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Top 10 Things that Always Happen on Say Yes to the Dress

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Savannah Sher What do you get when you get a bride, her entourage of bridemaids, her mother-in-law, and zealous sales people in a room? Some hilarious moments and lots of clichés. We’re taking a look at the Top 10 Things that ALWAYS happen on Say Yes to the Dress! The bride always tells us that her fiance is the love of her life, a member of the entourage always tries to steal the spotlight, someone compares themselves to royalty, the bride’s parents always wants a different dress than their daughter and budgets are quickly forgotten!

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Top 10 Things That ALWAYS Happen on Say Yes to the Dress

If you’ve seen a couple of episodes, you can likely spot the trends. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things That ALWAYS Happen on Say Yes to the Dress.
For this list we’re looking at phrases, actions and interpersonal dynamics that can commonly be seen or heard on episodes of this TLC series.

#10: The Bride Tells Us That Her Fiancé is the Love of Her Life

Every bride to appear on “Say Yes to the Dress” seems to have the most “loving, kind and supportive” fiancé you’ve ever met. As proof, the audience is usually treated to a mini slideshow that shows the couple in a variety of smiling happy photos. In general, the show appears to pick women based on their romantic backstory, so often, the pair was high school sweethearts or met in an quirky way. In what sometimes feels like many of the cases however, the woman is teary-eyed because her betrothed is about to be deployed. Whatever the scenario, the words “love of my life” are almost certain to come up.

#9: The Bride Brings an Entourage That Disagrees the Entire Time

Most women want to shop for a wedding dress with their mother, sister or best friend, but on this show, it seems like brides always feel the need to bring as many friends and family members as possible. The sheer number of people in the room is enough to make your head spin, but when the opinions start flying, things get really complicated. The bratty sister or jealous bridesmaid never takes long to reveal herself. In the real world, families and friends are typically loving and supportive of the bride’s choices, but that isn’t going to cut it if you want great ratings. Everyone wants drama, and the entourage delivers.

#8: A Member of the Entourage Tries to Steal the Spotlight

As we were saying… it wouldn’t be “Say Yes to the Dress” if a member of the bride’s entourage didn’t attempt to take center stage. Admittedly, any woman would be tempted in a building filled with hundreds of wedding dresses, but most ladies have the class to let the bride have her big moment without trying to steal her thunder. Whether it’s to convince a bride that she should try a certain style or simply because they couldn’t help themselves, bridal party members have a tendency to forget who should really be the center of attention.

#7: A Bride Wants to Look Sexy

Most brides are certain of the way they want to look on their wedding day. They usually use words like “beautiful”, “classic” and “timeless” to describe the look they’re going for. Some brides on the other hand, want to take the opportunity to show off their best assets. Brides who come in going for a “sexy” look often end up clashing with their more traditional parents. These episodes are the perfect time for some well-placed sexual innuendo or vague allusions to the upcoming wedding night.

#6: Someone Misunderstands Their Role in the Selection Process

The bride is the one who actually has to wear the dress and be photographed in it for perpetuity, but the bride’s entourage often ends up bringing their own strong opinions to the table. It doesn’t matter that the older sister or maid of honor won’t actually be the one sporting the final pick, they think that the bride should listen to them- or else. Let’s just say that at Kleinfeld Bridal, supportive family members who respect the bride’s choices regardless of their own thoughts on the dress, are few and far between.

#5: Someone Compares Themselves to Royalty

Most brides want to stand out on their big day, but some ladies take it to the next level. Every few episodes, we get to meet a bride with royal aspirations who can’t seem to just enjoy the moment for what it is - you know... here in reality. We get it, you want to feel like a princess, but that doesn’t mean you should opt for the Princess Di train for your backyard shindig. This trope is often paired with brides who don’t seem to have any respect for their budgets and throw around the word “bling” a lot.

#4: The Bride's Dad / Mom Does NOT Approve

If there’s one thing that’s consistent no matter what style the bride loves, it’s that her parents will want the complete opposite. If the bride wants something simple and demure, her stage mom will be looking for sparkle and glam. If a bride is hoping for a curve-hugging silhouette, her parents will surely express their need for her to cover up. Honestly though, seeing brides clash with their parents is half the fun of this show, so we’re not complaining about the front row seats we’ve been given from which to witness these dysfunctional relationships.

#3: An Entourage Member Takes Things into Their Own Hands

The Kleinfeld Bridal consultants are seriously good at their jobs and seem to possess a level of patience that mere mortals can only dream of. They know their stock better than anyone, so it’s no wonder they can get a little peeved when a member of a bride’s entourage decides to start exploring the store on their own. In most cases, these rebels don’t bother glancing at price tags or keeping to the style the bride has requested. Drama always ensues when someone goes rogue and tries to take over the appointment themselves.

#2: The Bride's Friends Say or Do Something Hurtful

We’re not sure if it’s listed somewhere in the “Say Yes to the Dress” contract that brides are obligated to bring their absolute worst friends and family members, but it sure seems so. These people appear to have no sense of propriety when it comes to criticizing a bride’s choices. Some go so far as to bluntly tell her that she looks bad in one of her picks. No one seems to have learned the lesson that the bride is the only one who actually gets to say yes to the dress, and that should you diss the dress she picks, you’re only making yourself look bad.

#1: Budgets Are Quickly Forgotten

Every bride is asked what her budget is at the beginning of the episode, yet by the end of most appointments, it seems like that number was little more than a suggestion. This is often the fault of the consultants who grab that “special gown” which, unsurprisingly, always happens to be a couple of thousand dollars over the max budget. We’re not sure how these brides end up scrounging up the cash for these pricey dresses, but the contented looks on their faces when they finally find “the one” makes it all worth it.

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