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Top 10 Must See Trailers of October 2017

VO: Matthew Wende
Script written by Michael Wynands. Talk about a month of MUST-see trailers! Welcome to as we count down the Top 10 Trailers of October 2017. For this list, we’ve ranked the best film, TV and video game trailers released throughout the month of October.

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Top 10 Trailers of October 2017

Talk about a month of MUST-see trailers! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Trailers of October 2017.
For this list, we’ve ranked the best film, TV and video game trailers released throughout the month of October.

#10: “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond” (2017)

There’s arguably never been a comedian more offbeat than the highly divisive Andy Kaufman, who literally got himself voted off of SNL despite the fact that it’s NOT a reality series. That being said… Jim Carrey, the man who brought Andy Kaufman to life in the 1999 film “Man on the Moon” is certainly giving Kaufman a run for his money these days. In the Great Beyond, nearly two decades after the film’s release, Carrey takes us behind the scenes of the production to give us an inside look at how he resurrected Andy Kaufman, and how, in doing so, he pushed method acting - as well as himself and the crew - WAY past the limits.

#9: “Call of Duty: WWII” (2017)

Nostalgia… it’s a powerful force when applied correctly. In 2003, years before it became the video game juggernaut that it is today, the very first Call of Duty title took the gaming world by storm. Though the franchise has since ventured into the present, as well as the future, it all started in WWII, a setting that would be revisited in 2008, before being shelved for nearly a decade. We’re finally going back though, and in this live-action trailer, you’re invited to get nostalgic about your own gaming past, rally the old gaming troops and heed the Call of Duty. Drop whatever you’re doing… the world needs saving again.

#8: “Happy!” (2017)

Just ask your friendly neighborhood comic book reader… few writers in the business can take a character in stranger directions than Grant Morrison. In his Image Comics series, “Happy!” Morrison let his creativity run wild, crafting a story about a violent alcoholic ex-cop on mission to take down a child killer with the help of Happy the Horse - a flying, blue little creature that antihero Nick begins seeing after a near brush with death. Interested? Well, so was Syfy, and if this trailer is any indication, they aren’t dialing back the crazy one bit. It’s one of the zaniest trailers in recent years, and we can’t wait to make small screen Nick and Happy’s acquaintance.

#7: “The Last of Us Part II” (TBA)

Sharpen those shivs and string up your bows; it’s time for another harrowing trip through post-apocalyptic America. Having previosuly teased us with a short glimpse of an older and angrier looking Ellie, Naughty Dog released a second, much longer trailer for the sequel to their 2013 magnum opus. However, the video surprised gamers by featuring an entirely new cast, with previous protagonists Joel and Ellie nowhere in sight. Theories abound about the mysterious new characters, but the trailer makes at least one thing clear: the world of “The Last of Us” is as violent and terrifying as ever.

#6: “Phantom Thread” (2017)

Ten years ago, movie fans were graced by what is perhaps one of the greatest actor-director team-ups the world has ever seen in “There Will Be Blood”. A decade since, Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis are back to wow us once more with their new period drama “Phantom Thread”. Following a highly celebrated dress designer in 1950s London, Day-Lewis portrays the lead Reynolds Woodcock, whose relationships come in conflict with his work. Of course there seems to be more than meets the eye with the trailer, and should we really have any doubts based on the talent behind the film?

#5: “Justice League” (2017)

We’ve already seen a few trailers for Justice League - and they were all rather promising, but this one really feels like it’s got replacement director Joss Whedon’s mark on it. With it’s balance of foreboding and hope, a killer song choice and plenty of juicy footage, it’s got fans really believing that we might have another Wonder Woman on our hands, rather than another Dawn of Justice. Even in the face of Steppenwolf and his army of parademons, the members of the newly-formed Justice League find reasons to smile, and with this trailer, which really invites viewers to get to know these heroes, you just might start smiling too.

#4: “Super Mario Odyssey” (2017)

Forget the naysayers and Nintendo detractors, the Switch, with its innovative design and alternative approach to console gaming has actually been selling quite well. The only thing that’s really been missing… is a title starring their flagship character. But thankfully, Super Mario Odyssey is finally here to scratch that itch that only your favorite plumber can reach. Released in early October to hype the October 27th release date, this trailer, which mixes both live action and gameplay footage, sees Mario celebrating his big return right there with us. The world may be a dark and scary place, but with a new Mario title hitting shelves, things are starting to look a bit brighter.

#3: “Stranger Things 2” (2017)

How does Netflix say “Happy Halloween”? With the release of the long-awaited second season of this wildly successful series, of course! And it’s got a lot of adults more excited for Halloween than they’ve been in years. In this, the final trailer, we not only get to see our heroine Eleven make her return from the Upside Down, but the ways in which the upside down itself has crept into the land of the living. All the old familiar faces are there, along with a few new ones for good measure, to face off against higher stakes, bigger monsters and a threat the likes of which Hawkins, Indiana has never seen before.

#2: “Black Panther ” (2018)

After stealing the spotlight in Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther quickly became one of the most anticipated upcoming Marvel movies. The tantalizing teaser trailer released in June 2017 certainly caught our attention, but with this full length trailer, well, let’s just say that February 16th, 2018 can’t get here soon enough. Showcasing the awe-sinpsiring afro-futurist cityscape of Wakanda, what promises to be a killer soundtrack, and an introduction to its star-studded cast, this trailer promises a Marvel movie the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Though we love to see Michael B. Jordan play the hero, after getting up close and personal with Erik Killmonger, we may actually prefer his evil side.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
“Marvel's the Punisher” (2017-)
“The New Mutants” (2018)
“Star Wars Battlefront II” (2017)

#1: “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” (2017)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is predicted to have the second largest opening weekend in box office history. And after this trailer… is it any surprise? To be fair, this franchise would fill theaters with ZERO advertizing, but a spine-tingling trailer like this sure doesn't hurt. Like the teaser before it, this trailer raises more questions than it answers, but in this age of often spoilerific previews, we wouldn't have it any other way. One thing’s for sure, it looks as if we’re headed into some dark places, but hey, that’s what a second chapter in a solid Star Wars trilogy is supposed to do, right? Seriously, this trailer delivers everything you could ask for!

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