Top 10 Most Violent Superhero Movies
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Top 10 Most Violent Superhero Movies

Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

These superhero movies didn't hold back when it came to bloody violence and mayhem! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Most Violent Superhero Movies! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be 'Logan', 'Watchmen', or 'Deadpool'? Watch to find out!

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They may be heroes, but they aren’t playing nice. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Violent Superhero Movies.

For this list, we’ll be looking at superhero films that are layered with vast amounts of violence and overall mature content. As such, be on the lookout for some less that savory scenes down the line.

#10: “Dredd” (2012)

Turns out all we needed in order to get a faithful on-screen adaptation of this iconic character was less Stallone and more darkness. In a future where most of humanity is shoved into less than spacious cities, the only ones who can bring order to the chaos are the Judges, and the best of the bunch is none other than Judge Dredd. And by best, we mean he can take out waves upon waves of criminal scum like no other. The likes of Ma-Ma and her cronies may skin their enemies, but Dredd is more than happy to set their heads on fire, karate chop their necks inward and just shoot them to hell. Nice.

#9: “RoboCop” (1987)

In term of sheer carnage, very few have managed to capture the stylistic violence of this sci-fi classic. Heck, we barely make it through the first quarter of the film and our lead character gets most of his limbs blown to pieces in a viciously gruesome way. The action doesn’t stop there, as after assuming his sleek silver look, RoboCop takes to the city of Detroit to clean up crime one gunshot to the crotch at a time. Granted, the most intense violence comes in the form of ED-209, which doesn’t as much kill its targets as it does obliterate them into bloody chunks.

#8: “The Crow” (1994)

When your death is so brutal and unjustified that you are resurrected by the mythical powers of a creepy-looking bird for the specific purpose of seeking vengeance, then it’s pretty safe to assume that the results aren’t going to be pretty. Eric Draven is one such soul, and when it comes to paying back the criminals that slew himself and his beloved, he shows no mercy. While he’s not opposed to getting even via standard tools like knives and guns, he’s also not afraid to get creative. After all, it takes some measure of planning and finesse to strap a guy to car, cause it to explode, and leave behind a flaming crow insignia.

#7: “The Dark Knight” (2008)

What many consider to be the Batman’s greatest cinematic outing also happens to be his most violent, mostly due to the vile deeds of his psychotic nemesis: The Joker. In-between all of the brawling with random goons, the Clown Prince of Crime wastes no time in leaving a mountain of bodies in his wake, even those fighting in his corner. Casual murder, acts of terrorism, psychological warfare, and haunting speeches at knifepoint, the Joker has nothing if not an excellent résumé when it comes to general anarchy.

#6: “Kick-Ass” (2010)

No one said you needed superpowers in order to be a hero, but don’t expect to save the day without gaining a few scars along the way. When typical comic book nerd Dave Lizewski dons the guise of Kick-Ass, he soon discovers that vigilante justice comes at a price as he gets himself entangled with the world of the mafia. As such, not only does he get the crap kicked out of him on frequent occasions, but with trigger-happy allies like Hit-Girl and Big Daddy there also tends to be more death dealing than actual saving of the day. Guess that’s what happens when you let Nic Cage go crazy in a pseudo-Batman costume.

#5: “V for Vendetta” (2006)

When your main character likens himself to Guy Fawkes, chances are something is gonna get blown up. As a righteous anarchist fighting for freedom in a future totalitarian United Kingom, V will do whatever it takes to overthrow the establishment, including slicing the hell out of anyone who gets in his way - while blinding them with his mastering of alliteration. Between V’s extremist acts and the violent responses of the High Chancellor, a lot of people get caught in the crossfire. But hey, at least we end on some great fireworks!

#4: “Punisher: War Zone” (2008)

Remember how the 2004 film had plenty of death, but was also grounded by the tragedy of Frank Castle’s family? Yeah, there’s none of that here. But there is a hell of a lot of punishing going on. Frank Castle literally declares war on the criminal underworld and starts shooting down and taking apart anyone who gets in his way. So much so he actually punches through a guy’s head, not to mention he throws the film’s main villain into a glass-crushing machine in the opening act. It may not have been the best interpretation of the character, but at least they kept in the brutality.

#3: “Logan” (2017)

Finally, finally we got the Wolverine film we wanted! All it took was turning the whole thing into a western filled with heart-breaking content and some absolutely visceral action scenes. In order to protect the likes of a young girl named Laura, as well as a dying Charles Xavier, Logan is forced to face off against a group of heavily armed mercenaries. And it is brilliantly bloody. Unleashing the true animal within, an aged and grizzled Wolverine gets to show his berserker rage and cut down his targets to pieces. About time!

#2: “Deadpool” (2016)

Wondering why there’s such a sudden influx of mature-rated superhero flicks these days? You can thank the Merc with a Mouth. Armed with a healing factor, katana, a hell of a lot of guns, and all the fourth wall breaks you can imagine, Wade Wilson literally paints the town red on a mission of hilarious revenge. It may be hysterical to watch, but let’s not forget that the extensive scenes of torture, decapitation, and even a death by Zamboni are far from kid-friendly. Who knows how he’s going to top this in future instalments?!

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Blade” (1998)

“Spawn” (1997)

“Constantine” (2005)

#1: “Watchmen” (2009)

Sometimes the world just isn’t worth saving. This dark satire on the likes of the superhero genre may not have quite lived up to the breadth of Alan Moore’s epic graphic novel, but it certainly delivered when it came to the violence. Whether it’s the Comedian’s history of savage kills and near rape attempts, Dr. Manhattan blowing up human beings down to the molecular level, or just a day in the life of Rorschach, the Watchmen certainly know how to get their hands dirty. Look no further than the time a miniature crime boss was killed via toilet.
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