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Another Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

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We're back with another Top 10 Taylor Swift songs list! In this countdown we take a look at some of her best songs like All Too Well, Fifteen, Bad Blood, New Romantics, White Horse, Ours and Dear John.

Another Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

She’s the fearless leader of Swifty Nation. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs.

For this list, we’re counting down the best Taylor Swift songs from official studio releases, which means no covers or guest appearances made the final cut. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our first video when you’re done with this one.

#10: “Safe & Sound”
The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond (2012)

Recorded specifically for “The Hunger Games” soundtrack, this song captures the spirit of the movie franchise. Written in just two hours, “Safe and Sound” conveys simple emotions, and Taylor beautifully accentuates each and every emotional lyric. It’s a somber track, but there’s also a message of hope. With The Civil Wars providing their own angelic vocals, “Safe and Sound” becomes even more powerful. It’s features a different sound from Taylor, but it’s perfect for a Hollywood blockbuster film about survival and friendship.

#9: “Ours”
Speak Now (2010)

Written entirely by Taylor, this country ballad celebrates young love. Musically, “Ours” is a simple country song, but there’s depth to be found in Taylor’s storytelling ability. She taps into the little things that empower couples, and she also acknowledges that love is no game. Released as the sixth single from “Speak Now,” “Ours” wasn’t a smash hit upon its release, but this Taylor classic has become a fan favorite for its relatable message and positive outlook. It’s catchy, it’s fun and it’s one of Taylor’s most touching singles from her early days.

#8: “Begin Again”
Red (2012)

In this song, Taylor reflects on a failed relationship while looking towards the future. “Begin Again” is about kind gestures that go a long way and understanding why all those little things matter. Taylor’s in somewhat of a haze, as she’s locked into the present but partially stuck in the past. Despite the sorrowful tone, “Begin Again” is ultimately a song about self-worth and moving on. Taylor received a Grammy nomination for this mature take on romance, further proving that she’s unafraid be vulnerable with her music.

#7: “Dear John”
Speak Now (2010)

Based on a painful breakup, this love song cuts like a knife. Unfortunately for John Mayer, the lyrics are directed solely at him. Written for Taylor’s third album, “Speak Now,” “Dear John” details what it’s like to be a teenager in love with an older man, and what it’s like to never quite feel good enough. From beginning to end, Taylor creates an intimate portrait of a crumbling relationship, as she addresses the warning signs, along with her own insecurities as well. It’s got a catchy chorus, but that doesn’t stop it from being an emotional ballad.

#6: “Wildest Dreams”
1989 (2014)

With its dream pop sound, this Taylor song reminds of what it’s like to be on cloud nine. Some of Swift’s songs examine the highs and lows of committed relationships, but “Wildest Dreams” is focused on a brief yet unforgettable romance. It’s a love song for summer flings, or for when you meet that special someone while traveling. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a track that people of all ages can relate to, as it’s so easy to hold onto romantic memories, innocent as they may be.

#5: “All Too Well”
Red (2012)

Based on a well-documented romance with Jake Gyllenhaal, this Taylor song offers some insights about memories that continue to linger. “All Too Well” isn’t a scathing track, nor does Taylor come across as immature. Instead, she addresses how the past can remain in your subconscious, and the idea that someone else shares those same feelings. It’s a song that escalates with each verse, as the images become more vivid and Taylor’s vocals become more dramatic. As a whole, “All Too Well” has an epic feel; a song that’s suited well for live performances.

#4: “Fifteen”
Fearless (2008)

With this song, Taylor switches things up by channeling somebody else’s heartbreak. On one level, “Fifteen” is about being naive and easily influenced. But it also has Taylor reflecting on her life accomplishments, and the idea that high school freshmen may idealize romantic partners while losing sight of who they can become. Taylor’s best friend Abigail Anderson inspired the premise for “Fifteen,” and it’s a beautiful track about dreams and changing perspectives. As Taylor gets older and tackles new material, this song remains one of her most innocent.

#3: “New Romantics”
1989 (2014)

This pop anthem was featured as a bonus track on the 1989 deluxe edition and released as Swift’s fifth promotional single for the album. For this one, heartbreak is a lifestyle and a source of energy; it’s a feeling to be embraced. In “New Romantics,” Taylor stands up to the critics and haters, all while acting as a representative of her generation, suggesting that times have indeed changed and that millennials have different interpretations of modern romance.

#2: “Bad Blood” feat. Kendrick Lamar
1989 (2014)

As one of Taylor’s more controversial singles, this track became a pop culture sensation, and for good reason. Some have alleged that “Bad Blood” is directed towards Katy Perry, although Taylor has been cryptic about the song’s true inspiration. Lyrically, it’s a razor-sharp commentary about a BFF relationship gone bad, and the addition of hip-hop icon Kendrick Lamar makes it even more relevant and effective. As a modern pop song, “Bad Blood” showcases Taylor’s feisty side, along with her ability to instigate pop culture discussions.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Out of the Woods”
1989 (2014)

“The Best Day”
Fearless (2008)

“Look What You Made Me Do”
Reputation (2017)

#1: “White Horse”
Fearless (2008)

Heartbreaking and poignant, this song reminds that fairy tales don’t translate to real life. “White Horse” features a young Taylor Swift accepting her own romantic failures, all the while coming into her own as a female artist. Co-written with long-time collaborator Liz Rose, “White Horse” gently breaks the bad news to the younger members of Swifty Nation, as Taylor’s vocals are sorrowful but genuine and heartfelt. Though “White Horse” documents a painful experience, it’s ultimately about self-empowerment and accepting that life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to.

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