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Top 10 Annoying Pokemon

VO: Dan Paradis
Written by Garrett Alden Just…Shut up and get in the pokeball. For this list, we’ll be examining the Pokemon, in both the anime and games, whose actions make them especially irritating. To be clear, we’re not saying these Pokemon are bad or that they aren’t worth using. They just happen to get on some people’s nerves on occasion. Special thanks to our users AXHP and Superviper500 for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+Annoying+Pokemon

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Top 10 Annoying Pokemon

Just…Shut up and get in the pokeball. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 most annoying Pokemon.

For this list, we’ll be examining the Pokemon, in both the anime and games, whose actions make them especially irritating. To be clear, we’re not saying these Pokemon are bad or that they aren’t worth using. They just happen to get on some people’s nerves on occasion.

#10: Voltorb and Electrode

“Hey look, an item! Better pick it-…oh no!” Voltorb and its evolution Electrode are Pokemon whose appearances are very similar to the standard Pokeball, making them indistinguishable from standard items on the map. This in itself wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for the fact that both tend to know the moves Self-Destruct and Explosion, both of which cause massive damage; preventing them from being captured or even giving experience if your Pokemon faints too. Though plenty of other Pokemon know explosive moves, these two edged out the competition due to their high speed and the fact that they’re the closest things to landmines in the Pokemon universe.

#9: Wimpod

This scuttling Pokemon can be frustrating to catch, as well as train. First the player has to chase it down on the map to even encounter it. The Poke Ride feature introduced in Sun and Moon makes this easier, but even battling Wimpod is no guarantee of a chance to catch it. Its ability, appropriately named “Wimp Out,” will make it flee the battle if its HP goes below half, meaning you can’t weaken it to catch it. Instead, the player must rely on specialty balls like the Quick or Net Balls. Careful not to accidentally defeat it though – it will only respawn after 24 hours or possibly leaving

#8: Roaming Pokemon

If Wimpod, a relatively weak Pokemon, is frustrating because it runs away, imagine how much more of a headache it is when powerful legendary Pokemon do it. Roaming Pokemon are, as their name states, are Pokemon whose location changes over time, with the player able to encounter them on nearly any Route. Although the exact mechanics of how they work has changed as time has gone on, the fact that they’re powerful, difficult to track as well as capture, and are some of the only Pokemon who actually run away from you, hasn’t changed. We’re just thankful that Sun and Moon have omitted this infuriating feature…so far at least.

#7: Snorlax

The Pokemon games have a few ways of limiting where players can go, but few of them are as obvious as a giant Pokemon taking a nap in the middle of the road. Snorlax is a perennial impediment in the paths of many a prospective Pokemon master. Waking it up usually requires progression in the story, and once awakened the player is forced to battle the massive monster. With its enormous amount of hit points, good special defense, decent attack, and its signature recovery move, Rest, Snorlax can be a particularly tough challenge.

#6: Miltank

Anyone who is wondering why a mere cow is on this list, has clearly never played Pokemon Gold and Silver, or their remakes. The Miltank owned by Whitney, the gym leader of Goldenrod City’s gym, is among the most frustratingly difficult individual Pokemon in the entire series. Whitney’s Miltank is incredibly defensive, boasts high HP, has a recovery move, and will spam Rollout like there’s no tomorrow! Add in the fact that there are few options for moves or Pokemon who will be super-effective available at the point in the game you fight Whitney’s Miltank, and you have a recipe for one of the toughest battles in Pokemon history.

#5: Wobbuffet

It’s somewhat arguable whether most of the Pokemon on this list were intended to be annoying. Not so with Wobbuffet! This Pokemon is designed to be as irritating as possible! This blue, perpetually grimacing menace has no directly damaging attacks, yet can be one of the most dangerous Pokemon to encounter or battle. Wobbuffet’s ability prevents the player’s Pokemon from switching or running, and its only moves reflect the damage it takes back at them, prevent the use of status effects, or ensure that if Wobbuffet is knocked out, then it will take them with it!

#4: Abra

Like Wimpod, Abra is a Pokemon prone to running away. However, Wimpod is rather easy to find, since it appears on the over world. Finding an Abra is definitely a more hit-and-miss proposition, since its encounter rates are usually quite low. Once engaged in battle, Abra will use the only move it knows, Teleport, to flee from the battle. With its high speed, chances are this elusive Psychic-type will go first and run, forcing the player to either bring a speedy Pokemon that can put it to sleep or else throw a Pokeball and pray it works.

#3: Bewear

Most of our entries have been about annoying Pokemon in the games, so here’s one about an obnoxious Pokemon from the anime. Despite how few episodes of the Sun and Moon series have aired thus far, Bewear has already distinguished itself as one of the most irritating Pokemon to ever appear onscreen, for one reason and one reason alone – its shrill screaming. The weird thing is, its in-game vocalization is much deeper. We’ll scratch our chins and ponder this change once we’re done covering our ears! It was tempting to include Pokemon whose in-game voices were annoying, like Kricketune, but ultimately Bewear’s disturbing shriek won out.

#2: Tentacool

Sharks aren’t the problem on open water in Pokemon games – it’s the jellyfish that will really get you. Tentacool are extremely common when traveling on ocean water. However, it’s not just their constant presence that makes them annoying. Like real-life jellyfish, Tentacool are poisonous, or rather Poison-type, and can inflict the status effect of the same name on your Pokemon, and being at sea without an antidote can be a pain. What really elevates Tentacool into another level of annoyance though is its propensity for using moves like Wrap or Constrict, which, while weak, prevent the Pokemon it’s facing from switching out or running; wasting the time of many a trainer.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:



#1: Zubat

Surprise…surprise… These eyeless, shrieking bats have plagued Pokemon players for decades, thanks to their high encounter rates, as well as a little move called Supersonic, which inflicts the confusion status; giving the player’s Pokemon a fifty percent chance of hurting themselves instead of attacking. Zubat is to caves, what Tentacool is to the ocean, and is one of the best arguments for stocking up on Repel items. Unlike many entries on our list, Zubat has appeared in every single regional pokedex, making its annoyance an ever-present one.

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