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Top 10 Sexy Celebrities Who Used to be Cheerleaders

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Jason C. McLean We sometimes forget that celebrities had a life before they came into ours – aka, before they were famous! And some, if not all celebrities had a normal upbringing where they went to high school, and maybe even were cheerleaders at some point! Everyone from Reese Witherspoon to WWE’s Eve Torres, Paula Abdul, Halle Berry, and the ever-stunning Megan Fox have thrown on the cheerleading costume! Didn’t know about those ones? We haven’t even cracked the Top 3 yet!

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Top 10 Sexy Celebrities Who Used to be Cheerleaders

They’re some of the hottest ladies in the world of entertainment, but before they were famous, they were on the sidelines, cheering on the team. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 sexy celebrities who used to be cheerleaders.

For this list, we’re looking at female celebrities that have made a name for themselves as sexy stars, who also happened to have picked up a pair of pompoms at some point in their past.

#10: Reese Witherspoon

She’s known for exuding a fun kind of sexy vibe in films like “Legally Blonde.” She’s also known as an Oscar-winning actress for her performance in “Walk The Line.” But in 2015, Reese Witherspoon let her Instagram followers know that she was once a cheerleader as well. In an adorable Throwback Thursday post, Reese shared a pic from her days cheering on the Harding Academy Generals while attending middle school in Nashville, Tennessee. In it, she’s being held up by two other members of the squad as the top of the pyramid. See? Even back then she was the star.

#9: Eve Torres

WWE Divas are by definition sexy and Eve Torres is the rule, not the exception. Before she was the Divas Champion, though, she was busy cheering on the championship dreams of the NBA’s LA Clippers. This future guest star on shows like “Matador” and “Supergirl” started by showing off her dance skills in the Southern California Summer Pro League. This opportunity led her to join the Clippers’ Spirit Dance Team for the 2006-07 season. It wasn’t long before she entered the WWE Divas Search, ultimately winning a contract with the company. While she may have not looked back, you can bet that she still uses the athleticism and sexy moves she honed back in her cheerleading days.

#8: Paula Abdul

Not only was this dancer, pop singer and celebrity judge a former cheerleader, she was the head dancer and choreographer of the LA Laker Girls squad in the 1980s. Her hot moves caught the attention of none other than The Jacksons, who were so impressed they hired her to choreograph a music video and their tour. This led to gigs picking the dance moves for other artists, but most importantly it got her foot in the door of the music industry. It wasn’t long before she was a star in her own right, kicking off a career that’s lasted decades. The rest, as they say, is history.

#7: Teri Hatcher

She may be everyone’s favorite Desperate Housewife, but in the early 1980s, desperate San Francisco football fans turned to this future Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee for a bit of sexy sideline inspiration when their team was down. She was a key part of the Gold Rush Cheerleaders, the 49ers’ cheerleading squad, back when Joe Montana was busy making the plays on the field. As you can imagine, this was shortly before her acting career kicked off and a little over a decade before Superman swept her Lois Lane away in “Lois and Clark.” It’s also interesting to note that she once shared a steamy onscreen kiss with fellow former cheerleader Eva Longoria.

#6: Madonna

She’s a singer, a dancer, a movie star, a bestselling author and a sex symbol for every generation since she first hit the scene. But before we all knew her by just one name, Madonna Louise Ciccone was at the top of her class as a student at Rochester Adams High School in suburban Detroit and also a member of the school’s cheerleading squad. In 2012, it became clear that this star hadn’t forgotten her past when she and her dancers donned sexy cheerleader outfits during her MDNA Tour. Classic Madonna.

#5: Cameron Diaz

There sure is Something About Mary. In fact, the film’s star was one of the main sex symbols of the 1990s. But before that, this actress and producer got her start cheerleading when she was a sophomore at Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California – which she attended with fellow celeb Snoop Dogg. From there, this classic California girl became a fashion model in her mid-teens, which led to her star turn in 1994’s “The Mask.” You gotta wonder if Diaz gave any tips to the cheerleaders in “Shrek the Third”…

#4: Halle Berry

She’s a former beauty pageant contestant and winner, plus she’s one of the hottest movie stars in the world. Hey, she was even a Bond Girl. But long before she became a member of the X-Men, this superstar was a member of the Bedford High School Cheerleading Squad in Cleveland, Ohio. While cheering on the team in the early 1980s, this Oscar-winning dramatic actress was also keeping busy editing the student newspaper, getting stellar grades and being elected Prom Queen; proving that even in her youth, she was a multifaceted talent and a true multitasker. She still is, balancing the roles of performer, producer and outspoken activist.

#3: Megan Fox

A sex symbol and one of the world’s hottest women to many, Megan Fox got her cinematic start giving some sultry car repair advice in “Transformers.” But before that, while attending the private Christian school Morningside Academy in Port St. Lucie, Florida, this future actress and model was busy cheering on the school teams. However, despite appearing to be a confident teen, Fox has said that she was a social outcast in school, even eating her lunch in the bathroom so others couldn’t throw ketchup packets at her. Even so, Fox chose to pick up the pompoms once again when she took on the role of a flesh-eating cheerleader in the sexy black comedy/horror “Jennifer’s Body.”

#2: Blake Lively

Known for her TV and film work – and also for her killer bikini bod – this Gossip Girl star’s career kicked into high gear by the time she turned eighteen. But she was once just a regular teenager attending Burbank High School in Los Angeles. This high achiever was class president, in the championship choir and – of course – a member of the school’s cheerleading squad. As if she even had the time, Lively also filmed her breakthrough role in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” during her high school years. In 2016, when she was presumably feeling nostalgic, she shared a throwback photo that proved that as a cheerleader, she didn’t mind carrying a teammate on her back. Sorta.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Charisma Carpenter
San Diego Charger Cheerleader

- Alicia Silverstone
San Mateo High School Cheerleader

- Denise Richards
El Camino High School Cheerleader

#1: Jennifer Lawrence

Before she was Katniss and Mystique, she was known as Nitro. That’s the nickname this future Oscar winner was given as a child due to her inquisitiveness and considerable energy. That same energy led Lawrence to play softball, field hockey and basketball with the boys, and also to join the Kammerer Middle School cheerleading squad in Louisville, Kentucky. While today we know her as arguably one of the biggest movie stars in the world and most definitely one of the sexiest, in the early 2000s, this “Hunger Games” and “X-Men” star was a typical shy and awkward teenager. But cheerleading, playing sports and – of course – acting really helped her come out of her shell, and she never looked back.

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