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Top 10 Bad Songs With Cool Music Videos

VO: Matt Campbell
Script written by Owen Maxwell If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Bad Songs with Cool Music Videos. For this list we’re looking at videos that make the best of a rough situation, making their mediocre music a little more enjoyable thanks to some awesome and entertaining visuals. Special thanks to our user drewbrown for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+Bad+Songs+With+Great+Music+Videos

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Top 10 Bad Songs With Cool Music Videos

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Bad Songs with Cool Music Videos.
For this list we’re looking at videos that make the best of a rough situation, making their mediocre music a little more enjoyable thanks to some awesome and entertaining visuals.


#10: “Turn Down For What” (2014) 
DJ Snake & Lil Jon

When saving a forgettable song, make your video one people will remember, even if they'd rather not. Emphasizing the "what?" factor, the video follows a man whose uncontrollable pelvic thrusts destroy an apartment, magically remove clothing and even allow him to melt a cops face before he hypnotizes a dancing follower. The pair uses their industrial strength hip shaking to plummet through the ceiling to a family dinner where their suggestive moves frighten the family before recruiting them, for lack of a better word, as bosom buddies. The crew then descends onto a final party, even entrancing a party-busting cop for a night of mayhem that would leave anyone tuckered out.

#9: “Bubble Butt” (2013)
Major Lazer feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mystic

If your song is as obscene and weird as they come why not just take your video even further? In the trippy video for "Bubble Butt" a trio of seapunk fans is attacked by a giant woman who drops out of the sky, giving them the titular derriere. Their walls fall away to reveal a dance hall of similarly endowed dancers, all gratuitously showing off their rears with comically revealing outfits. The monster woman's head becomes seemingly endless while it spins on a chain as circus acts, Marilyn Monroe look-a-likes and neon clad gym girls join in the confusion. And if that wasn’t enough, once the seapunk girls have joined the party, our giant monster swallows down a dancer, likely as payment for supplying the entertainment for the night.


#8: “Die Another Day” (2002)

Instead of just making spy themes, why not become one yourself? In the clever video for this less-than-perfect Bond song, Madonna becomes a secret agent, enduring all the torture and combat that comes with it. Through violent interrogations, Madonna persists while dancing and singing through the whole ordeal. Things get reflective when she fences with herself, inflicting deep cuts before switching to axes, all the while destroying some expensive looking memorabilia.  Once she defeats her evil twin, Madonna escapes her captors much to the rage of one guard, who looks all too much like the infamous henchman Jaws. The homage ends in classic Bond fashion as Madonna runs down the iconic gun-barrel view.  

#7: “Bad Blood” (2015)
Taylor Swift

Bad Blood and bad music doesn't always mean a bad video. In this star-studded and ridiculously action-packed clip, Swift calls on her favorite bad-ass women to go to war in a Tarantino-meets-sci-fi epic. After Swift and Selena Gomez complete a mission, Gomez betrays Swift, setting off a revenge story for the ages. With the help of bosses played by Lena Dunham and Kendrick Lamar, Swift recruits a dangerous team including actresses Mariska Hargitay and Jessica Alba, fellow musicians Ellie Goulding and Hayley Williams, and industry legends like Ellen Pompeo and Cindy Crawford, all with their own unique weapons and skills. The story comes to an explosive end as the rivals fight head-on.


#6: “Work B**ch” (2013)
Britney Spears

If Britney Spears wanted to distract people from an unexplained British accent, this jarring video certainly does the trick. Alternating between desert dance floors and singing while surrounded by a pool of sharks, Spears is commanding as she puts in the effort you'd expect from someone with such a blunt lyrical message. Celebrating her luxury with gold, diamonds and alcohol, Spears is a terrifying boss who sends people flying with super-powered whip attacks. Closing with her dance club moves, Britney is even shown to have a few submissive disciples, displaying one of the most confusing Beats product placements of all time, before ending on her incredible showcase of power.

#5: “Fancy” (2014)
Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

You'd have to be clueless to miss this hilarious film parody. With Azalea and XCX taking over the roles of Cher and Tai respectively, this video nails the look that made the 90s classic so memorable, even opting to film in the same high school, and styling over 250 extras to maintain the film's aesthetic. From dancing, tennis lessons to carefree highway driving, Iggy raps her way through some iconic moments from the film while XCX sings around the high school campus. The duo fill the "Valley Party" with an overwhelming sense of Iggyness, making this one video that is certainly not a full-on Monet.

#4: “Booty” (2014)
Jennifer Lopez feat. Iggy Azalea

Creative lighting and vicious editing can be a powerful combo. In this overtly sexual video, Lopez and Azalea throw on swimsuits to show off their bodies in stylistic fashion. Even with the countless, epileptically edited booty shots, the amount of production value behind them is impressive. Sunlight turns JLo into a golden goddess, while the waterfalls and oily puddles help her celebrate the form she can't stop singing about. Lopez also corners the audience in a dark alley giving one final explosive dance to the camera interspersed with shots of her on a noir-styled set, proving that style over substance can actually work every so often.


#3: “Trying Not To Love You” (2012)

Nickelback have certainly earned a lot of hate over the years, but this video was actually a move in the right direction. “Seinfeld” 's Jason Alexander plays a barista trying to woo the beautiful Brooke Burns with his coffee brewing skills, having coffee-fueled fantasies about her in the process. But a fedora-wearing suitor, also played by Alexander with a mustache, rides in on his scooter to challenge him to a coffee making showdown for the ages. As the two proceed to make insanely intricate artwork in their microfoam, the competition gets out of hand, but not before Burns sees the personalized art that the clean-shaven Alexander made, winning her over for a scooter ride into the sunset.

#2 “Trapped In The Closet” (2005-2012)
R. Kelly

You don't bring back the term hip hopera without enough chapters and drama to put most soaps to shame. It would be hard to talk about "Trapped In The Closet" without mentioning the 32 other chapters that followed the original, each with the same hilariously repetitive melody that Kelly sings as he narrates the plot. After a one night stand sets off a seemingly endless chain of tragedy and misunderstandings, Kelly and company go from civil disputes to pie-eating little people to gang violence, with Kelly providing the comic voice over for each character. With its self-aware humour, and a potential 40 more chapters on the way, according to Kelly, there’s no telling just when Mr. Kelly may emerge from the closet.
 Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions:
“Ain’t Your Mama” (2016)
Jennifer Lopez

“Beauty and a Beat” (2012)

Justin Bieber


#1: “Gangnam Style” (2012)

If anyone thought language was one barrier music videos couldn't bridge, South Korea had other ideas. Thanks to its weird horse dancing, inexplicable sauna scenes, and non-stop surprises this video became an international hit, still reigning as the most watched YouTube video of all time with over two billion views. Yelling at butts, parking lot dance-offs and one of the most replayed elevator scenes in any music video made this a song people would watch purely for shock value, without even realizing the obnoxious sounding track was slowly getting stuck in their heads. With the dance becoming a craze in and of itself since its viral success, it looks like PSY won't be getting dethroned from YouTubes’s top spot any time soon.

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