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Top 10 Celebrities That Adorably Surprised Their Fans

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script Written by Victoria Toltesi

There are lots of celebrities who give back to their fans. From Ed Sheeran paying a fan a surprise visit in the hospital, to Justin Timberlake taking a fan golfing, to Taylor Swift showing up at a Swiftie's bridal shower, these celebrities love their fans. WatchMojo counts down ten times celebrities surprised their fans.

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Script Written by Victoria Toltesi

Top 10 Celebrities That Surprised Their Fans

Stars have the power to change someone’s life with their presence alone. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrities that surprised their fans.

For this list, we’re looking at famous individuals who went above and beyond to make their fans happy. Our apologies to Her Majesty the Queen and Tom Hanks, but we’ll only be looking at encounters thatwere planned, not chance meetings.

#10: Justin Timberlake
Mini Golf

It turns out that meeting Justin Timberlake is as simple as promising him mini golf, nachos, and beer! Well at least that worked for this woman from Ontario, Canada, who won the visit through Mastercard’s “Priceless Surprises” campaign. Timberlake allegedly chose Jenelle because she seemed laid-back in her entry video. But we’re willing to bet that her personalized parody of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air didn’t hurt either. In this truly priceless moment, Jenelle thinks she’s simply won a round of mini-putt with her bff, but then Justin joins them to make her dream come true. Justin proves himself to be a putt putt master and even gives the ladies tickets to his show.

#9: Channing Tatum
“Magic Mike XXL” Screening

What’s the best way to surprise Magic Mike fans? Why, with a lap dance, of course! In this video, Channing Tatum goes undercover as an elderly man in order to interview fans about Magic Mike XXL. The fans are then promised a 3D screening of the movie - which proves to be a more interactive experience than expected. As the audience members take their seats, steamy dancers pop out and start bringing their Magic Mike fantasies to life. Sadly, the only thing Channing takes off is his prosthetic face, but he still busts a move with the best of them, going so far as to give one lucky guest a quick lap dance.

#8: Ed Sheeran
Hospital Serenade

It’s time to bring out the Kleenex because things are about to get emotional. When Melody Driscoll was just 16-months old she was diagnosed with Ret Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. The disease causes a lot of pain and the only thing that soothes Melody is the voice of Ed Sheeran. Her parents started a campaign for the two to meet and in 2016 Melody got to meet her Prince Charming. Ed surprised Melody in her hospital room and then serenaded her while strumming a little-pink guitar. Even though Melody can’t talk the joy on her face conveys more than words ever could.

#7: Britney Spears
Visit to Fan in Hawaii

Throughout Britney’s career, she’s given some pretty epic surprises - like the time she served scones to a super-fan for Christmas and then flew him to Las Vegas. In arguably her most memorable fan visit however, she travels all the way to the beautiful island of Hawaii to throw her fan Jennifer a pizza party. One of the best parts of the surprise is that Jennifer gets to call all her friends to tell them that Britney Spears is at her house! The singer spends the entire day with the group of kids eating pizza and signing autographs. It’s all super adorable and a day the young fan will surely never forget.

#6: Beyoncé
Let’s Move! Flash Dance

Whether she’s performing on stage or simply walking into a gymnasium, Beyoncé knows how to make an entrance. During a school Flash Workout, students at this Harlem public school got to dance alongside Queen B herself. The energy of the room goes through the roof the moment that Beyoncé steps to the front of the group. Amazingly, the students manage to keep it together and continue dancing, channeling their excitement into the routine rather than freaking out as one might have expected. Of course, Queen B manages to jump into the routine flawlessly even while rocking a pair of heels. If only we could all look that fierce while working out.

#5: Taylor Swift
Bridal Shower

While going through her fan mail, Taylor Swift came across a wedding invitation from a woman named Gena, who had been a loyal fan for years. Considering her absurdly busy popstar schedule, Taylor understandably couldn’t make it to the wedding, but she did fly all the way to Ohio just to attend the bridal shower. As you can imagine, Gena totally flips out when she sees her favorite singer. Adorably, it was actually Taylor’s first bridal shower and so she made sure to bring an entire basket of gifts, complete with homemade cookies and a painting she made herself.

#4: One Direction
Wax Figurines Prank

It’s overwhelming enough to meet one of your favorite celebrities. Can you imagine meeting five at once? In this scene from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London, the boys of One Direction are posing as wax figures, and spring to life when their fans come near. Most of these young visitors are already thrilled just to be able to pose with what they thought were statues, so when the boys are revealed to be flesh and blood, these fans understandably lose their minds. It’s hard to tell whether they’re screaming out of fear, joy or some combination of both - but the reactions are consistently priceless.

#3: Dwayne Johnson & Jimmy Fallon
Mascot Photobomb

The only possible to disguise a guy like Dwayne Johnson is by dressing him as a Dwayne Johnson mascot. In this bit, Dwayne and Jimmy Fallon, who is also dressed in his own mascot costume, go to Universal Studios to photobomb fans. Most of the fans don’t even see the celebrities sneaking into their shots and are therefore doubly surprised when the costume heads come off to reveal the stars inside. Most react with gasps and giggles, but one fully-grown man breaks down in tears. It turns out that The Rock was his childhood hero. Talk about picking the right time to visit Universal Studios!

#2: Adele
Adele Impersonator

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so it’s safe to say that these Adele impersonators are Adele’s biggest fans. For this surprise, Adele is in disguise as Jenny the Adele impersonator, which, naturally, involves her adopting some prosthetics to make her look less like herself. Adele/Jenny then spends the auditions successfully blending in with her fans and even making fun of herself with regards to how much time it was taking for the release of her new album. The impersonators have no idea it’s the real Adele until she starts singing “Make You Feel My Love” - and then there’s not a dry eye in the house.

Before we reveal our top picks here are a few honorable mentions.
- David Beckham
Olympic Photo Booth
- Rihanna
Rihanna for River Island Launch

#1: Robert Downey Jr.
Boy Gets Bionic Arm

Casting iconic superheroes can be tricky, but it’s safe to say that Marvel nailed it when they picked Robert Downey Jr. to play Iron Man. Both on and off screen, this actor has truly committed himself to the character. Working with Limbitless Solutions, a group that uses 3D printers to make robotic limbs, Downey Jr. surprised a young fan by showing up in person, in character as Tony Stark, to deliver the boy’s new prosthetic arm. RDJ even brings along one of his own Iron Man arms so that they can do a side by side comparison of their matching limbs. Now that’s what a hero looks like.

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