Top 10 South Park Jokes that Crossed the Line



Top 10 South Park Jokes that Crossed the Line

Written by Nick Spake

This cartoon has warped our fragile little minds. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 South Park Jokes That Crossed the Line.

For this list, we're taking a look at instances where “South Park” got especially controversial and offensive, even to the point that it shocked longtime fans of the show.

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This cartoon has warped our fragile little minds. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 South Park Jokes That Crossed the Line.

For this list, we’re taking a look at instances where “South Park” got especially controversial and offensive, even to the point that it shocked longtime fans of the show.

#10: Cuttlefish & Asparagus


“The Human Centipede” has gained a reputation as one of the most repulsive films ever made. Naturally, South Park simply couldn’t resist parodying the infamous horror film. Steve Jobs assumes the role of the mad doctor, sewing three Apple users together from mouth to anus. Unfortunately for Kyle, he’s the one who ends up in the middle of Jobs’ HUMANCENTiPAD. While the whole setup is cringe-worthy, the scene that really got under people’s skin involved an Asian man digesting cuttlefish and asparagus into Kyle’s mouth. As disgusting as the episode might be, at least it didn’t go “Full Sequence” on us.

#9: Chef’s Demise

“The Return of Chef”

In season 9, “South Park” flirted with controversy with its mockery of Scientology. But for many people, it was the aftermath in Season 10 that truly crossed the line. As a Scientologist, Isaac Hayes felt that he could no longer voice the character of Chef. In response, the creators used pre-recorded dialog to portray Chef as a child molester that’s been brainwashed by a “fruity little club.” The kicker comes when Chef falls down a cliff, is impaled, gets attacked by wild animals, and defecates. Watching poor Chef go in the most demeaning way possible, audiences couldn’t help but shout, “You bastards!”

#8: Britney Spears Shoots Herself

“Britney's New Look”

2008 was just not Britney Spear's best year, and “South Park” was there to take advantage. The boys accidentally push Britney to her limits, influencing the pop princess to put a shotgun in her mouth. Although the top of her head is blown off, Britney amazingly doesn’t die. Even after this suicide attempt, people continue to mock her appearance and behavior. The episode's relentlessness left the audience feeling uncomfortable throughout. To the creators’ credit, however, they did make some thoughtful commentary on how the media and public had been treating the singer, influencing them to just leave Britney alone already.

#7: Cartman’s Revenge

“Scott Tenorman Must Die”

By the fifth season, Eric Cartman had already proven himself as South Park’s resident bad boy. In this episode, though, he went from being a problem child to a flat-out psychopath. As a petty feud with older student Scott Tenorman escalates, Cartman gets his revenge by arranging to have his rival’s parents murdered. It doesn’t end there, as he grinds up their bodies and feeds them to the unsuspecting Scott. On one hand, the episode boldly pushed boundaries... on the other, we can definitely see why this downright mean-spirited ending left so many people saying, “That’s too much!”

#6: HIV-Positive

“Tonsil Trouble”

“South Park” has never shied away from poking fun at AIDS, but that didn’t make this episode any less outrageous. It all begins when a surgery gone wrong results in Cartman contracting HIV. Kyle views this as karmic, which influences Cartman to pass on the deadly disease on to him. With some help from Magic Johnson, the two eventually find a cure for the virus: cash and lots of it. Sadly, not everyone has $180,000 just lying around. Kyle’s outburst at Cartman towards the episode’s conclusion sums up why AIDS isn’t funny. Nevertheless, Cartman still tries to put an “HIV-positive” spin on things.

#5: Lemmiwinks

“The Death Camp of Tolerance”

Learning that he can sue the school if they fire him for being gay, Mr. Garrison basically turns his classroom into a sex dungeon. Determined to shock his students, Garrison hatches a plan that involves a gerbil, a Bunsen burner, … and Mr. Slave’s butt. Lemmiwinks soon discovers that he’s not the only animal that’s been shoved up Slave’s rectum, leading to one vile adventure. While Matt Stone and Trey Parker found this hilarious, most of their colleagues just thought it was bizarre and would never make it into the finished product. Even to the duo's friends, the episode was as messed up as it was funny.

#4: Ghost Ectoplasm

“Over Logging”

A world without Internet means no Brazilian fart porn, leaving Randy unable to masturbate. Upon getting back online, Randy is finally allowed to unleash weeks of pent-up sexual frustration. But, his moans attract unrequested attention, and mass vomiting. Randy tries to pass off the white substance covering his body as ectoplasm, but the “Ghostbusters” reference doesn’t get him anywhere. After this scene was aired, Trey Parker stated that it was probably the most offensive shot in the show’s history and couldn’t believe the censors let it slide by. It’s really saying something when even the co-creator of “South Park” admits that the show crossed a line.

#3: Muhammad

Various Episodes

“South Park” has gotten away with a lot, but the censors draw the line when it comes to portraying the prophet Muhammad. Still, Muhammad actually was depicted in a Season 5 episode alongside Jesus, Buddha, and other religious figures. But when the creators later tried showing Muhammad in a Season 10 two-parter, Comedy Central wouldn’t have it. They challenged censorship once again in the 200th episode, as the boys attempt to unveil Muhammad to Tom Cruise. In due course, Stone and Park received a death threat from a radical Muslim group. Muhammad’s name was subsequently censored in the 201st episode, along with the episode’s message.

#2: Christopher Reeve & Stem Cells

“Krazy Kripples”

Following the accident that paralyzed him, Christopher Reeve became an advocate for stem cell research, which gave Matt and Trey a jaw-dropping idea. Audiences couldn’t believe their eyes when Reeve was depicted sucking fetuses dry. The stem cells eventually turn Reeve into a super villain, his arch-nemesis of course being Gene Hack-Man. Knowing that it would be in poor taste, the creators initially held back on satirizing Reeve, but decided to go for it after seeing his “Larry King Live” interview. Even then, they knew the joke would only get by if virtually every character acknowledged that this really wasn’t cool. And it wasn't.

#1: Raping Indiana Jones
“The China Probrem”

When Stan and Kyle mention that one of their friends was raped, audiences knew that “South Park” was about to cross the line like never before. Of course nobody could’ve predicted that the friend in question was Indiana Jones, who was sexually assaulted by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. We see Jones get raped multiple times throughout the episode with each instance being more graphic than the last. While there is some pretty clever satire here, this incredibly dark imagery had a lot of people feeling grossed out, disturbed, and uncertain if they should be laughing. Was ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ really that bad?