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Top 10 Craziest JFK Conspiracy Theories

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Nick Roffey

The assassination of the 35th President John F. Kennedy has resulted in over 50 years of doubts and conspiracy theories. From Ted Cruz’s dad, to Jackie O & the Gun in the Flowerpot, to The Umbrella Man, The Kennedy assassination has been a hotbed for conspiracy theories. Watchmojo counts down ten craziest JFK conspiracy theories.

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Script written by Nick Roffey

Top 10 Craziest JFK Conspiracy Theories

The truth is out there - but these conspiracy theories are way, way out there. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 craziest JFK conspiracy theories.

For this list, we're looking at the most extraordinary explanations that people have offered for the assassination of 35th President John F. Kennedy.

#10: Ted Cruz’s Dad

The messy events of the assassination left a lot of questions. How did one bullet pass through so many points? Why did nightclub operator Jack Ruby kill the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald? And was there a second shooter on the grassy knoll? But until Donald Trump’s election campaign, few people had asked: was Trump’s rival candidate Ted Cruz connected to the murder? Trump had seen a photo in trusted new source the National Enquirer that supposedly showed Cruz’s father, Rafael, and Oswald together. That was enough for Trump. Ted Cruz responded with his own revelations.

#9: Itchy Trigger Finger

On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, Texas. According to the Warren Commission, the first shot that hit Kennedy went through both the President and Texas Governor John Connally. This is the “single” or “magic bullet theory.” Another bullet exploded the right side of Kennedy’s head. In the 1970s, Baltimore gunsmith Howard Donahue argued this shot was actually fired by Secret Service agent George Hickey, whose finger must have slipped on the trigger of his AR-15. He based his accusation on the trajectory and bullet fragmentation of the fatal shot. Critics wonder at the likelihood of Hickey accidentally aiming at the President’s head, and how the shot was overlooked by witnesses.

#8: Bad Driver

What if the fatal shot didn’t come from Oswald, or the car behind . . . but from the President’s own limousine? Some witnesses claimed that when Secret Service agent William Greer heard the first shot, he slowed down instead of speeding up. He also turned to look back at the President before hitting the accelerator - a delay for which he would later tearfully apologize for to Jacqueline Kennedy. On this basis, conspiracy theorist Milton William Cooper argued in his book “Behold a Pale Horse” that Greer killed Kennedy. How? Simple! Some think Greer had a gun. But Cooper claims he used a “gas pressure device developed by aliens.”

#7: Jackie O & the Gun in the Flowerpot

As the presidential motorcade passed, Abraham Zapruder caught the assassination on a home movie camera. Some conspiracy theorists claim that smoke or vapor can be seen moving past the left side of JFK’s head - showing that his own wife was the shooter. She then hid the gun in a flowerpot. Her motive? Revenge for her husband’s indiscretions . . . or maybe the CIA had hypnotized her. Jackie’s image hasn’t been helped by rumors she slept with one, or two of her dead husband’s brothers. Still, it isn’t exactly the most subtle way to kill a president - in an open car in front of thousands of witnesses.

#6: The Umbrella Man

During the assassination, an unknown man was standing in the sun under an open umbrella. Did he wave the umbrella to signal the shooter? Or could the umbrella itself have been a weapon? It actually wouldn’t be the first time an umbrella gun has been used for assassination; Bulgarian dissident writer Georgi Markov was killed by one in 1978. But during the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations, a man called Louie Steven Witt came forward as “the umbrella man.” He had been protesting Kennedy’s father’s support for British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who had sought to appease the Nazis and often carried an umbrella.

#5: It Was the CIA

Lee Harvey Oswald was a former marine who had defected to the Soviet Union: the perfect cover story for a secret CIA operative. The CIA had reason to be mad at the President, who had pulled air support from their botched Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961. This has led some to theorize that Oswald had been brainwashed, possibly using LSD, through the CIA’s MKUltra mind control program. Some further allege that George H. W. Bush was involved, and rewarded by being made CIA Director about a decade later.

#4: A Baseballer's Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a baseballer scorned . . . apparently. Legendary baseballer Joe DiMaggio never stopped loving Marilyn Monroe after their nine month marriage. But as rumous have it, after their divorce Monroe slept with either JFK, his brother Robert, or both. Some sources have claimed that DiMaggio believed the Kennedys had had her murdered. How did a baseball player have the means to initiate a criminal conspiracy to kill a President? Conveniently enough, we’ll probably never know. But if a guy is connected enough, lots of things can happen.

#3: Blame Sugar

We seem to blame sugar for everything these days. Obesity . . . diabetes . . . and the murder of JFK. After the assassination, Oswald was seen drinking a Coca-Cola. This interested writer and organic food advocate J. I. Rodale, who led the charge of the organic movement in the US from the 1950s on. He wrote in an editorial for his magazine “Prevention” that Oswald was not responsible for his actions: his brain was confused because he was a “sugar drunkard.” He called for a full investigation into the link between sugar and crime.

#2: The Illuminati Pulled the Strings

The Illuminati are everywhere, it seems - behind both Lady Gaga’s fashion choices, and famous historical events. According to this theory, the Illuminati had JFK killed because he outed them in a speech that, for most people, was actually about the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Another motive was his issuance of Executive Order 11110, which delegated his authority to issue Silver Certificates to the Secretary of the Treasury. Allegedly, Kennedy planned to replace Federal Reserve Notes with Silver Certificates, threatening the power of the Illuminati-controlled Federal Reserve. Of course, Kennedy actually signed legislation to do the opposite - phase out Silver Certificates in favor of Federal Reserve Notes - but hey, conspiracies are complicated.

#1: UFO Cover-Up

We’re not saying it was aliens . . . but, well, it was because of aliens. In 1999, UFO researcher Timothy Cooper claimed to have received a partially burned memo in which the CIA Director worried about Kennedy’s “inquiries” into the organization’s activities. Author William Lester added another piece to the puzzle in 2010, claiming that ten days before Kennedy was murdered, Kennedy asked the CIA Director to review UFO intelligence, in order to identify what could and couldn’t be shared with the Soviets. Lester even has an official looking letter to back it up. Was JFK killed as part of a UFO coverup?

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