Top 10 Worst Paul Brothers Moments
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Top 10 Worst Paul Brothers Moments

Script written by Daniel Herbert

With brothers like these, who needs family? From having a kissing competition with their dad, to the Alissa Violet scandal, to the … well… we think you know what we mean. WatchMojo counts down the ten worst Paul brothers moments.
Script written by Daniel Herbert

Top 10 Worst Paul Brothers Moments

With brothers like these, who needs Youtube drama? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Paul Brothers Moments.

For this list, we will be looking at the worst controversies and poorest content produced by both Jake and Logan Paul. Both brothers have become recognizable figures of the Youtube platform, as well as the mainstream media. However, most of this attention is for the wrong reasons.

#10: Jake Paul vs Dad Kissing Competition

In a vlog uploaded on the 19th May 2017, Team 10 and Jake's father are seen arguing about who the best kisser is. They decide to put this to the test by kissing the same girl and letting her decide. They claim that the judge is open to the concept, since she’s getting a shout-out in return. The video ends with both Jake and his father kissing the same girl just seconds apart. This is both an uncomfortable watch and a questionable content decision by Jake and the rest of Team 10. This wasn't the last Jake Paul kissing contest either.

#9: Exaggerated Color-Blindness

Logan Paul decided to make a video about a pair of glasses that could cure his color-blindness. In this video, he is seen putting on the glasses and looking at the sunset. From the over the top acting to the emotionally manipulative music, the whole production is pretty far-fetched. Especially since his condition was fine when claiming to be a strawberry just months earlier. The video was mocked by several Youtubers, especially after being brought to the attention of H3H3 and iDubbbz – who ended up parodying scenes from the original vlog. Logan then admitted months later that he did indeed act for a lot of the video.

#8: Fake Arrest

In the midst of a summer full of controversy for Jake Paul, he decided to teach a questionable lesson to his audience. According to him, the premise of this video is to show that people shouldn't believe everything in the media. Instead it feels like Paul is just courting more controversy by staging a fake arrest. The whole situation was made worse when it was brought to the public's attention that impersonating a police officer with the intent of deception is illegal in the state of California. It doesn’t help that he was involved in another police prank just months later. Not the best impression to make when the whole world is watching.

#7: Jake Paul Doxes Post Malone

Before he pretended to get arrested, Jake Paul ran into some problems with rapper, singer and internet sweetheart Post Malone. In a vlog that has since been removed from Paul's channel, he visits Malone's house to give him some merch. There are several problems with this. First of all, he obtained Post's address through the merch company. He had the front of Post Malone's house filmed without permission. The door number is censored, however licence plates and the house itself are still visible. Both Jake and Post went onto the H3 Podcast on separate occasions to discuss the issue; with Malone claiming that everything was okay and he accepts Paul's apology.

#6: "YouTube Stars Diss Track"

This is a very odd diss track. Mostly because it starts with Paul claiming that it isn't a diss track at all. And because it has nothing to do with Youtubers. Instead, the whole song is Paul’s way of retaliating against news outlets and the media. Unfortunately for him, reaction to the video didn't go the way he planned. In order to show that he’s not a bad person, Jake lists good things that he has done before, including doing charity work. This not only seems boastful, but it doesn't erase his past bad behaviour either. Many have reacted to this video by explaining that good deeds don't just cancel out bad deeds.

#5: "It's Everyday Bro"

One of the most memed videos of 2017, "It's Everyday Bro" was considered a laughing stock across the internet, with many people making reaction videos to the song. This includes Post Malone and even Logan Paul himself! Along with many members of Team 10, Jake raps about his ex-girlfriend, threatens to become bigger than PewDiePie and discusses his merchandise – which apparently, is selling like a God, Church. This song also features the now infamous Nick Crompton line. A song made-up almost entirely of inaccurate statements and boasting does not make for the best music video.

#4: The Alissa Violet Scandal

This entry is slightly more serious than a poor music video. Shortly after the release of "It's Everyday Bro", former Team 10 member Alissa Violet went on camera and discussed the problems that she had with Jake Paul. She explained how while they were together, he would bring other girls to their house, and she would have to hear them making out. Alissa openly discussed the mental damage caused by their relationship. After this, she appeared in Jake Paul diss tracks by both RiceGum and Logan Paul. The confession video caused some damage of its own to Jake's public image, and sparked a lot of backlash against Paul and his friends.

#3: Team 10 Ruins the Neighborhood

During Jake Paul’s summer of controversy, local Los Angeles news station KTLA 5 aired a story that displayed the chaos that Team 10 were causing in their neighborhood. They showed Paul setting furniture alight inside his backyard swimming pool, as well as the rambunctious masses of fans that would wait outside of the building all day. One neighbor even described the place as a "warzone". Jake Paul himself cameos in the segment and is asked about his thoughts on the matter. His response is to jump on the news van, sarcastically apologize, and insult the reporter’s shoes.

#2: Use of N-Word in Freestyle Rap

In early 2018, a video surfaced of Jake Paul using some questionable language. The video, which was allegedly recorded at the Coachella Music and Arts festival, sees Jake freestyling over an instrumental. In his rap, he uses the N-Word on two occasions. While people close to Paul have stated this is not representative of his actual personality, it isn’t the first time he’s ended up in hot water due to racist remarks. In the summer of 2017, a vlog showed Paul mocking a Kazhakstani fan’s accent, jokingly saying that he sounds like he’s going to “blow someone up”.

#1: Logan Paul in the Aokigahara Forest

While vlogging in Japan, Logan visited the Aokigahara Forest, which is colloquially known as the "suicide forest". He decided to film his journey and ended up spotting a man that had taken his own life. Logan's reaction was in very poor taste. He is seen laughing at the man, as well as getting close and filming the body from mere feet away. This sparked more backlash than either Paul brother had ever seen before. Covered internationally – as well as discussed by many celebrities on social media – Logan took the video down and uploaded an apology. The video is controversial not just for Logan, but for Youtube as a whole.