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Top 10 Americans in Anime

VO: Dan Paradis
Written by Brandon Stuhr Not even anime is safe from the bodacious power of patriotism. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Americans in Anime. For this list, we are only considering individuals that hail from the United States. Those from Britain however, will have to wait for another day...we are looking at you Joestar. Special thanks to our user Ashjbow for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Americans in Anime

Not even anime is safe from the bodacious power of patriotism. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Americans in Anime.

For this list, we are only considering individuals that hail from the United States. Those from Britain however, will have to wait for another day...we are looking at you Joestar.

#10: Dan Eagleman

“Guilty Crown” (2011-12)
Let’s start off this list off right with the United Nations first attempt to control Japan. In this science fiction story, we are tossed directly into an ongoing feud by the UN’s GHQ unit and the resistance group known as Funeral Parlor. A general in the GHQ, Dan Eagleman is an upbeat fellow who prefers to work with blinding patriotism. Despite his lazy tendencies, he is rather resourceful in the use of his supplies. He flipped his Anti-air missles sideways to use them to strike the enemy straight ahead instead of above. While he initially appears as an enemy to Shou and Funeral Parlor, his chilvarly we couldn’t help but love his unshakable will – what a guy.

#9: Alexandra Garcia

“Kuroko’s Basketball” (2012-15)
Trust an American to teach you a thing or two about basketball. Beginning her basketball career at the University of California Los Angeles, Alexandra tore up the NCAA tournament bracket and garnered fame, which later followed her into the WNBA. While she was forced to retire due to a vision-impairing illness, she was able to get back into the sport by teaching Kagami and Himuro. A rather flirty teacher at her best, she is able to hone the boys skills - all while teasing them just a tad. Well, we wouldn’t mind having a teacher like her.

#8: Roy Focker

“Super Dimension Fortress Macross” (1982-83)
Do you need a chain-smoking ladies man but can’t find one? Don’t look any further. Initially becoming a stunt pilot after being dumped by his girlfriend, Roy quickly rose up in the ranks - eventually leading his own squadron known as the “Skull Team”. Roy later becomes series protagonist Hikaru Ichijyo’s senpai, earning his mutual respect and serving as a mentor of sorts when it comes to his training. An expert pilot and even better tactician, it was rare that his team was unable to complete their mission.

#7: Patricia Martin

“Lucky Star” (2007)
Talk about a fish out of water. Co-worker of Konata Izumi, Patricia is a transfer student from the United States who is living the dream. As an otaku at heart, She learned Japanese through her love of anime and manga, thus creating a rather stereotypical yet hilarious take on the Japanese language. Beyond this, she is also a massive fan of yaoi, or boy on boy, manga stories. Perhaps one of the most beloved of characters in all of “Lucky Star”, you can always look forward to seeing this weeb turn up.

#6: Silva

“Shaman King” (2001-02)
Sometimes judges need to intervene to prevent any more bloodshed. Known as Silva of the Ten Patch Officiatants, he’s the judge and overseer of protagonist Yoh Asakura. A powerful member of the Patch Tribe, Silva is of Native American decent and is rather calm in most instances before chaos erupts. Unlike most judges, who need to be impartial, Silva intervenes quite often in order to keep a low death count. Originally beating up Yoh until he figures out how to use the Oversoul technique, Silva stands amongst the most unique of teachers.

#5: Barnaby Brooks Jr.

“Tiger & Bunny” (2011)
On one side you have to fierce tiger and on the other you have the bunny. In this anime, we follow two main superheroes known as Tiger and Bunny as they promote sponsors while fighting crime. A hero without a secret identity, Bunny, also known as Barnaby Brooks Jr., is your go to guy when you need a plan. With a focus on strategy instead of brute force, Brooks quickly rises to the top of the hero ranks. Beloved by the public, feared by his enemies, loved by the ladies – Barnaby Brooks is a true American Hero.

#4: Graham Aker

“Gundam 00” (2007-09)
In a series focusing on the fight for liberation, Graham serves as the main rival to series protagonist Setsuna Seiei. A loyalist and ace pilot of the United States, in this case known as the Union, Graham is a force to be reckoned with, whether he’s commanding a fleet or behind the controls himself. We mean, have you even seen the “Graham Special”? Who else could do that? We were tempted to give this spot to “G. Gundam’s” Chibodee Crocket, but Graham’s skill as a pilot and loyalty to the Union trumps the American Mobile Fighter.

#3: Revy

“Black Lagoon” (2006)
She’s the main bloodthirsty muscle of the Lagoon mercenary company – which has her to thank for the elimination of most of their targets. While Revy’s origin is mainly a mystery, we learn that she had a harsh childhood growing up on the streets of New York. She later joined organized crime and learned everything there is to know about firearms, including duel wielding – using her newfound skills to terrorize to NYPD. Let’s just say that if she has you in her sights, you aren’t escaping alive.

#2: Isaac & Miria

“Baccano!” (2007)
Make way for our two favorite American thieves. A pair of robbers just trying to scrape by, Isaac & Miria decide to try and rob The Flying Pussyfoot train in order to make enough money on their way to New York. Very charismatic and over the top, Isaac & Miria provide plenty of much needed hilarity to the adventure. True to their nature, they accidentally become immortal after drinking and immortality elixir. Baccano just wouldn’t be the same without these lovable pickpockets.

#1: Bandit Keith

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-04)
Out-dated memes aside, this guy bleeds red, white and blue. Sure a lot of his character depth may have been taken away in the 4kids dub, but one look at that sweet bandana and we knew what he was all about. One of the former Duel Monsters champions, Bandit Keith is the recurring American antagonist throughout the duellist kingdom arc. He’s an advocate for cheating and using some pretty nasty machine type monsters, but none of that is about to get him past the king of games’ little buddy. Regardless, his patriotism shall not soon be forgotten – Thanks Bandit Keith.

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