Top 10 Best Music Videos Of May 2017



Top 10 Best Music Videos Of May 2017

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In May 2017, these music videos had our office and the world abuzz. Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Music Videos of May 2017. For this list, we've selected out favorite music videos of the past month – productions that stand out in both style and substance.

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Top 10 Music Videos Of May 2017
In May 2017, these music videos had our office and the world abuzz. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Music Videos of May 2017.
For this list, we’ve selected out favorite music videos of the past month – productions that stand out in both style and substance.

#10 “Lust For Life”
Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd

With Lana Del Rey fans eager for a new album, this next clip was an immediate hit, gaining over 4.7 million views in 24 hours. Directed by Rich Lee, “Lust For Life” features The Weeknd, as we see the two stars enjoying a romantic evening atop the Hollywood sign. Complete with the same retro aesthetic we saw in “I Feel it Coming”, this video pairs nicely with the 80s-laden production on the track itself. Closing with an epic shot of the couple alone on Earth, this video plays like a dream, keeping Lana fans alive and ready for more.

#9: “May I Have This Dance”
Francis and the Lights feat. Chance the Rapper

Directed by Jake Schreier, this dimly lit video offers a ray of sunshine with its central subject. It’s all about creative expression, as the roaming camera emphasizes Chance the Rapper’s form and technique as a performer. For some, the video may seem like a simple production, yet the final act becomes more lively as the camera zooms out and viewers are given a different perspective to contemplate. “May I Have This Dance” might test your patience but it succeeds with its investigative cinematography, staging and exploration of physical space.

#8: “Jump Out the Window”
Big Sean

In this trippy clip, director Lawrence Lamont explores metaphysical space, as Big Sean is transported to a Super Nintendo dimension on a mission to save his girl. But rather than keeping viewers ONLY in this surrealistic world, “Jump Out the Window” mixes in live action sequences as a narrative device. As a result, there’s a psychological element to process, along with the visual art itself. Furthermore, the editing connects the character movements with the design, making “Jump Out the Window” stand out even more, all the while bringing everyone together in the end.


#7: “New Face”

For this chaotic comeback clip, Psy provides his usual flair and flamboyance.  However, “New Face” is not quite a basic novelty video, as Psy the director loads it up with energy, vibrant colors and choreography, of course. While K-Pop Idol Son Naeun brings extra star power as the love interest, it’s the visual backdrops and staging that drive the production. Sure, the narrative itself may lend itself more to K-Pop fans, however the overall design certainly adds substance. That’s a crucial element for those expecting “New Face” to be all about PSY, as this video fills the screen substantially more than his new dance-themed video for “I LUV IT,” creative as it may be.

#6: “Fool’s Errand”
Fleet Foxes

Directed by Sean Pecknold, this video combines non-verbal expression with some gorgeous outdoor cinematography. There’s a definite art house feel to “Fool’s Errand,” with the synchronized choreography and color-coded subjects. But it’s the earthly insert shots that go under the radar, as they emphasize a sense of isolation and psychological deterioration. So, with the mixture of morose undertones and sublime visuals, a production like this plays to the senses, allowing for different emotions to emerge. Of course, any video that closes with a sad canine will have a profound effect on most viewers, making “Fool’s Errand” even more impactful.

#5: “Told You So”

In this Paramore production, directors Aaron Joseph and Zac Farro blend vibrant reds with film noir vibes. Per usual, Hayley Williams receives heavy screen time by herself, and the dramatic lighting contrasts some of the more playful scenes with her bandmates. From beginning to end, “Told You So” relies more on a specific mood rather than a traditional narrative, and the stylish visuals convey a sense of unity within the band, all the while accentuating Hayley’s charisma and star power. Paramore loves making art with their friends, and they do so with immense style in “Told You So.”

#4: “Mask Off”

In this video, director Colin Tilley establishes a chilling atmosphere with violence, crime and shady characters. The constant, however, is Future himself, as he navigates the city alongside Amber Rose. Clearly a big-budget production, the video serves as a dark and chaotic backdrop to the heavy track, filled with expensive whips, explosions, SWAT teams and flute players. Causing violence and chaos wherever he goes, Future provokes a riot between civilians and riot police, yet remains at ease in his Bentley. Going beyond hip hop video clichés, “Mask Off” succeeds in its cinematic approach, even allowing viewers a look behind the mask.


#3: “In Cold Blood”

Directed by Casper Balslev and narrated by rock legend Iggy Pop, here’s a video about surviving under strange circumstances. With a curious wood mouse as the focal subject, “In Cold Blood” goes from cute to gruesome, as the camera reveals clues about the bloody mess. There’s plenty of subtext to process with this Alt J video, as two surviving lovers manage to escape with the persevering mouse. In other words, the future may not always be clear, but “In Cold Blood” reminds that one must be willing to adapt to survive in a brave new world.

#2: “Thunder”
Imagine Dragons

Surreal and somewhat silly at times, this monochromatic video works entirely outside the box. Featuring the stylish direction of Joseph Kahn, “Thunder” excels with crisp editing, clever staging and its bizarre, futuristic setting. While it’s all a bit cryptic, the symmetrical sequences offer plenty of style, and the director further opens up viewers’ minds by shifting from intense close-ups to expansive wide shots. As a result, Imagine Dragons and Kahn create their own world in “Thunder,” - a highly ambitious visual celebration of the song’s message, with each frame standing on it own.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
“Galway Girl”
Ed Sheeran
“Dig Down”

 “Rocket Man”
Elton John


#1: “Sign of the Times”
Harry Styles

While pop stars can indeed seem pretentious at times, there are moments when it works to their advantage. In this breathtaking music video, Harry Styles teams up with director Yoann Lemoine – aka Woodkid – for a personal and creative statement. From the cinematography to the evocative close-ups, “Sign of the Times” feels truly majestic, with the lyrical themes bringing the video to life even more. For someone trying to re-invent their pop culture persona, Harry Styles succeeds wildly in this video, highlighting his potential as a solo artist and willingness to transcend pop star norms by doing his own stunts.

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