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Top 10 Best Sibling Fights in Anime

VO: Ashley Bowman
Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Family feuds don’t get bloodier than this. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten best sibling fights in anime. For this list, we’ll be looking at the scenes in anime that revolve around two siblings facing off. Also, be warned that some of these entries may contain spoilers, so a spoiler alert is now in effect. Special thanks to our users Adam Garfinkel and Ashjbow for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Best Sibling Fights in Anime

Family feuds don’t get bloodier than this. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten best sibling fights in anime.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the scenes in anime that revolve around two siblings facing off. Also, be warned that some of these entries may contain spoilers, so a spoiler alert is now in effect.

#10: Rin vs. Yukio

“Blue Exorcist” (2011-)

Finding out your brother is actually the son of Satan and was inadvertently responsible for killing your father is bound to cause some kind of friction, even for someone as patient and forgiving as Yukio. As the two strive to become the greatest of Exorcists in the hopes of one day getting revenge, Rin and Yukio have certainly had their tense moments. However, it all comes to a head when Yukio is possessed by Satan, who reveals that he too has demonic origins. Overwhelmed and unwilling to hurt his beloved sibling, the battle reaches its emotional climax when Rin is gunned down by his brother.

#9: Ragna vs. Jin

“Blazblue: Alter Memory” (2013)

Adapted from the hugely popular fighting game series, we find our wandering badass of a protagonist Ragna the Bloodedge closing in on the powerful relic known as the Azure Grimoire. Unfortunately, because of his insanely high bounty Ragna often finds himself running into a variety of foes who want his head, including his brother. Now we wouldn’t go far to say that Jin was a nut job with a sadistic streak that deserved a good beating…but its nonetheless satisfying to watch the Grim Reaper lay the smackdown on the ice-wielder.

#8: Yoh vs. Hao

“Shaman King” (2001-02)

Technically you could call Hao Yoh’s ancestor but since he was reincarnated as his brother we’re totally saying that this one counts. These two powerful Shaman clashed multiple times after the villainous Asakura twin decided to turn up the heat and overthrow the Great Spirit, one of which ended with our protagonist having his own soul digested. However, the two end up in a desperate rematch with each of their Guardian Spirits receiving a major upgrade. Yeah, the ending might have been a little disappointing, but at least these two put on one hell of a show.

#7: Ryuko vs. Satsuki

“Kill la Kill” (2013-14)

As it turns out these two bitter enemies turned out share the same mother as well as come from a legacy filled with fashion, bloodshed and vengeance. While we would later learn this revelation as the series went on, it still does nothing to diminish the splendour of this battle. Armed with their respective Kamui, the first time these two lock horns it ends with destructive results. Granted, it doesn’t exactly end in Ryuko’s favour thanks to Satsuki’s immense power, but it was damn entertaining all the same and marked the beginning of one of modern anime’s biggest rivalries.

#6: Inuyasha vs Sesshomaru

“Inuyasha” (2000-10)

While in time these two demons would eventually grow to see the value of humanity as well as in each other, for the most part they were never on good terms. As a half-breed, Inuyasha has no love for his older brother due to his cruel treatment over the years, while Sesshomaru despises the fact he’s related to an inferior being and that their father seemed to favour him enough to hand over the legendary sword Tessaiga. All this jealousy and resentment eventually boils over into some pretty full-on sword fights as these two brothers try to decide once and for all who is top dog.

#5: Kagura vs. Kamui

“Gintama” (2006-)

You would have thought that a reunion between brother and sister would be a little more heartfelt and a little less…brutal. However, upon seeing her older sibling again, the normally cheerful member of Yorozuya ends trying to pummel him to death. The feeling appears to be mutual. With a hatred born from when he abandoned her and their mother, Kagura holds nothing back as the two beat the crap out of each other, so much so that’s its almost hard to watch.

#4: Akame vs. Kurome

“Akame ga Kill!” (2014)

In a cruel twist of fate, both of these sisters ended up following the path of an assassin, albeit on opposing side of the battlefield. While Akame found a noble cause as well as a true family among the group known as Night Raid, Kurome ended up joining the Empire’s most deadly of forces, the Jaegers. As you might expect, their differing goals don’t leave much room for happy reunions. As painful as it is for Akame to have to fight her beloved sibling, we nonetheless get an epic fight willed with mad sword skills and a whole host of Corpse Dolls.

#3: Goku vs. Raditz

“Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

Though it was a brief encounter, Goku’s fight against the alien menace that calls himself his brother is significant for a load of reasons. It’s the first time we learned of his origin as a Saiyan, the team up with Piccolo against Raditz was all kinds of awesome, and there’s also that little thing about him actually dying at the end of the battle. Sure in the world of DBZ death is pretty much a revolving door, but to newcomers this was a bigger shock as you could imagine.

#2: Kenshiro vs. Raoh

“Fist of the North Star” (1984-87)

Behold the ultimate battle of testosterone-fuelled manliness! In order to protect his beloved Yuria from the grasp of his ferocious older brother, Kenshiro engages Raoh in a battle filled to the brim with all the machismo and martial arts you could ever want. Despite Raoh’s strength, the King of Fists is unable to bring down = Kenshiro, especially since he only went and mastered the ultimate Hokuto Shiken technique; Musou Tensei! Something that even leaves a beast like Raoh shaking in his boots.

#1: Sasuke vs. Itachi

“Naruto Shippuden” (2007-)

Sasuke’s drive to take revenge on his brother for the slaughter of their clan had been established since the show’s inception, but little did we know the payoff would be this spectacular. Utilizing every Jutsu and technique in their arsenals, these two lash out with countless weapons and cast all manner of illusions before their climactic battle ends with them busting out the big guns. The sheer scope of the fight as well as its dramatic conclusion remains one of the greatest sequences in the entire Naruto series, and with the amount of fights in said series that is no easy feat.

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