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Top 10 Most Awesome GTA V Mods!

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Alex Slade More like Grand Theft Moddo AM I RIGHT? I’ll go now...Come along as we check out the coolest, craziest, game-changing-est and most beautiful look modifications from Grand Theft Auto V. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Awesome GTA V Mods! Special thanks to our user “Seth Adams” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 GTA V Mods

While Grand Theft Auto V is already a lot of fun and brimming with content, more can’t hurt, right? Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 GTA V Mods.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look all the best mods that either add content to the game, change the gameplay around, improve the visual and sound quality, add to the immersion, or just mess with the game in bizarre but equally fun ways.

#10: Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack - TrophiHunter

While GTA V already offers an impressively large arsenal of weapons to choose from, the Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack gives you so much weapon variety, there’s a good chance you’ll beat the game without even getting to try them all. If you’re an enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll find ways to test them, whether you’re shooting at pedestrians, gang members, or police. The guns vary in size, recoil, firing rate and mag sizes, so there’s something for every occasion.

#9: Gravity Gun - MatriZ

While having one of these in real life would undoubtedly result in a lot of fun - as well as some chaos - maybe it’s a good thing we can only use this tool in video games. The Gravity Gun is a take on the weapon found in Half-Life 2, and is a lot more powerful. The mod allows you to pick up people and objects and toss them around like they weigh nothing. As if living in Los Santos wasn’t already crazy, now people are hurling fire trucks at each other.

#8: Marlowe Valley Safehouse - Sanghelios

Working your whole life to afford a car and a house is all right, but sometimes we just want to have fun, and have more than just a house and a car. That’s where GTA comes in, and in particular, this mod. Now we have our own safe house, and boy is it big. Cars, guns, tons of guys and gals, and you even have planes and a landing strip. It’s a good place to come back to after a hard day of killing and thieving.

#7: LSPDFR – Albo1125

Sometimes you just want to turn on GTA and cause as much carnage as possible. Sometimes you want to do the polar opposite, and arrest those people wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, GTA V got rid of the famed vigilante activity. Fortunately, this mod restores it. Not only that, but it improves on it immensely and provides an almost limitless number of hours of fun on top of the base game. Arresting people is entertaining and all, but if that’s all you were doing, it’d get pretty stale. Thankfully, this mod brings you right into the midst of car chases, undercover missions, and shootouts, as well. Stop resisting!

#6: The Red House – Ghost_Rolly

Multiplayer updates and downloadable content is great. In fact, Rockstar have released a staggering amount of post-release multiplayer content, completely free, and they deserve a hell of a lot of props for that. Fans want single player content, though, and have been begging for years. Well, thanks to The Red House mod, you’re in luck. The mod adds a ton of new content, including heists, missions, and even bodyguards to help you accomplish your goals. The missions are varied and unique, and they’re made and optimized with the same level of quality you’d expect from Rockstar themselves.

#5: Iron Man - JulioNib

There’s just something so interesting about Iron Man and the idea of creating your own power, rather than it being bestowed upon you or getting it by accidentally stepping in a radioactive puddle or something. Here’s the elevator pitch: this mod lets you become Iron Man. Sold? We thought so. The suit, along with all of its capabilities, such as flight, rockets, and repulsor beams provide endless fun. And if you’re looking to take on an opponent that’s much bigger in size, feel free to give the Hulkbuster mod a spin.

#4: GTA RPG - LogicSpawn

RPG elements have seeped their way into nearly every major triple-A release these days, with an emphasis on obtaining new gear, levelling up your skills and making a name for yourself. While the base game of GTA V is no exception, GTA RPG takes things to a whole new level. You have all the conventions of an RPG, like NPC dialogue trees and loot drops, with all the fluid driving and gunplay mechanics that make GTA action so great. You can even select a class during character creation, adding a whole new level to the customization options.

#3: Tsunami – Script Mods

While a lot of other mods on this list do their best to keep you playing for hours and hours by providing a lot of content, the Tsunami mod hooks you in another way. It takes your breath away, for starters, and creates a sense of awe, adventure, and discovery, as you traverse the sunken city of Los Santos. It’s an incredible sight, standing on a mountain and seeing half of the city submerged in water. So what are you waiting for? Just dive in.

#2: Pedestrian Riot – Trumple

Like everyone else, the creator of this mod was disappointed, to say the least, that the Ped Riot cheat that turned everyone into mindless, blood-starved murdering maniacs, hadn’t returned. Thankfully, this mod restores that brilliant feature, and the rush, panic, and excitement we get from witnessing the entire city turn on one another is unprecedented. It’s a tremendous effort just staying alive, and it’s fun to time how long you can last amidst the chaos and madness. It’s purge night every night with this mod on.

#1: Real Life Graphics - Various

As gamers, we’re constantly looking for improved visual performance. We’re always buying upgrades for our PCs to handle the latest and exciting gaming experiences. One of the reasons so many people play open-world games is to be immersed in unfamiliar and interesting settings. Enhanced graphics add to the immersion and allure of games in general, and with a game as open-ended and full of content as GTA V, graphical enhancement mods can make a huge difference. There are tons out there, and it’s up to you choose which ones appeal to you, whether they improve lighting, textures, weather effects or all three.

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