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Top 10 Most Outrageous Things in South Park The Fractured But Whole

Script written by Ty Richardson Gross sure, aren’t actually surprised at this point, are you? Time to count down the most disgusting, offensive, morally questionable and straight up outrageous things you can find in the new game straight from the minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Outrageous Things in South Park TFBW. Special thanks to our user “TrendingMeeting” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Outrageous Things in South Park TFBW

Yep… We’re doing a Top 10 on this. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Outrageous Things in “South Park: The Fractured But Whole”!

For this list, we’re looking at some the craziest moments in the new “South Park”, from the side-splitters to the slightly offensive to the gross-out, shocking moments.

#10: Stephen Stotch

Poor little Butters has been grounded for sooooo many reasons. So much that he’s psychologically traumatized. Luckily, he’s got the New Kid by his side to stand up to his father. The boss battle against Stephen Stotch is a special one because every attack deals not just damage, but he can also “ground” your allies, rendering them immobile until the New Kid can “un-ground” them. Almost every dialogue bit from Stephen has something to do with grounding. It may not be an incredibly difficult boss fight, but its too damn hilarious to forget. I mean, who didn’t dream of a fight like this when your parents grounded them?

#9: Fart Powers

In “The Stick of Truth”, fart powers took the role of what typical RPGs would call Mana, acting as invisible fireballs and dragonshouts. This time around, your fart powers take on a more serious ability; the power to manipulate time and space. With these new gaseous abilities, you can pause time, skip enemy turns, fast forward day and night cycles, and even create a clone of yourself. Tacos and enchiritos have never been deadlier…well, outside of diseases and all that stuff. Of course, there’s no one more fit to teach you the ways of the waft than Morgan Freeman.

#8: Microaggressions

‘Member PC Principal? Well, sure you do…if you’ve been watching the show since Season 19. He may not have as big of a role as marketing lead us to believe, but he’s still important in the game. When you first enter Crunchy’s Micro Brew, PC Principal will teach how to spot “microaggressions”. At first, it seems this moment is just a one-time joke. However, this gives you the advantage in scoring free hits in future encounters. As little bonus, you’ll receive a Coonstagram post from PC Principal explaining the microaggression. It’s a ridiculous, but funny little addition that makes combat much more enjoyable and rewarding.

#7: The Summons

Character summons are back and crazier than ever! As if Stick of Truth’s summons weren’t walking the wire of weirdness with the likes of Mr. Slave, Jesus, Mr. Kim, and Mr. Hankey, we have four brand new summons. Using Star of David macaroni art, you can summon Moses to heal your allies. Walkie-talkies call in Jimbo and Ned to unload all of their weapons on your enemies and finish them off with a grenade. A cheesed-out Gerald Brovflovski will carpet-bomb the battlefield. And then we have Classi[say it just like she says it; “Cuh-lass-ay”], who simply commits a hit-&-run (or vehicular manslaughter, if you manage to kill anyone).

#6: The Rednecks

These days, it can feel like so many people are judging you for living your life the way you want to. This is not a topic “South Park” would ever shy away from, as evident throughout “Fractured But Whole”. In the handful of times you edit your ethnicity and sexuality for your character sheet, you’ll be greeted by a trio of racist rednecks. It doesn’t matter if you chose to be straight, gay, bi, white, black, Latin, Middle Eastern, or whatever because these guys will be waiting outside regardless of choices. It’s a smart take on addressing prejudice and discrimination, but what makes it outrageous is how frequent it occurs. You’d think they’d learn.

#5: Morgan Freeman

You wouldn’t pick a fight with God, would you? What about someone who has played as God? If you thought were able to breeze through all of the bosses, just try and beat Morgan Freeman. “You’re digging your own grave, kid.” And he’s not joking! Morgan Freeman is not just a secret boss, but he’s the hardest boss in the entire game, clocking in at 9999 HP and a fatal fart that covers half of the grid. Our advice? Craft a hell of a lot of revive serums, use any summons when you can, maximize your Might, and make sure you have every fart power. This near-20 minute boss battle will be a rough one!

#4: Kanye?

Trey Parker hinted at this joke back at E3 2015, shortly after Kanye West revealed his own game. While we knew about this mission two years before release, we didn’t expect it to be this insane. Just as Parker describes it, a little gay fish needs the New Kid’s help to get his mama into heaven. As you progress through the “Flappy Bird”-esque minigame, the difficulty quickly amps up. Obstacles come at you faster, and a demon starts spitting fireballs at you. W…T…F? At least the game gives you health boosts out of pity upon each death. Now, if only we can get Kanye to understand the fish sticks joke.

#3: Pooping Minigames

Leave it to South Park to provide as much toilet humor as possible. Hey, we aren’t complaining! These poop minigames are everywhere. (I mean, there’s a toilet in every home, isn’t there?) Every minigame has its own difficulty, with some toilets requiring more convoluted button pressing patterns than others. If the ridiculous concept doesn’t sell you itself, maybe a trophy or achievement will tempt you to take a dump in every toilet. Yep! Mastering every toilet will earn you an achievement for your online profile. Get busy crappin’ or get busy dyin’! Right, Morgan Freeman?

#2: Pedophile Priests

Uh…no…no, we don’t want God’s love. Let’s get this entry over with… To help conquer your fears, Father Maxi places you in the church storage room, where you’ll find a couple other priests that start making some…uncomfortable gestures. Father Maxi has, unfortunately, locked you inside. No other way out of this, but to fight. Thankfully, these guys only use charge attacks, so this is an easy fight to win. It should be! He’s not…he’s not really pulling out anal beads with a cross on it---OKAY, MOVING ON!!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…

“You Broke the Rules, Tom Brady!”

For the Yelpers

Skin Color Difficulty

#1: The Peppermint Hippo

“The Fractured But Whole” has proven to be just as outrageous, if not, more than “Stick of Truth”. The moment that resonates most is The Peppermint Hippo. Think about it: a couple of fourth graders break into a strip club, give the DJ a poisoned drink, and fight off strippers. OH, and dare we mention that you are mistaken as a stripper and must give a middle-aged man the gassiest lap dance of his life? At this point, those sensitive to South Park’s humor have probably stopped playing. As for the rest of us, this was a night of cringing, face-palming, and crying from laughter, all at the same time.

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