Top 10 Craziest Moments from “Jersey Shore”
Trivia Top 10 Craziest Moments from “Jersey Shore”



Top 10 Craziest Moments from “Jersey Shore”

Script written by Q.V. Hough

It's GTL time! Here's our top 10 craziest moment from the show we all secretly or not so secretly loved. Admit it, once you start watching the show you can't really look away. We've included some of the most memorable moments from Angelina, Mike, Pauly D, Snookie, JWow and Sammi.

Top 10 Craziest Moments from “Jersey Shore”

On MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” these wild moments helped maintain the buzz.Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Moments from “Jersey Shore.”

For this list, we’re focusing on the craziest moments from the series’ six-season run.

#10: JWoww Hits Mike
“What Happens in AC”

During a Season 1 visit to Atlantic City, Jenni drinks too much and gets kicked out of the club. She blames Mike for not helping her out, but Mike doesn’t seem too concerned. He’s in for a big surprise, though, as Jwoww ambushes him back at the house and tries to use him as a punching bag. That alone is a crazy moment, but Jwoww doesn’t let up and lands an up close and personal surprise backhand. Blame it on the alcohol, or blame Mike for not taking Jwoww seriously. Either way, that hit stung.

#9:Pauly D’s Stage 5 Clinger
“One Shot”

Not long after JWoww’s power punch, Pauly D feels the wrath of another woman-scorned. He meets an Israeli woman named Danielle, but he’s not quite ready for a relationship and makes plans without her. Unfortunately for Pauly, Danielle proves to be a so-called “Stage 5 clinger” and tries to kill his fun-loving vibe. She even blasts him on the phone, which proves to be the final straw for Pauly D . He finally takes care of business by presenting the facts to his Danielle, and makes sure the point is well-received.

#8: Angelina Takes a Day Off
“Good Riddance”

Early in Season One, the self-proclaimed “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” decides that she’d rather not work. After all, Angelina has boyfriend problems to deal with. So she stays home and without even giving her employers a courtesy call. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t fly with her boss Danny, who makes a house call to see what happened. Work is actually a requirement for the cast, but Angelina plays by her own rules and ultimately pays the price, losing her job and eventually her position on the show as a result of her laziness. Sometimes, you gotta work hard to play hard.

#7: Snooki on the Beach
“Where’s the Beach”

During a day out in Season 3, Snooki gets boozed up on the beach. To be clear, it’s not just a little day drinking, it’s a whole lot of day drinking. Naturally, she draws some attention to herself, most notably from the local police. Both Deena and Jenni get emotional as their roommate gets handcuffed, while Snooki tries to defend her actions. She may BE a good person - but on this day, she’s also an extremely drunk person and a public nuisance, at least according to the law.

#6: One-Punch Ronnie
“One Shot”

Machismo goes a long way in the Jersey Shore, but not everybody can back up their words. When Ronnie gets into a scuffle with a loudmouth bystander during Season 1, he’s both confused and irritated but seems to move on, along with rest of the crew. But the other guy keeps talking trash until Ronnie can’t take anymore. He chases the man down, throws a punch, and knocks the guy out. While the conflict was resolved from Ronnie’s point of view, the police had a different perspective, and the big guy was charged with aggravated assault.

#5: Snooki vs. Angelina
“Gone, Baby, Gone”

When Season Two moved the crew to Miami, Angelina reunited with her former housemates, but it wasn’t exactly a friendly reunion. After letting everyone know that (“I don’t give a f**k about anybody in this house”), Angelina launches into an angry, profanity-laden speech. While most of the roommates stare in amazement, Snooki decides that enough is enough. The two girls start clawing at each other as everyone else watches and cheers from the sides. While it isn’t clear who wins the battle, Snooki wins the war, since Angelina finally decides to leave the show for good.

#4: The Letter
“The Letter / “Not So Shore” / “Sleeping with the Enemy”

On “Jersey Shore,” loyalty and trust are crucial, especially for Ronnie and Sammi. In Season 2, Snooki and JWoww keep a close eye on their friends’ relationship, and they decide to write anonymous note to educate Sammi about her on-again off-again boyfriend’s frequent infidelity. But the plan backfires when Sammi deduces who wrote the letter. In the following episode, the tension continues to mount between Sammi and JWoww, leading to a nasty kitchen brawl that spans two episodes! While catfights aren’t rare on the show, this brawl is one of the most intense, with both women ready to inflict some serious pain.

#3: Ronnie Trashes Sammi’s Room
“Cabs Are Here!”

Here’s another highlight from Ronnie and Sammi’s tumultuous relationship. After the latest in a seemingly endless amount of arguments, Sammi leaves the house and decides to deal with her boyfriend issues by heading out to a club and dancing with as many other men as she can. Ronnie finds out about Sammi’s actions and flies into a jealousy-fueled rage. Once again, the roommates watch from the sidelines, and Ronnie gets so rattled that he actually picks up a bed and breaks Sammi’s glasses. Given that Sammi punched him in the face two episodes earlier (x-ref), Ronnie obviously feels a bit frustrated by his chaotic relationship. He’s not the only one.

#2: Mike and Ronnie Fight
“And the Wall Won”

Talk about using losing your head. After spending 3 seasons trying to avoid drama, Mike, AKA “The Situation”, finally decides to lash out at Ronnie in Season 4, which is set in picturesque Florence, Italy. As Mike freaks out, Ronnie stays relatively composed, waiting for his moment to attack. Fortunately, Mike saves him the trouble when he tries to be a tough guy and ends up headbutting the wall. The brief yet violent altercation makes the cast even more concerned about their already strained relationship.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Ronnie Bleeds from the Butt
“Should We Just Break Up?”

Snooki and JWoww Pee in the Club
“Where’s the Beach”

JWoww’s Famous Line
“The Hangover”

#1: Snooki Gets Punched in the Face
“Fade to Black”

Some “Jersey Shore” altercations are funny – others, not so much. In the series’ fourth episode, some bar patrons steal drinks that were meant for the roommates. Mike plays the mediator, but Snooki gets worked up when the drink thieves steal another round. This leads to the series’ most disturbing sequence, as one of the men punches Snooki in the face. Luckily for the offender, the police take him away before the “Jersey Shore” cast can get ahold of him. It’s these kind of shocking moments that paved the way for six seasons of drama and craziness.