokémon competitively, to the point where it’s been banned! In short: ghosts are cool, swords are cool, and Pokémon are cool. A ghost-sword Pokémon with a shield that’s absurdly powerful – well that’s just awesome right there.

#3: Giratina

A legendary Ghost/Dragon-type Pokémon, Giratina is the mascot Pokémon for the game “Pokémon Platinum.” With its golden horns, many limbs and wings, Giratina looks like it would be right at home battling Godzilla in Tokyo. However, this spirit dragon is native to another dimension known as the Distortion World. Like our previous entry, Giratina has two forms it can switch between that emphasize defense or attack. Legendarily monstrous in strength as well as design, having Giratina on your side will ensure your opponent doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance. We’re sorry if that was pun-ishing to hear.

#2: Mimikyu

Pikachu is so popular even other Pokémon have started to take notice. This diminutive Ghost/Fairy-type disguises itself as the ever-present Pokémon mascot in an attempt to be liked, while its true form is a shadow hiding underneath its ragged costume. This camouflage ties into its ability too, allowing Mimikyu to be hit once with no damage and adding some droop to its appearance. Mimikyu’s disguise and solid stats make it tremendously useful in battle. Along with its creepy, yet cute looks, this has made this wannabe into a full-fledged Pokémon star in its own right.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:




#1: Gengar

The final evolution of the original trio of Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon from the first generation of games, Gengar is a rotund, spiky purple ghost with sinister red eyes and a smile the Cheshire Cat would be jealous of. Call us old school if you want, but Gengar helped define what Pokémon fans could expect from Ghost-types for decades after its introduction and its status as a speedy special attacker has helped keep it relevant during all that time. Gengar may be creepy, but it has a charm and charisma all its own.

Do you agree with our list? Which Ghost Pokemon do you think is the best? For more spooky, Pokemon top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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