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Top 10 DOTA 2 Heroes!

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Mackenzie Houle Know your role, and stay in your line...literally. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 DOTA 2 Heroes. Special thanks to our user “Vincent Maloney-Dumont” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comSuggest

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Written by Mackenzie Houle

Top 10 Dota 2 Heroes

Picking the right hero can always be a tricky matter, unless you pick Meepo. Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at the best heroes in one of our favorite Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas - Dota 2.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the cream of the crop from our selection of over 100 heroes. Now, we are aware that there are a multitude of strategies for every hero and that -through constant updates- are constantly changing, so we aren’t only ranking these heroes based on where they stand in the current meta, but also based on how memorable and iconic they are.

#10: Axe

Starting off our list is one of the classic heroes of old - the big red man himself. Appropriately named Axe, he wields a rather large hammer… oh who are we kidding, you know it is an axe. Appearing as simple minded as his name, Axe swings his weapon wildly, cutting down his foes with ease. Axe makes for a great go-to jungler as well as a fantastic initiator and tank during late-game. He’s quite the common pick, even amongst the pros several years after Dota 2's start.

#9: Earthshaker

If the earth is rumbling, then you might already be too late. Like nearly every other hero in Dota 2, Earthshaker’s name fits his gameplay. Using a giant totem pole, Earthshaker moves the very earth itself, causing his enemies to become stunned and offering up a great deal of crowd control. While his overall damage and HP may be lackluster, pro Earthshakers can use his abilities to control the flow of any battle, and is especially useful in countering enemies with high mobility.

#8: Pudge

One of the highest picks in all of Dota 2, pudge has got it all. Immense HP, ganking prowess, high damage and… uhhh… well okay looks may not be on that list. Made famous through his meat hook ability, Pudge is able drag both enemies and teammates directly to him. This in turn makes him an expert ganker, as he can pull enemies from very high distances, prevent them from escaping, or just save a friend who happens to be hurting pretty bad. He is one tough SOB to kill, and you better hope that the fresh meat he’s after isn’t you.

#7: Juggernaut

The lone masked warrior Juggernaut is quite a formidable foe, and like Axe, he ain’t afraid to make his presence known as he charges in. Spinning and dancing around his foes, he can deal massive critical damage, while becoming immune to spells. Of course, just because he’s alone, doesn’t mean he can’t assist his friends - dropping a healing ward to help keep him and his buddies alive. For most, when he leaps into action, he becomes a blur, thanks in part to his omnislash -blinking to targets and swinging his sword wildly. A fed Jugs is almost impossible to take down.

#6: Legion Commander

Don’t bother telling Legion Commander the odds are stacked against her. Practically thriving in aforementioned scenarios, Legion Commander is the definition of turning the tide, capable of dealing more damage based on how many enemies are in her way. Even CCs and consecutive attacks don’t seem to phase her as she dispels and dodges her attackers’ blows. Of course, just because she excels in team-fights, doesn’t mean she isn’t frightening one on one - a solo round becomes a duel to the death, where the victor will claim a permanent damage bonus for the rest of the game, making this hero a high risk, high reward pick.

#5: Slark

Causing rage-quits galore, Slark is a noteworthy ganker. Bouncing right on, the fishy fellow loves to single out other players, facing them one on one. Thanks to his agility stealing slashes, the longer you fight him, the less chance you have of winning as your armor -and possibly your damage- drops off considerably. Of course, even in danger, Slark is more than capable of an easy escape, becoming invisible, gaining speed, and having massive health regeneration. Slippery as he is powerful, when you see Slark flop on in, it’d be wise to take care of him sooner rather than later, lest you not see the later.

#4: Rubick

The self-proclaimed grand magus, Rubick is always fascinated by his enemies and his own abilities. On his own, Rubick’s overall damage and support spells are average at best compared to most, but it’s his ult that lands him a spot on this list. With Spell Steal, Rubick is capable of copying and using his enemy’s last used active ability/spell for a long period of time -or until he dies. With this, his versatility knows no bounds, as he can help fill any role to assist his team. Take care when you send out that fireball or lightning bolt, because you may find it being fired right back.

#3: Tinker

Who says a scientist can’t fight? Tinker’s got all sorts of gadgets and doodads to bring into battle with him - from lasers, to missiles, to an army of robotic minions, Tinker is quite a capable hero. While he has extremely low health, his gadgets are more than able to take down the toughest of tanks. When he runs out, he’ll just rearm, resetting the cooldown of his abilities and items to send another barrage at his enemies.

#2: Shadow Fiend

As with most demons, Shadow Fiend just loves to devour the souls of his fallen enemies. However, it’s what he does with them that’s terrifying, as he gains in power with each soul he sucks in. Able to take in as many as 46 souls, Shadow Fiend is the definition of a snowball hero -hitting his targets for massive damage in mid to late game, just from his basic attacks alone. When things look grim, he can consider releasing some souls from captivity, dealing major damage to his enemies and creating heavy debuffs on each hit.

Before we unveil our final pick this draft, here are a few honorable mentions.




#1: Invoker

The Quas Wex Exort man himself, Invoker is well known even to those outside the Dota 2 community. One of the most difficult heroes to play as, and even more so to master, Invoker is one of the most versatile heroes in all of Dota2. Using his Quas Wex and Exort orbs, he uses these three reagents to create entirely new spells. Ranging from invisibility, to crowd control to massive damage and even mana drain, playing Invoker is kin to playing Guitar Hero.

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