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Top 10 Secret Weapons in Video Games

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Mackenzie Houle I’d let you say hello to my little friend but...well, it’s a secret. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Secret Weapons in Video Games! Special thanks to our user “Wisebnr” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Secret Weapons in Video Games

Some secrets are pretty deadly. Welcome to, and today we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Secret Weapons in Video Games.
For this list, we’ll be looking at those weapons that you can’t obtain through a game’s beaten path. Whether it be in a secret hidden area or unlocked by completing an achievement, the weapon must be out of the player’s reach. Purchasable weapons do count, as long as they aren’t advertised in the gameplay prior to the player’s knowledge. Also, as most of these guns can be quite deadly, a mature warning is in effect.

#10: Psychosis Gun

“Perfect Dark” (2000)
Perfect Dark loves its unique set of weaponry, each with a primary and secondary fire, they all have multiple uses. Then there’s the Psychosis Gun - capable of dealing no damage, has no secondary fire, and has no unlimited ammo from cheats. So what makes it special enough to be on this list? It turns every enemy shot by its darts into allies. Your new allies aren’t exactly stealthy, but then they do all the killing for you. While it is available in one of the secret missions, the only means of obtaining the gun for main missions is to beat “Chicago Stealth” on the HIGHEST difficulty setting… in under 2 minutes. Good luck with that, agent.

#9: Alien Blaster

“Fallout 3” (2008)
Fallout 3 has it all - nuclear wastelands, a 1950’s futuristic blend, and mutants everywhere. Most of Fallout’s weapons are makeshift, thrown together by arsenal of a bygone era and various metals and scraps. Everything is human made… except for one firearm. While battles against The Brotherhood, Raiders, and Ghouls rage, one never thought to find a crashed alien ship in the midst of the wasteland. If they had only sought it out, they’d find one of the most powerful guns in the game. With a guaranteed crit, and capable of disintegrating your enemies, who needs an Experimental MIRV?

#8: Infinite Rocket Launcher

“Resident Evil” Series (1996-2017)
Zombies, and B.O.W.’s can be quite hard to take down sometimes. When your conventional weaponry can’t get the job done, it’s time to take out the old Rocket Launcher. Seen in nearly every Resident Evilgame, this powerhouse of a weapon can typically take down any enemy and almost every boss in one shot. Unfortunately, that one shot is usually all you get. Thankfully, nearly every game also has an unlockable version or upgrade, giving you infinite ammo. The feats required to get this limitless power -however- aren’t usually easy, with Resident Evil 5 requiring you to beat the game in less than 5 hours... but it is so worth it.

#7: Real Mega Buster

“Dead Rising” (2006)
Many Mega Man fans enjoyed pretending to be their favorite digital hero with the toy Mega Buster inDead Rising. However, if you manage to kill 53,594 zombies in one playthrough… your zombie killing prowess will be rewarded with the Real Mega Buster. Just like Mega Man’s, you shoot out giant energy blasts, making it the most powerful ranged weapon in the game. 53,594 zombies may seem like a lot, but with this thing, it’ll feel like the gore filled spree… has only just begun.

#6: Ray Gun

“Call of Duty: World At War” (2008)
Most Call of Duty: Zombies fans will recognize the Ray Gun instantly. A weapon hidden away in the randomized Mystery Box (Mystery Box), it is very powerful against the horde of the undead. What most don’t realize however, was that the Ray Gun is also hidden in the World at War’s campaign! Hidden away underground by strange statues, you can acquire it by puddle hopping in Little Resistance. Working exactly like in Zombies, it easily kills enemy soldiers in one hit, even able to take down a tank in just two shots!

#5: Chain Chomp

“Bayonetta 2” (2014)
Rodin (Pronounced Rohdahn) is always happy to help out his favorite customer, beating up demons and forging them into weapons for her to kick more ass. After beating the game on the 2nd hardest difficulty -3rd climax-, a familiar tune will play on this LP, as Rodin brings you back something special. Straight out of Mario comes the Chain Chomp - a leg based weapon, it is chained to one of Bayonetta’s legs. Surprisingly strong, the Chain Chomp easily staggers and knocks back her enemies, even attacking on its own to help her out. True to its dog like nature, it can even sniff out treasure.

#4: Cluckshot

“Gears of War 3” (2011)
Epic Games loves to make its weapons ridiculous, and extremely violent. Known very well for suchweapons as the Lancer -a chainsaw on an assault rifle- it shouldn’t be a surprise that they made some other ridiculous arsenal. Hidden on Act 4 on insane difficulty, you’ll have to knock a bunch of ammo crates down and interact with a pirate chicken. If done correctly, the chicken will return and grant you four Cluckshots. While nothing special damage wise, they are basically a replacement for the Boomshot, shooting out explosive chickens instead. Guess the dudes in Gears love their eggs scrambled.

#3: The Scarab Gun

“Halo 2” (2004)
Scarabs are, as any Halo fan would let you know, an extremely powerful Covenant tank (Scarab plasma shot). Piloted by the Lekgolo, the same creatures that make up the Hunter, this is one vehicle that can’t be jacked and must be destroyed. However, in Halo 2, after completing some insane maneuvers, you will find a strange plasma rifle on top of one of the skyscrapers. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed to be The Scarab Gun, capable of firing the same giant green energy blasts that gave you so much trouble, right in the palm of your hands. The Covenant won’t… well… will know what hit em, and they won’t be happy.

#2: Hand Cannon

“Dead Space 2” (2011)
When you’re fighting Necromorphs, most people will take plasma weapons to cut through their appendages... Isaac Clarke prefers a giant red foam finger. Appropriately named the “Hand Cannon,” this one-shot infinite ammo weapon is awarded to the best of players who managed to finish Dead Space 2’s Hard Core mode. In this mode, not only are the necromorphs stronger, and item drops scarce, but you are only allowed 3 saves, no new game+ carryovers, and no checkpoints. Those who do manage to acquire this will probably be hearing Isaac going “BANG! BANG! BANG!” and “PEW! PEW! PEW!” for the rest of the game.
Before we pull the curtain to showcase our top hidden weapon, let’s take a look at some secretive honorable mentions.

“Dying Light” (2015)

Loud Locust
“Saints Row IV” (2013)

“Mega Man X” (1994)

#1: Mr. Toots

“Red Faction: Armageddon” (2011)
Yes we know, Mr. Toots was heavily advertised and put out in trailers before Armageddon was even launched. However, it is only available in a secret area or after you beat the game, so it still counts. Who else but Volition would decide that a weapon should be a live baby unicorn that farts out explosive rainbow lasers? Its goofy appearance is only outmatched by the sheer destructive force of its rainbow farts. In a game where destruction is paramount, Mr. Toots makes it easy, and silly.

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