Top 10 Memorable Teen Wolf Moments



Top 10 Memorable Teen Wolf Moments

These are some of the most memorable Teen Wolf Moments to date! We’ve included moments such as when Allison died in Scott’s arms, Stiles is afraid he has the same brain condition as his mom, Kate is alive, Allison found out her mom was dead, Lydia’s birthday party and the hallucinations and when Scott was going to kill himself!

Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments

There’s something strange going on in Beacon Hills, California. Strange but captivating. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments.

For this list we’re looking at moments from the 2011 show loosely based on the 1985 film that warmed our hearts, made us gasp, brought us to tears, or simply stole our hearts. Be warned, there will be spoilers.

#10: Allison Dies in Scott’s Arms

From day one, Allison was one of the show’s most kickass characters, so it was only fitting that her death be one of the Teen Wolf’s most heroic moments. In the heat of battle, an Oni is poised to deliver a death blow to Isaac, but Allison saves him in the knick of time with a well-placed arrow. Sadly, just moments later, another Oni fatally stabs her. Her death was a serious blow to fans, but at least it was a relatively peaceful death with time for goodbyes. Before passing on, she tells Scott that she’s glad she could die in the arms of not just her first love, but also someone she’ll always love. Talk about a truly heartbreaking moment.

#9: Stiles Fears He Shares His Mother’s Brain Condition

It’s not often that Stiles talks about his deceased mother, but her death plays a major part in this season three moment. Fearful that he’s developing the same form of dementia that killed her, Stiles undergoes an MRI to find out if he has the disease. Understandably, he fears the worst - that his brain will shrink just like hers did. In a moment of unity or friendship over everything else, Scott promises that if he does have the condition, he’ll bite Stiles to cure him. It’s a scary and grim time for both of the boys, but as this exchange proves, their close friendship provides light in even the darkest of times.

#8: Kate Is Alive
“The Divine Move”

In the paranormally-prone town of Beacon Hills, characters coming back after they’re presumed dead shouldn’t be that surprising, but Kate’s return proved downright shocking nonetheless. After dying in the season one finale and being absent for all of season two, it seemed she was dead and gone for good. Sure, she’d been appearing in Allison’s dreams throughout the season, but still, her presence seemed firmly rooted in Allison’s imagination, not foreshadowing for her return in the season 3 finale. A testament to the writing staff’s ability to keep things interesting, Kate’s big reveal remains one of the show’s most shocking moments and biggest twists.

#7: Allison Learns Her Mother Has Died
“Party Guessed”

The death of a parent is never an easy thing to witness, doubly so when we have to live with the knowledge that they suffered. Bitten by Derek in his attempts to save Scott, Victoria Argent decides to take her own life rather than become what she hates. Unaware of her mother’s decision however, Allison arrives at the hospital, learning too late of her mother’s death. Allison’s grief is palpable as she asks her dad if this is some kind of training exercise, which it sadly… isn’t. He holds her as screams in a moment that feels all too real. It remains one of Allison’s most powerful scenes in the series.

#6:Lydia’s Birthday Party & the Hallucinations
“Party Guessed”

One of the show’s greatest strengths is its ability get to the core of each character, even amidst all the supernatural mayhem. In this particular episode, deepest fears come to life. After accidentally ingesting Wolfsbane, the guests at Lydia’s party begin to hallucinate. Scott imagines Allison kissing Jackson, while Jackson sees himself and his birth parents as faceless creatures. It’s Stiles’ hallucination that packs the most punch however: he imagines his father blaming him for his mother’s death. Sheriff Stilinski hurls some nasty accusations at him, claiming that Stiles is killing him too. It’s an effectively devastating scene, and just one of many times we desperately want to give Stiles a hug throughout the series.

#5: A Badly Beaten Stiles Returns Home to His Dad
“Master Plan”

Even in a show with strong parent-child relationships, Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski have always stood out. When Stiles shows up bloodied and bruised from his treatment at the hands of Gerard, he is unable to tell his father the truth about his injuries, blaming it on a rival lacrosse team as cover-up. The sheriff and loving father is immediately infuriated, even threatening to pistol whip those who he believes attacked his son. Thankfully, Stiles manages to talk him down. It’s a complete departure from his rational self, one that, while misguided, is undeniably endearing. The combined reactions of father and son reiterate just how strong of a bond these two men share.

#4: Stiles Handcuffs Scott to a Radiator

Turning into a werewolf doesn’t seem like the most enjoyable of experiences, as evidenced by the toll Scott’s early transformations take on him. In season one, the new werewolf is particularly susceptible to the moon’s influence, acting totally unlike himself and going so far as to kiss Lydia and rub it in Stiles’ face. To both protect him and get back at him a little, Stiles handcuffs Scott to a radiator during his transition. Stiles even gives him a personalized water bowl. Notes of levity aside however, you can see that Stiles is hurt by having to chain up his friend, but it’s one of those moments where tough love is the only choice.

#3: Lydia Tells Jackson She Still Loves Him
“Master Plan”

Deaths are common “Teen Wolf” but that doesn’t make them any easier to handle, especially when they’re so well executed. Case in point - the death of Jackson. After he turns into the Kanima, the group is left with no choice but to kill him. He and Lydia had a complicated on and off relationship - but with imminent death comes perspective, and he asks her if she still loves him. Of course, before he can finish the question, she passionately tells him that she does. We don’t get to hear Jackson’s feelings before he dies in her arms, but some things go without saying. It’s a gut-wrenching moment that, quite frankly, we haven’t gotten over.

#2: Stiles & Lydia Kiss
“Alpha Pact”

Every good teen show has a “will they, won’t they” couple, and Stiles and Lydia fit that bill perfectly. Just when the show made it seem like we’d never see the two together, in season 3 our fangirl dreams were finally fulfilled. Stiles is in the midst of a panic attack after he learns that Chris has been taken and, not knowing what else to do, Lydia kisses him in order to calm him down and distract him from the drama. It works and the look on Stiles’ face is a perfect blend of confusion, awe, and absolute adoration for Lydia. And, despite her justifications, she seems sincerely affected herself.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Derek & Stiles at the Pool

Scott Reveals His Werewolf Identity to Allison
“Code Breaker”

The Reason Derek’s Eyes Are Blue

#1: Scott Intends to Kill Himself
“Motel California”

Even though the supernatural elements are a big draw, it’s the human relationships that really make us love Teen Wolf, and the bond between Stiles and Scott is arguably the strongest one. After spending the night in a creepy motel that causes everyone to hallucinate, Scott is convinced that he’s a burden to those around him and decides to kill himself. Thankfully, best friend Stiles is there for him, as always, and reminds Scott how much he means to him - he’s his best friend and brother. In fact, Stiles is willing to sacrifice himself to prove it. In a show full of strong emotional scenes, this moment stands out as the most pure and heartfelt.