Top 10 Artists to Listen to If You Liked Taylor Swift's Reputation

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Script written by Owen Maxwell

If you were a fan of Taylor Swift's new album “Reputation”, then we think you'd like these artists! Artists like Carly Rae Jepson, Lights, Dua Lipa, Halsey, bleachers, P!nk Betty Who and Tove Lo should be on your next playlist if you're looking for new music!


Top 10 Artists To Listen To If You Liked Taylor Swift's "Reputation"

A record this gorgeous doesn't come out of nowhere. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Artists To Listen To If You Liked Taylor Swift's 'Reputation.'

For this list we're looking at the amazing musicians who offer more of the modern pop brilliance that 'Reputation' excels at. We're basing our picks on a mix of catchy song writing, personality and how well each artist aligns with Swift's sound.

#10: Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen may have burst onto the music scene with simple pop, but her latest records have a more intricate sound. After making her breakthrough with 'Call Me Maybe' in 2012, the Canadian singer started to look to the past for inspiration. Taking cues from Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, her latest album 'Emotion' gave modern pop an eighties makeover. Matching the retro tones of Swift tracks like 'Call It What You Want,' Jepsen's songs offer a more upbeat take on the same sound. Jepsen was also one of the earliest artists to work with Jack Antonoff, who co-produced 'Reputation.'

#9: Lights

Despite the more aggressive tracks on 'Reputation,' many songs on the album have an instantly relaxing mood. Indie pop singer Lights takes this feeling further on her new album 'Skin & Earth,' offering more to fans of Swift's soothing tracks. Giving her own twist on Swift's knack for musical storytelling, Lights created a comic book series to expand on her album's narrative. Like Swift, Lights came to pop later in her career, singing in a metal band called Shovel Face back when she was in high school. Lights mashes genres together effortlessly just like Tay Sway, but her music brings more rock instrumentation to their shared pop sensibilities.

#8: Bridgit Mendler

Regardless of how much Taylor Swift's music has changed over the past decade, Bridgit Mendler has always been compared to her. Mendler started her music career with country-driven pop like Swift, and her early work is eerily similar to albums like 'Fearless' and 'Speak Now.' Evolving into complex pop just like Taylor, Mendler has found continuous success from redefining her sound. Mendler's music also features more guest artists to give her work a more collaborative feeling. Already a huge pop star in her own right, Mendler continues to find substantial success in the acting world as well.

#7: Tove Lo

As direct and self-referential as Taylor Swift can be with her lyrics, her pop is never quite as gritty as Tove Lo. Bringing a much more explicit and earnest lyricism to dance pop, the Swedish singer takes Swift's honest words to a whole other level. Her darker pop gives her albums like 'Lady Wood' and 'Blue Lips' a refreshingly human take on the genre. Tove Lo has her own share of bizarre music videos, ranging from sexual adventures with puppets to crime-filled short-films. Taylor was such a fan that she invited Tove Lo to perform her hit 'Talking Body' on the '1989' tour.

#6: Halsey

For fans of Taylor Swift's relationship-driven storytelling, Halsey offers an even deeper look into the ups and downs of love. Halsey appeared on just about everyone's radar through The Chainsmokers' 'Closer,' and offers a lot more than just a great voice. Pulling from her breakups with just as much detail as Tay Sway, Halsey's music offers a downbeat counterpoint to Swift's writing. Her record 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' is a startling listen as she critiques her own shortcomings with brutal detail. A fan of Swift since her teenage years, Halsey once wrote a parody around Taylor's relationship with Harry Styles.

#5: Dua Lipa

Representing the next generation of pop superstars, British singer Dua Lipa is already taking the music world by storm. With a deeper voice and boundless energy, Dua Lipa's music is just as energizing as it is soothing. A prodigy in the making, Dua Lipa started by covering songs on YouTube at 14 years old. Dissatisfied with her work in the modeling world, she refocused on music and landed a deal with Warner Bros. Her self-titled debut was such a hit that half the album has been turned into singles. For fans of Swift's catchy pop and venomous vocals, Dua Lipa definitely fits the bill.

#4: Bleachers

For over-the-top and genre-subverting choruses, Jack Antonoff of Bleachers is such an obvious pick that Taylor has collaborated with him repeatedly. On top of his work with fun., Antonoff has written and produced songs for Swift's contemporaries like Lorde, Grimes and even Sia. Blasting speakers with his Bleachers project, Antonoff brings off-the-wall production to the sounds of the eighties. His matter-of-fact lyrics fit perfectly with Taylor's ability to sing about her own life. His creativity led him to write and produce half of 'Reputation,' on top of his credits on Swift's album '1989.' Taylor is even best friends with Antonoff's partner Lena Dunham.

#3: HAIM

Sister trio HAIM gained a lot of attention when they supported Taylor on tour, but their glossy music quickly found them headlining their own shows. Avoiding the novelty of many sister acts, the sisters' endless talent and synergy has continuously earned them critical acclaim. Their dense mix of vintage sounds and modern pop on 'Something To Tell You' compliments Swift's boisterous writing with a little more fun. The trio's infectious personalities and coordinated dance moves on and off the stage found them bonding with Swift instantly. Offering a little more soul in their sound, HAIM are a must listen.

#2: P!nk

The oldest musician on the list, P!nk was making music for a decade before Swift arrive. While P!nk initially found success as an alternative to the candy pop of the early 2000s, her move to huge productions mirrors Swift's sonic shift. As 'Reputation' finds Swift bringing more aggression to her electronics, P!nk's latest work is a more uplifting take on the same sound. The similarities aren't a fluke either, considering that 'Reputation' and P!nk's new album 'Beautiful Trauma' both featured production from Max Martin and Shellback. The two also boast some of the craziest live shows around, with P!nk regularly flying over audiences on tour.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Ed Sheeran

Little Mix

Charli XCX

#1: Betty Who

If you wished Taylor Swift was always peppy, then Betty Who is exactly what you're looking for. Since 2012, the Australian singer has been dropping synth heavy pop hits with non-stop cheer and enough earworms to last all day. Adding a little bit of Katy Perry and Robyn, her tracks carry Swift's quirky writing with more electronics and euphoria. For fans of '...Ready For It?,' Who's 'Mama Say' is more ecstatic, while keeping all the hip hop beats and strange vocals you could want. Betty has even made an entire video about her love of T Swift, while also appearing on Swift's personal Spotify playlist.